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Spring– A Great Time to Make a Move!

Spring is here! It’s a great time to put your house on the market, but it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed in the process. Being informed, staying focused, and knowing what to expect can help get your home sold faster. Finding an experienced Waltham Realtor will help you stay on track.

A Season of Renewal

Out with the old and in with the new - Springtime in Massachusetts brings the awakening of nature, sunshine, and invigorated buyers. It’s no wonder this season brings out potential buyers. Here are some great tips to help get ahead of the crowd as you prepare to sell your house:

  • Use landscaping and gardening to your advantage. Plant fresh flowers and trim or get rid of the old ones! – This will improve your curb appeal and first impressions are everything!
  • Let the sunshine in!  Tilt the blinds upward facing and choose sheer or light fabric shades for the windows.
  • Simple & Clean: No need to overdo the decorations, the fall, and winter holidays are over. Instead, clean up and declutter the space.

Houses are in demand: Do you know your target buyers?

From millennials to families to empty nesters, an experienced Waltham Realtor will know who’s looking to buy in your area and will make sure your home stands out among all the other homes on the market.  The market is still hot for sellers and a knowledgeable Waltham Realtor can advise you on how to list your home to maximize your sales potential and to attract the best buyers.

Bottom Line: People are Buying

Housing Inventory remains low, and the next several months are projected to see a splurge in buyers. Experts say if you are considering putting your house on the market, there’s no better time than spring.


If you are looking to buy or sell a house in or around Waltham, MA be sure to contact Hans Brings today! 


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    3 Reasons Not To Cancel an Open House on a Rainy Day

    Selling your home often means picking the perfect unclouded day, that will illuminate the dining room and display the perfect radiance of your beautiful home. So, what happens when some unwanted rain comes to crash the party? With so much planning, staging, time, and effort that goes into an open house, the last thing we want is to cancel and the unexpected truth is that you shouldn’t!

    Hosting your open house on a rainy day can be a blessing in disguise! Find out with our 3 reasons not to cancel an open house on a rainy day:

    1. Rain doesn’t mean people won’t show

    Though rain might seem like a valid reason for not buying a home, the truth is people will be more inclined to go to your open house because they will less likely have other plans.  A rainy day usually means no fun outside, so it would be the perfect excuse for potential buyers to stop by.

    2. The serious buyers will show up

    Any good real estate agent will tell you just because you’re showing the house, doesn’t mean you will sell it. In fact, Waltham Real Estate top sellers claim that not every property sells right away, and it’s important to attract buyers that are serious about buying a home.

    Hans Brings, a top-ranked sales agent in Waltham real estate, says that real estate is not seasonal. If a buyer is serious about purchasing a home, a rainy day would not keep them away as they understand that the competitive buyers will show up if they skip out.  Keep in mind, your Waltham real estate agent is an expert on the market and will have some great tips for you. The key to successfully selling your home is to listen to your agent.

    3. Better insights

    The truth is people should be showing up to your open house regardless of the rain. If no one ends up showing, you may need to evaluate some of your selling factors. It could be possible that your pricing needs adjustment, your marketing need work, or you may need a different approach to reaching serious buyers.  When it comes to selling a house, it truly takes patience, persistence, and even trial and error. Do your best to take advice from your Waltham Realtor and they will do their best to lead you to success!

    If you are looking to sell your home in Waltham, MA be sure to contact Hans Brings today! 


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      6 Tips For Selling Your Home During the Rainy Season

      Don’t let the rain ruin your parade or in this case, your open house. We can’t control the market or the weather, but we can certainly make the best of it and still allow for a successful sale. Here are some great real estate tips on selling a home even in the gloomy season.

      1.    Shed Some Light

      Have you ever walked into a room after a somewhat gloomy day and immediately appreciated the ambiance? A well-lit room gives happy, warm vibes that could make us want to turn on some music or take out a book and snuggle up on the couch.  While showing your home a Waltham Realtor should allow the sun to beam through the windows or make sure the lighting is good in general as people will react with an uplifting mood. You’re more ought to sell your home if the potential buyer is feeling in good spirits.

      2.    A Nice Welcome Mat

      Let’s just put it this way if you don’t have a mat for your potential buyers, it’s not going to reflect a warm welcoming experience like you want to project. You’ll also want to keep the floor clean from the rainy weather!

      3.    A Place to Store their Rain Gear

      The real estate market can be competitive so every little extra detail can count towards making the right impression. Potential buyers will appreciate a place for them to put their wet rain gear. It’s not only a nice thing to do for your potential buyers, but it also saves you from cleaning up water in the walkway.

      4.     I’m Here for the Food

      Most likely people will be there to find their forever home-but snacks do help. Try to keep the snacks allergy-friendly and provide some refreshments like water or juice. It will be well worth the investment if people know ahead of time that there will be something to eat!

      5.     Candles are a Nice Touch

      Filling the room with the smell of warm sugar cookies without having to bake them is the definition of winning. Go ahead and light up those candles you’ve had in storage since Christmas, your visitors will appreciate it.

      6.     Clean Those Gorgeous Gutters

      Make sure the gutters on the home are working properly and are clean. Nice gutters are a home show the potential buyers that the house was taken care of. Additionally, make sure there are no leaks in the roof.


      If you are looking to buy or sell a home in or around Waltham, MA then contact Realtor Hans Brings.


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        5 Ways Home Sellers Can Prepare for the Spring Market


        Spring is perhaps the best time to put a home on the real estate market. Winter is over, plants are blooming, and the temperature is finally warming up. It’s the time when Waltham, MA home buyers start hunting for a new place to make their own. Being proactive, acquiring some know-how and understanding of what buyers are looking for in a home can go a long way in a seller's preparation for the spring realty market. Here are five ways home sellers can get ready for the spring market.


        1. Don’t Forget the Home’s Exterior

        When it comes to selling homes in Waltham, dressing the exterior of the home can make a great first impression to home buyers and get them excited about touring the home’s interior. Remember that the exterior is subject to much abuse from rain, sunlight, snow, and ice, which impacts the home’s aesthetics to a certain degree. Brighten a dull wooden deck with a fresh coat of paint, power wash the walls to get rid of built-up dirt, clean windows, and repair or replace damaged screens.


        2. Do Some Renovation

        Just hearing the word renovation can scare some into thinking expensive and time-consuming, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Renovations can be mini-projects that sellers can do to increase the value of the home, especially one that has been sitting on the market for a while. Think simple improvements like updating worn flooring or swapping out light or bathroom fixtures and finishes.


        3. Make Use of Professional Stagers

        The Waltham real estate market can get saturated, and sellers may find themselves scrambling to make the sale. Having a professional stager feature the best qualities of a home can be a big advantage in getting the home to sell quickly. A stager can make the home appealing, disguising flaws and transforming odd spaces and showcasing the home’s strong points, which will allow buyers to visualize it as the home they desire.


        4. Connect with a Real Estate Agent

        Getting just any Waltham real estate agent to help in selling a home is not the best choice. Acquiring the help of the right one can make a significant difference in achieving a successful sale. Sellers should seek an agent that comes highly recommended and has solid experience. An agent with a notable marketing plan and extensive knowledge of the real estate market is an asset.


        5. Research the Housing Market

        A Waltham Realtor would tell sellers that it’s important for them to understand the current housing market that they are working with and how similar homes in your area have fared. Doing some level of research on the housing market can allow sellers to get their home off the market fast and at a favorable price.


        Home sellers can get their home ready for the spring market by doing some prep work, utilizing a stager, analyzing the housing market, and doing small renovations. When in doubt, getting the help of a Realtor is worthwhile so be sure to contact Hans Brings today for all your Waltham real estate needs!


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          4 Tasks to Do Before Buying A Home This Spring


          Spring is here, and it’s time to get the ball rolling on buying your new home in and around Waltham, MA. It’s a busy home selling and buying time of year, which means you may have some competition as buyers flock to get their dream home. Like many things in life, preparation is key to success, and you can successfully buy a home this spring if you take the time to get certain things in order. Let’s look at four tasks to do before buying a Waltham home this spring season.


          1. Do a Credit Score Check

          Knowing the health of your credit score is important when seeking to buy a home. When it comes to getting a mortgage, your credit score will impact the home you can afford, the mortgage interest rate and even the down payment. The better your credit score, the greater chance you have of getting a favorable interest rate, which would positively impact your monthly payments. You can get a free credit report from to credit reporting agencies, such as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion through annualcreditreport.com. If your credit score is bad, you can take steps to improve it before you start hunting for any kind of real estate.


          2. Get Preapproved for a Mortgage

          It is possible to find yourself buying in a competitive Waltham real estate market and getting an edge over other home buyers could rest on you getting preapproved. Preapproval typically speeds up the underwriting and loan approval process and extends for 60-90 days. It’s a good thing to have when you have passed the casual house hunting phase. Ultimately, you can buy a house faster when you get a preapproval from a lender, who will review your credit report and other documents like pay stubs, W-2s and bank statements.


          3. Make a Realistic Budget

          A good Waltham Realtor would advise you that mortgage payment is only one aspect of buying homes of any kind. Buying a home is more than just a mortgage payment. Down payment, closing costs, property taxes, and inspection costs are among the other expenses that you’ll likely incur when buying a house. While you may get a good deal on a house, it won’t be in the chump change category. It’s important to consider all the possible expenses that you’ll face during the process, before and after finalizing a purchase. It helps to be realistic about potential expenses and to align your budget accordingly.


          4. Outline What You Want in A home

          Before heading out on the house hunt, create a list of the features that you are looking for in your home. It could be that you want a master suite with a shower and tub, vaulted ceiling, big backyard, or a fully finished basement. If you're working with a real estate agent, communicate exactly what you want in your home. This will help you to tailor your budget and make house hunting a little smoother.


          Buying a home in Waltham, MA this spring can be an exciting or stressful time. To minimize worries or chaos, it helps to formulate a plan to guide you. Being prepared will keep the stress at bay and get you into your new home faster.


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            6 Reasons to Sell in the Winter

            Looking to sell your home in Waltham, MA and get away from the cold of Massachusetts? While the most popular times for the real estate market typically are spring and summer, winter can be a great time to sell your home. With the help of a trusted Waltham Realtor, like Hans Brings, you can sell your Waltham home in no time his winter. Here are six great reasons why winter might be the best time to sell your home.

            1. Low Inventory Equals Less Competition

            Winter months equal lower inventory and fewer people selling homes. Low inventory means that you’ll have less competition and you’ll probably be able to sell your home for a higher price. A good real estate agent will be able to find the people who are buying homes this time of year and get you top dollar for your home.

            1. Show your Home’s Winter-Hardiness

            Winter can be brutal. The cold, the snow, the long nights. A Waltham realtor knows that the best time to show home is in the winter. This allows plenty of opportunities to show off how well the home does in the cold winter months.

            1. New Parents Need a larger Living Space

            August and September are the most common months for new babies to be born. These new parents will quickly learn that their little apartment is no longer large enough to support their growing family. These parents will be buying homes quickly over the winter months.

            1. The More Serious Buyers Come Out in the Winter

            Summer tends to bring out a lot of window shoppers. People will take a tour of a lot of homes with the thought that they may someday buy a home in Waltham, MA. However, the people that are looking at homes in the dead of winter are serious buyers that are ready to make a purchase. If they weren’t ready, they wouldn’t be braving the elements and the harsh winter to look at homes. They’d simply wait until summer and join all the other window shoppers.

            1. People Have Money to Burn

            Yearend bonuses and payouts typically come right at the end of the year. Which means people will have money to burn and ready to put a down payment on the house of their dreams. The Waltham real estate market will be ripe for people who are willing to brave the elements and sell their home in the winter.

            1. Job Relocation

            January and February are the two months which see the largest amount of corporate relocation. These people are switching careers and will need to find homes quickly, so they don’t have time to wait until the weather breaks. List your home in the winter to capture these people who are ready to buy homes and sell your home quickly and for more money.

            If you are interested in selling your Waltham home this winter and need some assistance, please contact Waltham Realtor Hans Brings for more information!


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              How Halloween Can Help You Sell Your Home

              The fall can be just as good a time to sell your home as the spring or summer. You can use the Halloween season to your advantage in making your home cozy and welcoming to potential homebuyers if done in the right ways. The real estate market in Waltham has been strong and average home sale prices have still been doing well over the last few months. The following tips may help you take advantage of the current trend and get the most out of your home.

              • Don’t overdo the Halloween décor -  Decorating tastes vary wildly when it comes to Halloween. Keep things tasteful while taking advantage of gorgeous fall colors. Things like pumpkins, gourds, dried cornstalks, and potted fall foliage arrangements can be festive without getting carried away. Just make sure to minimize clutter and keep walking paths clear and easy for potential buyers to use and inspect.
              • Use the best-lit photographs -  This may require some pre-planning, but if you’re considering selling your home in the fall, it may be pertinent to either take pictures yourself or have a Waltham Realtor come to do it for you in the spring or summer. Once fall hits, it doesn’t take long for the days to get shorter and less daylight will make it harder for buyers to appreciate what they’re seeing. The best photos for your listing will be bright and well-lit. This will be the easiest to achieve in seasons with the most sunshine.
              • Don’t forget about indoor light conditions -  Small investments made before listing your home may help add to the aesthetic and can include getting improved or additional indoor lighting. Allowing for an adequate timeframe during the day for showings will come with the likelihood of darkening daylight. Making the inside of your home feel warm and bright with extra lighting will be just as important as doing the same outside.
              • Flexibility is key -  Selling a home in Waltham has the potential for great rewards. Before getting too excited about the endgame, you can increase those rewards by being flexible with your real estate agent and potential buyers. Just as your schedule may be hectic, the same goes for people looking to buy a home as well. The better prepared you are for your move (packing, notifying appropriate companies and services, your own new home buying process) the easier it will be to work with your buyers. Be open and accepting of showing schedules and remember that closing processes require time depending on real estate regulations.

              Ready to sell your home? Don’t be afraid to get creative but be tasteful and appropriate while taking advantage of any holiday. If you get stuck or are questioning an idea, consult with your real estate agent for ideas. Remember to plan as best you can and be as flexible as time allows and you will be able to get the most out of your home.


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                5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall


                Selling your home in Waltham, MA can be quite a difficult process, especially if you weren’t able to sell during the summer. The Waltham real estate market is driven by demand, and demand rises in the summer when families have plenty of time and want to move before the new school year starts.

                Nonetheless, there’s no need to think about selling next spring; houses sell no matter what time of the year. There are certainly some benefits to selling your Waltham home during the fall, so here are some tips on how you can do it.

                1.Learn About the Market

                In case you’re left with the option of selling your home during the fall, you need to learn about current market trends before you do so. It’ll help if you contact a Waltham real estate agent to assist you with the learning about the market as well as helping you sell your home.

                You need to evaluate the condition of the current Waltham real estate market to know whether it’s a buyers’, sellers’, or balanced market. Based on this, you can determine a good price that will lure in homebuyers.

                2.Improve Your Home

                If you’ve been planning to sell your home throughout the year, you should start making improvements and renovations so that you can sell it at a better price. Inspections are a common part of the buying process, so you want to accommodate a potential homebuyer as quickly as possible. To do so, your home needs to be in the best condition as it possibly can be.

                Check the heating and cooling systems. Moreover, clean the furnace, preferably hiring a specialist to make sure everything is working properly before buyers inspect your home.

                3. Make It Welcoming

                If you’re selling during the fall season, you should stage your home to be welcoming and help envision what the home will look like during the holidays. You can improve the ambiance by adding fall-themed festival decorations like those for Halloween or Thanksgiving. This puts a great impression on potential buyers and gets them in a good mood to look at the house.

                4.Make Sure The Exterior Looks Great

                Adding decorations does put an impression on buyers, but it won’t do much if you haven’t thoroughly cleaned up the outside of your home. One of the biggest reasons for families to choose a home over another is how clean the home looks not just on the inside but how it is aesthetically pleasing on the outside. Porches and small gardens also help with selling a home as owners can imagine working on a garden or relaxing on a porch. Remember to rake the leaves, pick up fallen sticks, weed the garden, and trim the bushes before inviting potential buyers for an inspection.

                5.Set the Mood Indoors

                When you bring potential buyers into your home, you want the interior and ambiance of your home to impress them and make them feel at home. You can do this by setting the mood and making it feel like fall on the inside with fall décor. You can burn fall scented candles, brew a pot of tea, and bake some cookies in the oven to make them feel at home.


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                    7 Best Things About Buying a Home in the Fall

                    It is well-known that Waltham real estate sales tend to heat up every summer and spring, and as the fall arrives, the market starts to cool down. There are even a few amounts of people looking to buy a house around November as the holidays are right around the corner.

                    While the market is slow at this time, it is not a bad idea to consider buying a home in the fall. Here are seven great things about waiting until the fall season to purchase a home in and around Waltham, MA.

                    1.    More Time to Think

                    Keep in mind that bidding wars need swift action—however, sometimes with fewer buyers looking for a home in the fall, you are less likely to find yourself aggressively competing for a Waltham house. You can take complete advantage of this slower pace time in the Waltham real estate market, by using this downtime to do thorough comparison shopping as well as mull your decisions. A good Waltham Realtor or real estate agent can help you make the right decision with the limited homes that are left on the market.

                    2.    Better Deal

                    If a home has been on the market for several months with no offers, sellers will tend to lower their prices in the fall as they just want to get their home sold before the winter.

                    3.    Favorable Rates

                    Bankers and mortgage brokers have holiday bills and business lulls too—and they might be inclined to cut you a better deal when looking for a loan. If you are considering buying a home in or around Waltham, MA in the fall you should consider checking in with your local bank to see if you can negotiate lower down payments, interest rates, and more.

                    4.    Tax Breaks

                    As a homeowner, you can deduct specific expenses on your tax returns, which includes property taxes as well as mortgage loan interest. Note that even if you end up closing on your home in November or early December, you could still write off various expenses when you file the tax return in the spring. 

                    5.    Sellers Want Their Home Off the Market

                    As mentioned earlier, sellers usually put their home on the market during spring and summer and list their home for a price that is often higher than the amount buyers can afford. However, after several months of no action, the sellers get antsy and just want to make the sale of their home and may be willing to negotiate prices.

                    6.    More Attention from Real Estate Agents

                    For most Waltham real-estate agents, the period from September to February is the slowest time of year. Therefore, they will be hungrier for your business. With this being the slow period for real estate agents, you will have more of their attention and effort in terms of identifying the best homes as well as helping you get the best price that you can afford as their schedules are more open.

                    7.    More Revealing Views

                    Note that landscaping, with all the leafy trees and lovely flowers, is like makeup for a home. As a result, it may camouflage many flaws in a house. However, once the leaves drop and the blooms fade, you will see the real story: worn areas in the roof, peeling exterior paint jobs, and foundation cracks will be plain as day. This is where you can take advantage of potentially cutting down home prices even more if there are repairs to be made. In addition, this is a great time to get a feel for what your new home could look like in a fall/winter setting and could help make your decision of purchasing the home that much easier.


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                      Reasons Selling Your Home in the Fall is a Great Idea

                      Some sellers become nervous as fall approaches that the ability to sell their homes will decrease; however, that is not the case. Throughout the Spring and Summer, the market becomes saturated with buyers and sellers, but the fall presents a smaller, more dedicated market that knows what they are looking for.

                      Less Competition

                      While a largely saturated market could lead to more prospective buyers, the truth about the fall home market is with fewer competition buyers are more interested in what they are seeing. With fewer sellers in the market, buyers are more serious about what they are looking for when viewing different homes. In order to appeal to these buyers, it is important to maintain the fall scenery surrounding your home, including cleaning up leaves and making sure there is enough light within the home as the sun begins to set earlier.

                      Relocation and Empty-Nesters

                      The Fall Season is when kids go back to school, college, and often times is when employers look to relocate employees based on price reductions in many markets. Families have returned from summer vacations, and if they were looking for a home now is the best time to do so with less stress regarding planning and the start of school. Parents with students in college on the other hand finally have an “empty nest” which means they may be looking to downsize, relocate, or just make new memories in a beautiful Waltham home. Finally, with employers relocating employees in the fall, these new members of the community will be looking for a home with that New England flare that is appealing to those not from here originally. Your Waltham Realtor can help you best position your home to appeal to sellers to during the fall season.


                      The start of fall means football is back, school is in session, and the preparation for winter is not too far out of sight. With these activities in mind, it is important for sellers to be flexible whether that is with showing your home, accepting offers, or potential for longer closing deals. With cooler weather upon us, it is easier for prospective buyers to enjoy the home search process, so it is important for sellers not to become discouraged in their selling process. Buyers will see this flexibility as an opportunity to connect with sellers on a more personal level, and not feel rushed or pressured to commit to a deal they do not feel prepared for.

                      Home for the Holidays!

                      Luckily for sellers, none of the holiday craziness has quite begun in early Fall! This means buyers will potentially be looking to close before these major holidays so they can begin making their memories and not stress about the moving process during the holiday season (which tends to be expensive and not ideal for traveling). This will allow sellers to be home free for the holiday season.

                      If you’re on the fence about waiting until Spring to put your home on the market, call your local Waltham Realtor today to take advantage of the great Fall market.


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