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The Perks of Choosing to Buy Your First Home

If you are currently trying to decide whether you should begin saving for your first home, then look at all the benefits it brings you. Owning a home is more than just a place to rest your head at night. Your first home is a long-term investment that’ll be deemed a lifelong achievement. In this article, we will go more in-depth on the benefits of owning a home and why we believe you should start saving today! 


Increase Your Home Equity

A great part about owning a home is the equity that you gain over time whilst paying your mortgage. With each payment, you are slowly gaining more ownership of your property rather than paying a landlord. As time goes on your land will also appreciate and continue to help build a bigger investment. Having full ownership of your home is always amazing especially if your home is located in a wonderful location like Waltham, MA, for example.


Have a Better Sense of Stability

When you decide to purchase your first home it gives you a sense of stability like no other. Unlike when you rent a property your monthly expenses are typically consistent and won’t randomly increase without cause. Your home is also completely under your control and allows you and your family to do whatever they please. Your environment overall feels much more stable and protected compared to renting a property. 


Customize Your Home 

Being in charge of your home means you can now customize it to your exact needs and specifications. However, you envisioned your first home can now become a reality rather than a dream or idea. Even in beautiful towns like Waltham, MA, you can still have your home stick out amongst others by adding your own touch. Regardless if you want to change the interior or exterior of your home, you can now do that with complete privacy and freedom. 


Create a Community in Your Neighborhood

Lastly, a big benefit of investing in a home is the sense of community you can get from a neighborhood. Many towns and cities that are located in Massachusetts like Waltham, MA, have beautiful neighborhoods with amazing people all around you. Moving into a good neighborhood can make the transition to a new home much easier. Allowing you to adjust to a new lifestyle rather quickly.


Get Your Dream Home From Hans Brings Today

If any of these benefits convinced you to start saving for your first home then get in touch with a top real estate agent from Waltham, MA, Hans Brings. The team at Hans Brings Results has helped thousands of homebuyers find the perfect home in Massachusetts! Get in touch with us today and receive great service from a top Massachusetts Realtor!


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The Best Tips to Sell Your Massachusetts Home

In highly competitive Massachusetts towns like Waltham and Watertown, it can be hard to sell your home quickly. So many other homes are beautiful and give many reasons for buyers to be interested. Therefore, it's important to try and make your home stand out as much as possible during the selling process. Hence why we will be going in-depth on some tips that we believe can help accelerate the sale of your Massachusetts home.


When to Sell Your Massachusetts Home 

A great way to boost your entire home selling process is to know the perfect time of year to list your Massachusetts home. Over time what we’ve noticed is that the warmer months tend to be the best time to sell in Massachusetts. More specifically the spring months such as March to June can be perfect. It’s important to note that you can still sell a home at any time throughout the year, but the spring is just considered the most optimal. 


Make Changes and Fixes as Needed

When you are selling a home in great areas like Waltham, MA, you should ensure that everything is up to date. This means you should check all areas of your home for any minor damage, leaks, or scuffs. If you can repair these small problems then it will show potential buyers that you cared about the house and maintained it. Therefore, buyers will give your home more consideration because they will believe your home has fewer initial problems or headaches than others in the surrounding area. 


Invest in Staging for Your Home

Similar to taking care of small repairs on your property, staging can help boost a buyer's first expectations of your home. By viewing a house without personal belongings and beautiful aesthetics a buyers is able to visualize themselves in the home. If a buyer can see themselves living in your home then that's a perfect start for potentially gaining an offer. Staging can have amazing results for enhancing the beauty of your home. Therefore, we recommend looking at staging options and seeing if any companies are the right fit for your Massachusetts home.


Keep a Competitive Selling Price 

Selling a home in a competitive area such as Waltham or Watertown, MA, then it's important to also keep your price competitive. You don’t want to be left thinking you could have gotten more money or left without any offers because your price is too high. This is why viewing other homes with similar size and condition that are selling in the area can help a lot. By taking into account surrounding home prices you can determine what a fair price for your home would be. If you are still unsure then hiring a professional real estate agent or appraiser can benefit you a lot when trying to gain the most amount of money from your investment. 


Get Help From a Top Waltham, MA, Realtor

If you still feel overwhelmed after reading this article and viewing our list of Massachusetts home-selling tips. Then we recommend you reach out to one of the best Realtors in Waltham, MA, Hans Brings. Their team can help you sell your Waltham or Watertown, MA, home at the best price possible! By choosing Hans Brings Results you’ll never settle for less again! 


How Much to Save When Buying Your First Home

It can be hard to know where to begin when deciding to purchase your first-ever home in Massachusetts. One of the hardest decisions is understanding how much you can actually afford on a home. There are numerous factors and expenses that arise when purchasing your first-ever home and it’s important to be properly prepared. In this article, we will go over many expenses to consider for first-time home buyers and how much you should look to save on your new home.

Down Payment in Massachusetts

One of the most asked questions when purchasing your first Massachusetts home is how much money you should save for your down payment. This can be a tricky question for most home buyers and can leave them feeling overwhelmed or stumped. If it is the first time you are purchasing a home then the average down payment is at least 3-6% of the purchase price. However, if you are a repeat buyer then your average down payment is usually 20% or more. Keep in mind that a higher downpayment can help to lower your mortgage and interest payments.

Closing Costs for Your Massachusetts Home

A large cost that most first-time home buyers in Massachusetts forget about is their closing costs. If you are not prepared, then this surprise expense can certainly do some damage and have a large financial impact. The average closing costs in Massachusetts range from 1.3 - 1.56% of the home purchase price. Therefore, depending on the price of your home you can expect to pay large or small amounts on the closing of your home. It's important to keep closing costs in mind when purchasing a home so that you can save up the correct amount of money for your home budget.

Home Inspections

When purchasing a new home it is always important to make sure everything is fully functional and in the shape you expect it to be in. Sometimes you may invest in a home just to find out there is a lot of underlying wear and tear you were not aware of. Therefore, make sure to set aside extra money for a professional home inspection. Home inspections range from $400-$800 and can be even more depending on the overall size of the home.

Investing in Emergency Funds

Lastly, another area that you should be aware of is investing in an emergency fund for your new home as well. When having a new home sometimes problems may arise unexpectedly making an emergency fund a lifesaver at times. It is recommended to save around 3-6 months worth of expenses. This is not a necessary expense however it is an investment that can greatly benefit you and your home in the future.

Get Advice From Waltham, MA, Best Realtor

If you’re a first-time home buyer in the Waltham, MA, area looking for more advice or even your first home then call Hans Brings today! His team will put you on the right path to successfully purchasing your first home in Waltham, MA. Get the most out of your future investment and get in touch with Hans Brings.


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How to Add Value to Your Waltham, MA Home

If you’re in the market for selling your Waltham, MA, house or simply want to improve your property value then you came to the right place. There are numerous ways you can help boost the overall value of your property. Some ways to improve your Waltham, MA, home are more cost-effective than others so it's important to consider your budget. In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to help boost your Waltham, MA, home value for the future.

Improve Your Waltham, Ma, Curb Appeal

A huge part of improving your home value is making your house a place others want to live in. If your house has amazing curb appeal then more people will be inclined to value it more.  Therefore, renovating your home's exterior can have huge benefits for your Waltham, MA, home. Your house will have a more modern look and feel to it that attracts all kinds of passersby. When your home is the nicest looking in the neighborhood then usually it can garner the most property value as well. Some exterior renovations can take a lot of time and money so we recommend starting with smaller changes and working your way up throughout the years.

Maintain Your Waltham, Ma, Home

It sounds very obvious that most Waltham, MA, homeowners should maintain and take care of their homes but, sometimes life gets in the way. Rather than spending large lump sums of money on remodeling projects, you can just maintain the current health of your home. By performing regular maintenance checks and fixes you can avoid major issues arising whilst keeping your home looking beautiful. Potential buyers will love how put together your home is and will be willing to spend more on a well-maintained and cherished house.

Create an Open Floor Plan for Your Home

An upgrade you can make for your home that not only increases property value but may also increase your overall satisfaction with your home is an open floor concept. Making your home more open allows you to utilize more space to do whatever you desire. When selling your home, having an open floor plan will be more enticing to Waltham, home buyers that are viewing your home. Open floor designs are very sought after and people are willing to pay more money for this premium layout. If you are thinking about an open floor plan for your Waltham, MA, home then we highly recommend you do so.

Invest in Smart Home Technology

Technology has truly taken over all areas of our lives. Therefore, having a home that can easily connect to our mobile devices can go a long way for convenience. You can change the temperature, view cameras, turn on lights, and even view your fridge all from the comfort of your electronic device. Living in Waltham, MA is already an added benefit to your property, so implementing advanced technology is that much more of a plus. Smart homes are becoming more common as each day passes. If you want your home to get ahead of the curve and gain more value whilst doing so then smart technology is perfect for you.

Contact a Professional Waltham, MA, Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking to sell your property in Waltham, MA, and want to get the best service and guidance then contact Hans Brings today. His highly skilled team has been helping homeowners and buys in the Waltham, MA, area for years. Get the most out of your investment and call Hans Brings now!


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    Should You Rent or Buy a Home In Waltham?

    One of the most asked questions today is whether it is better to buy or rent a home. At the end of the day, the answer is based on your needs and what best fits your current position. However, this article will go in-depth on what to take into consideration when deciding to rent or buy in Waltham, MA.


    How long do you plan to stay

    A huge question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you plan to stay long-term in your new property. Waltham, MA, is a beautiful area with gorgeous properties for residents to choose from. However, some individuals may not be looking to stay in their new home for many years. One of the best pieces of advice when deciding between renting and buying is to look at your future. If you can see yourself staying in the Waltham, MA area for more than 5 years then it may be more worth it to purchase a house. Renting would suit you better if you believe you’d only stay in the area for around 2 or so years.


    Waltham Renting Responsibilities

    It's important to take into account the differences in responsibilities when renting or buying a home. When you purchase a home, you then become liable for its maintenance costs and property taxes. If anything were to go wrong or need repair in the Waltham, MA, home then it is your responsibility to fix it. But, when you rent a property most of the worrying and responsibilities are already taken care of. You instead place most responsibility on your landlords, especially if utilities are already included in the rent. This can make renting seem like the more viable option if you don't have time to take on more responsibility.


    Waltham Property Investment 

    It may cost more to buy and own a Waltham, MA, home rather than renting one. However, you can view the home as an investment opportunity for your future self. With Waltham, MA, being such a great place to live and start a family it's no wonder its homes continue to increase in price. Most likely your home value will increase, therefore creating a better investment. On the other hand, renting in Waltham, MA, is not considered an investment. You do not own the home and instead, you take on less responsibility and gain no investment.


    Get a Waltham, MA, Real Estate Agent

    One of the best people to ask about renting or buying a property is a real estate agent. They can help guide you to what option is best suited for you and your financial situation. If you need help finding a property to rent or buy in Waltham, MA, then contact Hans Brings today! We have serviced the residents of Waltham, MA, for years providing them with potential homes and advice.


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    The Benefits of Working with a Waltham, MA, Realtor

    If you’re currently looking to buy or rent a property in Waltham, MA then a realtor is just what you need. You can get all your questions answered whilst viewing some of the best properties Massachusetts has to offer. Your realtor will make the process simpler for you so that you can move into your new home as quickly as possible. Listed below are important benefits you gain when you decide to partner with a Waltham, MA, Realtor.


    Professional Advice and Strategies

    It’s hard to know exactly what to do and what steps to follow when looking for a home. If you’re a first-time home buyer then everything is even more confusing. Rather than guessing about your next course of action, you should consider hiring a real estate agent. Having a knowledgeable Waltham, Realtor helping you throughout the process will save you countless headaches. Everything will feel more simplified and you’ll already have a set plan that your realtor created. That way you can get rid of all the guessing work that may occur when looking for a Waltham, MA, home.


    Variety of Property Selections

    Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect home for you. If you work all day then it can feel nearly impossible to find enough time to view homes in your style and price range. That's where a Realtor comes in handy. A quality Waltham, MA, realtor will be able to find you homes that match your needs the best. Rather than spending hours searching you can receive a strong list of potential housing options. Therefore, you can continue working and not have to worry about finding your next dream home, your realtor will take care of it for you!



    When buying a new Waltham, MA, home there are a lot of deadlines and punctuality involved in the process. Being forgetful can cost you your dream home. This is why having a Waltham, MA, realtor around to remind you of any upcoming dates is nearly essential. It gives you the added relief that you are not forgetting any important events or dates. Your realtor will be on top of everything so that they can remind you ahead of time.


    Contact a Waltham, MA, Realtor Today!

    All the listed traits above belong to the best Realtors in Waltham. A professional realtor will help find your exact taste and make adjustments according to your needs. For the best Waltham, MA realtor contact Hans Brings today! He’s helped numerous residents find their dream homes in the Waltham, MA, area!


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    How to Value Your Waltham, Ma, Home

    If you’re in the process of selling your Waltham, MA, home then it's important to know what dictates your home's value. Multiple factors are taken into consideration when you get your home appraised. Therefore understanding these factors and how to boost them can help with raising the value of your home. This article will discuss in-depth what appraisers take into account when valuing your home. In hopes to help you get as much money as you can on your large investment.


    The Size of Your Waltham, Ma, Home

    When valuing your Waltham, MA, home the first thing to consider is the size of the home. The larger your home is then the more it is instantly worth. More specifically the size of livable space your home has to offer buyers matters the most. For example, if your home is 2,500 square feet but you have a 400 square foot garage, then your home only has 2,100 livable square feet. Having a lot of space regardless if it's livable space is always a plus. However, buyers specifically take into account the space they can currently move into and utilize. This is also the reason that homes with more bedrooms and bathrooms are higher in value. Therefore, the size of your Waltham, home matters but, your livable space can give your home value a boost.


    What’s the Condition of Your Waltham, Home?

    Houses in Waltham, MA have typically been around for decades. Meaning that its age can begin to catch up with it. This is why keeping up with maintenance and repairs for your home is so important. You want your Waltham, home to be in top condition when getting it appraised. Buyers and appraisers place the condition of homes in high regard and rightfully so. If your home is in poor condition and needs serious repairs then the price deduction will be reflected in your home valuation. It’s highly recommended to keep up with your home throughout the years to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Before, getting an appraisal do a look around your home and decide whether or not it requires repairs.  


    The Location of Your Home

    Being in Waltham, MA, your home location is already considered to be ideal for most Massachusetts residents. However, it’s good to recognize the neighborhood your home is located in and its convenience. If your home is in a better neighborhood than most with easy public transportation and necessities then this will help your appraisal. Your Waltham, MA, home will be deemed higher in value because it has aspects buyers are looking for that other homes may not offer. Such as being closer to local schools, shopping centers, and transportation. There's more to take into account from location than just the town you reside in. If you look deeper you can find aspects that either harm or enhance your Waltham, home's value. 


    Upgrades to Your Waltham, Ma, Home

    If you remodeled your home or enhanced it in any way then this can be a big help when appraising your home. Especially sought after areas such as a kitchen or bathroom. It's said that remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the value of your home. These rooms are necessary for every home and are used daily. Therefore, buyers and appraisers like to see them in top condition. Other upgrades such as roofing, siding, fresh paint, and more can also help increase your Waltham, property value.

    If you aren’t sure what aspects of your home are great and which need improving then contact a trusted realtor today. Hans Brings is Waltham, MA, most trusted! Hans Brings will make sure your home is in top condition and help guide you through the process of selling your home. Contact Hans Brings today for more information!


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      Should I Sell My Current Home before Buying a New One?

      With the new year upon us, many individuals may be looking to buy or sell a Waltham, home. A commonly asked question for most homeowners is “Do I sell my current home before buying a new one?”. This is a great question that we will be breaking down in this article to help put you on the right path to success. By understanding the fundamentals we hope to make the process of moving to a new home a seamless transition.


      Understanding the Current Market

      When it comes to buying a new home the housing market means everything. Whether or not you sell your current home first can be answered simply by examination. Meaning, depending on who the market caters to more buyers or sellers, will determine the best course of action. In a buyer's market, houses tend to stay on the market for a longer period of time. Therefore, you should put your home on the market before buying a new one in this market. Your home will not sell right away and will need additional time.

      However, in a seller's market, it is recommended to do the opposite. Since homes sell much quicker and with lower contingencies in a seller's market. Your home will likely sell not long after putting it on the market. Allowing you to first purchase your new home whilst selling your current home in a similar time frame. This can help with reducing the amount of moving you will have to do between homes. Rather than moving twice, you might be lucky enough to move just once if both homes close at the same time. Understanding the market can help you save time and increase your overall efficiency when switching homes.


      What’s Commonly Recommended

      The most commonly recommended strategy for buying a new Waltham, home is to sell your current home first. By placing your home on the market first you can have numerous benefits for purchasing a new home. You’ll have a better understanding of overall budgets and how much you can afford on your new Waltham, MA, home. Whilst also reducing the headache of having two mortgages at the same time. The added stress that comes from wanting to sell your current home faster will also be avoided.


      Find Temporary Housing

      Whilst selling your current home is recommended for general instances, it does not suit everyone's needs. If you do sell your home faster than you purchase a new one then be prepared to look for living alternatives. Many individuals do not have friends or family that can allow them to stay at their property. Meaning that you’ll have to purchase housing from services like Airbnb and Vrbo for the time being. We understand that this added expense is not possible for all. Therefore, if you have no housing alternatives then consider waiting to sell your home until you purchase a new one.


      Sell and Buy Your New Home

      Are you looking for guidance on buying or selling a home in Waltham, MA? Then contact one of the most trusted real estate agents in the town of Waltham. Hans Brings, will guide you throughout the process making sure you are taken care of. Rather than feeling lost or confused call Hans Brings today for more information!



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        Everything To Know About Contingent Offers in Real Estate

        If you’re in the market to purchase a home in an area like Waltham, MA you may stumble upon the listing status known as contingent. This listing status can be quite confusing and may cause a bump in the road when trying to decide on homes to view. Therefore, we made this article to help shed some light on contingent offers and what they mean.


        What Does a Contingent Offer Mean?

        A contingent offer is simpler than what most buyers tend to initially think. Contingent offers are when a buyer and seller agree on specific terms and conditions that must be met before moving on with the sales process. If these conditions are not met by the deadline of the contract then the deal is voided and the seller can begin to accept other offers.
        Contingent offers are made to reduce risk for the buyer of the house. For example, when purchasing a Waltham, MA home you can make an offer contingent on the home inspection to verify there are no mechanical or structural defects with the home. If defects are identified during the home inspection then the buyers can back out of the deal and the contingent status becomes active again


        Common Contingencies When Selling a Home

        Now that you are aware of what a contingent offer is when purchasing a home, let's go over the most common types of contingent offers used. Home inspection contingency allows a buyer to back out of a sale if defects are found in the home.  A mortgage contingency gives the buyer the right to void a sale if they cannot obtain a mortgage.  A title contingency ensures that the home has a clean title and you are properly becoming the new owner. A home sale contingency states that the deal will only go through once the buyer can sell their current house. Whilst all these contingencies mentioned are great for buyers, they can be very risky for sellers so do not be surprised if a seller rejects your contingent offer.


        Can You Still Make an Offer on a Home with a Contingent Status?

        When there is a contingent offer status present on a home listing, this tells you the property has not yet been closed. Buyers can still possibly view and make offers for the property until the contingencies are met. Sellers will still take backup offers from new buyers as a way to minimize the risk on their end if the deal ends up falling through. Even if you have an active contingency offer on a home a good Realtor like Hans Brings would suggest you to still look around at other homes and create other offers. This is to help eliminate even more risk on the buyer's end in case the seller cannot meet the agreed-upon terms or deadlines.


        Can a Seller Back Out of a Contingent Offer?

        When it comes to a contingent offer a seller can request what's known as a kick-out clause. This clause allows sellers to keep gaining other offers that may have fewer contingencies. If the seller finds an offer with less contingency then your current offer may be in jeopardy. The seller will give you a deadline to lower the amount of contingencies in your offer. If the contingencies are not removed then the seller can “kick you out” and accept the better offer with fewer contingencies.


        Realtor Recommendations for a Contingent Offer

        If you’re still confused about how contingent offers work and when to make them then we recommend hiring a notable real estate agent. Hans Brings is our number one recommendation for all things real estate in the Waltham, MA area. Get in contact with Hans Brings today and make your home buying and selling experience easy!

        Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House in Waltham, MA

        It may seem daunting to sell your house in Waltham, MA. However, with proper guidance and utilizing the best practices, it can become a smooth process. By reading this guide you will be able to learn from some of the most common home-selling mistakes. If you incorporate these tips into your home selling process then your house in Waltham will be sold in no time. 


        Not Always Being Available

        A large part of selling your house in Waltham is to always be available. Many sellers make the mistake of not having their Waltham home available enough for viewing by potential buyers. When buyers call you to request a tour of your Waltham home it is your responsibility to quickly make the arrangements. This means you as the seller should make sure your house is always ready for viewing for Waltham buyers. Holidays are no exception if you want to sell your house in Waltham. Plan to celebrate holidays at other locations just in case a serious buyer wants to have a tour that day.  


        Not Organizing Your House in Waltham for Viewing

        When selling your house in Waltham it is necessary to move and organize all of your belongings. There should be no clutter found in any area of the home. Everything should be neat and clean to increase the likelihood of a buyer submitting an offer. This includes getting rid of personal belongings like photos and memorabilia. Waltham home sellers should aim to make their buyers feel as if the home is already theirs. With minimum decor in the house, it gives the buyer a blank slate to envision the home as their own. If buyers can imagine themselves living in your house then you’re one step closer to closing a deal on your Waltham home.


        Making Necessary Home Repairs

        Making repairs to your house in Waltham before selling it may seem pointless however it’s quite the opposite. If sellers take the time to paint walls, seal cracks, and fix appliances then buyers will become more interested. By updating your home you allow potential Waltham buyers to feel as if they are purchasing a brand-new house that has barely been used. When it comes to larger and more serious repairs for your home in Waltham it's important to be transparent. The seller can either pay to fix the larger repairs before the sale is finalized or they can deduct the price from the buyer's offer to reflect the repair. The main point is to be open with buyers if you want to sell your house in Waltham.


        Pricing Your Waltham Home to High

        Pricing a home in Waltham can be tricky considering we all believe we own the best home on the market. In actuality, there are hundreds of other homes for buyers to choose from in Waltham and Massachusetts as a whole. Be fair on your price and don’t lose out on the peak period of your home listing. A fair price can help the house you are selling garner more attention leading to more requested tours. The more buyers that view your home in Waltham the faster it’ll be to close on a deal. 


        Not Using a Waltham Real Estate Agent

        Houses in Waltham, MA, are very saleable based on the location alone. Without following the correct practices you can potentially be doing more harm than good when selling your home. It's important to always have a good local real estate agent you can trust and rely on during the selling process. Sellers who try and do everything on their own or have an agent from outside of Waltham who is unfamiliar with the area, tend to get lower offers and usually sell their houses for less. If you want to sell your house in Waltham for its full market price then call its most trusted real estate agent Hans Brings. Get in contact with Hans Brings today to learn more information about the selling process of your Waltham home.


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