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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home to Sell This Spring



Are you planning on selling your home this Spring? It is important to make sure your home is ready to be toured! You want to give your home the best shot it has to sell so that means it's time to do some cleaning and adjusting. When selling your home it is also important to hire a professional Waltham Real Estate Agent to assist you. A Waltham Realtor will make sure you hit every step you need to make your home the most appealing to buyers. Here are 5 tips suggested by a Waltham Realtor for getting your home ready for the market!


1.      Declutter

No one wants to tour a home and see clutter everywhere! With less clutter in your home, each room will seem significantly larger and cleaner. De-cluttering doesn't have to mean throwing everything out, try organizing your things so that everything has a home and isn’t just thrown on the floor or in a closet. If you have a room with many pieces of furniture, try re-arranging the furniture to make the room look bigger. You want the interested buyers to be able to walk through and enjoy each room with ease. 


2.      Paint Rooms

Giving a room a fresh coat of paint or repainting a room to a different color is a great and easy way to spruce up your home a bit! New, clean, and fresh colors on the walls tend to entice buyers a little more claims a Waltham Realtor. It is suggested to use neutral colors since they usually provide an updated look. 


3.      Curb Appeal

Everyone knows first impressions are everything. Because of this, Waltham Real Estate agents say when a buyer pulls up to your home to tour it, the outside should look immaculate. This includes well-kept lawns, trimmed hedges, and clear walkways and driveways during all seasons. Make sure there aren't dead leaves and weeds all around your yard. You want the buyers first thoughts to be positive as they will then go into the rest of the tour with a continued positive mindset. 


4.      Make Small Fixes

When you are having buyers tour your home, it is important to not have anything broken or any plumbing issues like a leaky faucet. This will make the buyers think that you didn't take good care of your home or that it’s something they’ll have to fix themselves. Waltham Real Estate suggests taking the time to repair anything that's broken or get a plumber to fix any plumbing issues before you let someone tour your home. This is extremely important as it has a big impact on people's impression of your home. 


5.      Clean, Clean, and Clean Some More

It may be an obvious tip but make sure to clean your home top to bottom before you list on the market! A Waltham Realtor suggests taking a significant amount of time to clean each room in your home. Every room should be spotless especially the kitchen and bathrooms. The first thing some people notice as they tour homes is how clean it is. If your home is not clean, it may be the factor that pushes buyers away. 

Cleaning top to bottom will also help you out since you will have to go through all of your belongings before you move anyway! 


Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent 

Top Waltham Realtors are extremely professional and have many years of experience both buying and selling houses. A Waltham Realtor will help you every step of the way when it comes to selling your home. Contact Hans Brings if you’re looking for a reliable Waltham Realtor to help you get the job done!


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    5 Key Steps to Outbidding the Competition




    You may have found your Waltham dream home, but sometimes you have to be prepared to fight for it! Bidding wars used to be a lot more common than they are now but there is still a possibility you have some competition. A Waltham Real Estate agent is key when it comes to trying to make sure your offer is the most appealing one. Here are 6 tips to increase your chances of securing your dream home in a bidding war!

    1. If You Can Afford It, Pay Cash

    Paying in cash can be extremely helpful if you are in a bidding war, claims a Waltham Realtor. When buyers pay cash, sellers don’t have to worry about the buyer potentially not receiving the financing they need to buy the house. Although this option is not always manageable if you can do it you should!


    2. If You Need Financing, Get Preapproved

    Do your research to choose the best lender with competitive rates and ask to be preapproved for the loan. You’ll most likely need to provide documentation that can prove you have the right amount of income, credit, and assets. A Waltham Real Estate agent can help you gather these documents and present them to the bank or mortgage company.


    3. Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

    Choosing the right real estate agent to assist you is very important in the bidding war process. Having a Waltham Realtor help you get all your documents in order and give you the best advice on how to proceed through each step is crucial. Waltham Real Estate agents also have important connections that can very much assist you in the process.


    4. Make A Meaningful Connection with the Seller

    When touring homes it is recommended by a Waltham Realtor to be careful when giving feedback about the home. If the home does end up in a bidding war, sellers are less likely to choose the people who expressed multiple faults about the home. Sellers usually want to make sure the home goes to people who will value the home as highly as they did. So, it is important for the sellers to see the buyers in a positive light.


    5. Be Flexible

    Find out what will make the sellers’ lives easier so that they are more likely to choose you. There is a chance they want to stay in the house a little longer while they search for their new home or they may want to move out as quickly as possible. It may be in your best interest to adjust the closing date to what the seller wants so they will choose your offer over others.


    Contact a Waltham Realtor

    Waltham Realtors have many years of experience with bidding wars, so they should be your number one choice to assist. Waltham Real Estate Agents will help you write up a winning offer that would be hard for the sellers to turn down. Contact Hans Brings today if you’re looking for a reliable Waltham Realtor to support and help you throughout your home buying process. 


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      How to Sell Your Current Home and Buy a New Home at the Same Time

      Buying and selling a home at the same time can be a complex process.  Many people can be very perplexed, but an experienced Realtor can guide you and keep your stress levels as low as possible.  A Waltham Realtor suggests a few options when it comes to buying and selling at the same time that can hopefully keep all moving along smoothly

      Home Sale Contingency

      One option suggested by a Waltham Realtor is home sale contingency. When putting a home sale contingency in place, the closing is contingent upon the sale of the buyer’s home. If the buyers current home sells by the specified date, the contract will move forward. If the buyer’s home does not sell by the specified date, the contract will be terminated. Unfortunately in this case, most sellers will not accept this. They will continue to show their property to others and not wait for you. Although this is an option, it is not Waltham Real Estate’s top suggestion.

      Buy First/ Bridge Loan

      Another suggested option from a Waltham Realtor is to take out a bridge loan. A bridge loan is a short-term loan used by a person or company until they secure their financing. In this case, a bridge loan would allow you to have the money to buy a new home before selling your current one. The pro to this option is that you will not have to worry about possibly having to find a temporary home during the process. The con to this option is that if you don’t sell your current home fast enough after you buy your new one, you may have two mortgages that have to be paid.

      Delayed Closing

      With Waltham Real Estate’s delayed closing option you can place your current home under contract with a later closing date so that you give yourself more time to find a new home. The pro to this option is the security of knowing your home will be sold and you won’t have to pay two mortgages. The con to this option is that if no home is found to buy, you still need to move at the end of the delayed closing date. This will force one to have to find a temporary home in the meantime.

      Hire a Waltham Realtor

      It is important to hire a professional Waltham Realtor to help you along this process so that you get the best outcome for your situation.  A Waltham Agent will allow you to stay stress-free during this process as they will be able to walk you through every step. Contact Hans Brings today!


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        4 Steps to Take Before Buying Your First Home


        Buying your first home is a significant event in life. Although this event is an exciting milestone, the process of buying a home can be intimidating and stressful. Figuring out how much you’re willing to spend, how you’re going to fix any flaws in your credit, and saving for a down payment can all add up quickly. Instead of rushing, take your time to do proper research and take some advice from a Waltham Realtor who is ready to help you figure out all of your finance options when it comes to buying your first home. Here are 4 steps to take before buying your first home to ensure your finances are in order and you’re ready to take this big step!


        Boost Your Credit

        Your credit score is a huge factor in whether or not you are ready to buy a home. Your credit score determines if you are qualified to have a mortgage and if so, for how much. To qualify for the lowest down payment you must have a credit score of at least 580, although that will not get you the best interest rates. Waltham real estate suggests having a credit score of at least 740 to get the best interest rates possible.

        It is important to take the steps to boost your credit before you start the process of buying a home. The higher your credit, the more money you will save in the long run. Waltham real estate agents can assist you in ways in which you can boost your credit.


        Know Your Budget

        It is important to know what you can afford and what you cannot before starting the process of buying a home. The down payment is just one of the many payments you have to make when you are purchasing a house. Each month you will have to pay insurance, interest, principal, and property tax and all of these must be considered when you are figuring out your budget. Hiring a Waltham Realtor can ensure you are budgeting for the proper amount which will allow you to find the perfect home for the perfect price for you.  

        Do your research beforehand and learn about the average cost of homes in the neighborhood you are looking in. It is recommended by Waltham real estate to always do home research outside the neighborhood you are looking in. Keeping your options open can surprise you and result in finding a bigger home that is still within your budget.


        Understand the Process

        When going through the process of buying a home it is important to not rush. Sometimes the process can take longer than expected but one must remember that the best outcomes sometimes take the longest. Once you make an offer on a home your Waltham realtor and the lender will be able to give you a timeline of what to expect going forward and how long things will take. Always take a Waltham real estate agent’s advice when it comes to searching for a lender to work with.


        Let Your Lender Work for You

        Once you have made it to the stage of your offer being accepted, this is when things start to get busy and there becomes a lot of moving parts. You’ll have to fill out many forms and documents as well as find a settlement date. Inspections will also have to be done and then you’ll need to start the process of the move itself. Let your lender guide you through all the moving parts so nothing is lost in the process and you’ll be able to complete everything on time.


        To begin the home buying process contact Hans Brings, your #1 Waltham real estate agent! Your Waltham Realtor will ensure you get the best home for the best price and everything in between goes smoothly. Call today at 617-968-0022 or email Hans at hans@hansbrings.com.


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          Buyers, Don't Make These House Hunting Mistakes!



          Buying a home requires a lot more than just finding a home and writing a check. It takes a lot of planning and research to ensure you’re aware of everything that comes with and around that property. It’s important to be prepared before you begin your search so you can make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. These tasks from a Waltham Realtor will help set you up for success when it comes time to making that purchase.

          Avoid These 5 Mistakes

          1. Not Hiring a Buyer’s Agent

          Some people who are searching for a home choose not to hire a buyer’s agent because they think they’ll be able to get a better price by working with the listing agent directly. This is indeed not true. Listing agents act in the best interest of the seller of the home, not the buyer. Hiring a professional Waltham real estate agent will benefit you in all areas. A Waltham Realtor will help you find homes that fit your requirements and will not waste your time showing you homes that don’t. Since buyer’s agents are familiar with the Waltham real estate market, it is easier for them to negotiate prices for you.

          1. Not Getting Pre-Approved for Mortgage

          No one wants to find a dream home, fall in love with it and then find out they are not approved for the amount of money they need to borrow. It is in your best interest to get a mortgage pre-approval before starting your home search. This will also ensure that if you find a home you love, you are able to make an offer on it right away. Your Waltham Realtor can walk you through the process of getting your pre-approval.

          1. Settling Because You Think There’s Nothing Better

          The inventory of homes changes often throughout the year. At times, specifically in the winter and spring, there is a low inventory of homes for sale making it more competitive when searching. At other times of the year, like the summer and fall, there are usually more homes on the market leaving you with more choices. Don’t settle for a home that you kind of like just because you are in a rush to buy. The market is constantly changing, and your Waltham realtor will make sure you to help you find the perfect home for you.

          1. Thinking You’ll Fix Everything Up

          Sometimes you come across a home that is perfect for you in most aspects but there may be some work that needs to be done. This is a normal case in which people buy homes and then fix them up to their standards. However, people need to be careful to make sure that they don’t underestimate how much time and money would need to go into the renovations they want. Make sure you have enough in your budget to complete all the tasks that you want.

          1. Dragging Your Feet

          Although you don’t want to rush into buying a home, you also don’t want to take too long to make offers. It can be heartbreaking to constantly get beat out by other people looking at the home just because you were dragging your feet in the process. Hiring a Waltham Real Estate agent will help you stay on track and diligently get the home you have always dreamed of.



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            5 Strategies to Create a Bidding War on your Property







            Having a bidding war on your home is something that makes home sellers ecstatic. Having a bidding war on your home comes with many benefits when it comes to selling, the obvious reason being getting more money for your property. Other benefits include having more leverage with terms of the sale like dictating deposit amounts, dates, etc. Here are 5 strategies a Waltham Realtor suggests to create a bidding war on your property.


            Price it right

            Pricing your home at the right amount or even a little less is more likely to bring in a lot of buyers. If people know they are not the only ones interested in your home, they will automatically become competitive and most likely raise their offer to beat out others. Everyone wants what other people want, so it’s only natural for people’s competitive side to come out. Pricing your property right means pricing it in accordance to what similar homes have recently sold for in the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. It is not recommended to price your home higher just because of one feature that you believe is good enough to do so. Some people may not agree, and you could suffer in selling your home because of it.


            List in the winter

            It is possible to create a bidding war on your property at any time of the year, but Waltham Real Estate agents suggest you can add even more to your chance if you list in the winter. In the winter and early spring, inventory is lower than in the summer and fall. Because of this, when buyers have less to choose from in the winter and early spring, they tend to bid more money on properties that they like knowing that others are also interested in those properties. Bidding wars slowdown in the summer because there are more properties up for sale.


            Market more than others

            There is more to marketing your home than just putting it on MLS. Top real estate agents have special agreements with the top websites like Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, etc. They make sure their listings come up at the top of these websites when people are searching. Although most agents have access to these websites, they don’t always take advantage of them. Taking advantage of these websites is crucial if you want to market your property better than others.


            High-quality photos and videos

            In addition to marketing your property on these websites, Waltham real estate top sellers recommend to post high-quality photos and maybe even videos to social media. Don’t just post these on your personal page and leave it for just your followers. You want to boost your posts and target them to the right audience so that you put the listing in front of people who are actually looking and are more likely to buy.

            Hire an experienced Waltham real estate agent


            Hire experience.

            An experienced real estate agent will know exactly how to negotiate and find the best buyer that will pay the highest price possible. This is very important when selling a property because you need an expert to guide and help you through the selling process to make sure you get the best outcome possible. Having an experienced Waltham Realtor will keep you on the right track.


            If you are looking to buy or sell a house in or around Waltham, MA be sure to contact Hans Brings!


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              5 Tips for a Winter Open House

              Selling your home in the winter in Waltham, MA is no easy task. Fewer people are looking to buy and attracting those potential buyers doesn’t come without a little extra effort. Luckily, Waltham Realtors have mastered the art of a winter open house over the years. Follow these 5 tips to ensure your winter open house is successful despite the cold!


              5 Winter Open House Tips


              1. Protect the Floors


              Winter means salt on the sidewalks and slush on shoes. Protect the carpets in your home by asking guests to leave their shoes at the door. You can also opt for providing waterproof booties that will cover their shoes, or let the guest decide between the two options.


              2. Don’t Over Decorate


              You may want to go all out with festive décor, but it will hurt your chances of selling the home. Keep décor simple and sleek, but still festive. This is the year to go for a more sophisticated design rather than throwing out years’ worth of family decorations.


              3. Keep it Accessible


              If there’s snow in the forecast on the day of your open house, plan accordingly. You’ll need to go out and ensure the driveway, sidewalk, and steps to the entrance are all clear. You should also throw salt down to prevent ice from building up.



              4. Make it Inviting


              No one wants to go into a home from the cold only to still be cold! Since the door will be opening and closing a lot as people arrive to view the home, you’ll want to crank the heat up a little higher than normal. Avoid making it too hot though, as some guests may prefer to leave their coat on as they tour the home.


              5. Showcase Winter Features


              If your home has a feature that’s especially nice in the winter, this is the time to showcase it! If there’s a fireplace make sure to have it going with a crackling fire as guests walk through the home. Heated tile floors and a backup generator are other notable winter-friendly features to mention. Guests will likely pay close attention to the windows in the home, looking for drafts and uncomfortable areas of cold. Your goal should be to make the home as winter-friendly as possible.


              Utilize all of these tips to make your winter open house as successful as possible. Wintertime doesn’t mean people aren’t going to buy, it just means you have to sell your home in the right way! If you need further assistance, be sure to contact trusted Waltham Realtor Hans Brings!


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                5 Advantages of Buying a Home in the Winter

                Winter is not traditionally thought of as a Waltham home-buying season. It's cold, people don’t want to move, and the holidays keep everyone busy. Those all may seem like reasons not to buy a home during the winter, but they’re actually reasons that describe exactly why winter is the best time!


                Advantages of Buying a Home In The Winter


                1. Less Competition


                With fewer people looking to buy in the winter you’ll face less competition from other people looking to buy. This means less risk of getting into a bidding war or losing your dream home to someone with a bigger budget. You also won’t feel so pressured to make your choice to buy right away because chances are, the home will still be for sale if you need a few days to think about it.


                2. Lower Prices


                Since there are fewer people looking to buy a home, you’ll be able to enjoy lower prices from Waltham homeowners who don’t want to wait until spring for their home to sell. Everyone loves a good bargain, especially on a home you’ll live in for years to come! 


                3. Quicker Processing Times


                Lenders and Waltham Realtors are all less busy this time of year. This will allow your paperwork to process faster and things like credit approval or home inspections will get done quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t hurt that people tend to just be a little nicer around the holidays! Your customer service experience will be better overall than if you tried to purchase during peak season.


                4. Less Time Spent Negotiating


                With sellers anxious to sell, you’ll likely spend less time negotiating. The negotiations you do make will be processed faster too since fewer offers are being put in for the home.


                5. See How a Home Handles the Cold


                Cold weather can quickly reveal weak spots in a home. Instead of buying a home in the summer only to find out there are some major issues when the cold hits, buy your home when it’s already cold so you know what to expect!


                All of these advantages can add up to some serious savings for you, both in time and in money! There’s no harm in talking to a Realtor and looking at a few houses. Who knows, maybe you’ll go into the new year with a new home that you love! There’s no better type of fresh start than a new house.



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                  4 Types of Real Estate Investing

                  If you’re researching ways to increase your wealth, you’ve likely come across the real estate investing options. While in some ways this can seem like a great idea, in others, it seems like a major commitment that you may not be ready for. While investing in Waltham real estate is a big commitment, there are different types of real estate investing that may be better for your time commitment and skill sets. Real estate investing, especially in Waltham, can be a great way to build wealth when it is done correctly.

                  4 Ways To Invest in Real Estate


                  Home Ownership

                  When you buy a house, you are investing in real estate. Obviously there is a significant difference between owning your home and investing in other real estate property. While you aren’t actively making money or increasing your cash flow off of owning your own home, paying off your home is one of the best long-term investments you can make. Owning your home gives you more financial options – especially if you think you would like to invest in real estate.


                  Rental Properties

                  Rental properties are one of the most common forms of real estate investing. The main benefit of renting is that rental income becomes an additional revenue stream. However, renting definitely has its challenges. There are additional expenses for maintenance, repairs, and insurance for rental properties. You may also find yourself renting to families who do not pay consistently, or your property could sit temporarily vacant while you search for a new renter.


                  House Flipping

                  Flipping has become another popular form of Waltham real estate investing, in part due to television shows that focus on the subject. Flipping a house means purchasing it, making some improvements and other updates, and then selling the house within a short amount of time.

                  The key to flipping is to purchase at a low price point. Unless you get a good deal at the beginning, you can’t expect to make much money. However, just like any investment, there is a risk you won’t make money or could even lose money. It also takes a lot of time and effort, so those are certainly some factors to consider before jumping in. You would also want to check in with a real estate agent about whether house flipping in the Waltham real estate market you are considering is worth your time and effort.



                  A less conventional way of investing in real estate is through a real estate investment trust (REIT). These are companies that own real estate investments and sell shares to investors who would receive a percentage of the income made off of the investment. However, this is a risky investment type. If hands-off investing is more appealing to you, consider mutual funds instead.


                  If you do plan on researching more information on either renting or flipping homes in your area, reach out to a Waltham Realtor. They can help advise you on how properties are moving in the area based on their expertise with Waltham real estate. Real estate investment can be an excellent way to add a revenue stream to your income.


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                    3 Things To Demand From Your Real Estate Agent

                    Are you buying a home in or around Waltham Massachusetts, especially for the first time? Buying a home can come with lots of confusion and unanswered questions. When purchasing a home, you need patience, persistence, and dedication. Hiring an experienced real estate agent can free you from the challenges of finding and buying a great home. Finding a great real estate agent is worth the time.  



                    When buying a home, you must choose to work with a buyer's agent who is honest and firmly believes in full disclosure. Any licensed real estate agents are supposed to adhere to the code of ethics and standards of practice. Another way to reassure yourself is to make sure the buyer’s agent is practicing full disclosure is to ask around and read up on reviews from past buyers the agent has represented. It’s important that when looking at homes, you are looking out for potential red flags in a home. If the buyer’s agent was honest, they should be the first person to point out potential red flags in a home when viewing prospective homes. 


                    Understanding Your Time Frame

                    You are moving your family into a new home, and the latest move requires planning around particular schedules. The move may revolve around the start of a new job, a new school year, they all need a plan. A new school year or the beginning of a new career, you will be trying to put the move to a plan. Demand from your agent an appreciation for your schedule. Ensure your Waltham agent exerts any influence they can, to make your desired move-in date work. 


                    Get Rid of All Your Challenges

                    A great agent knows how to handle the challenges that will arise. Any agent should be able to adapt to today’s fast-paced real estate market. Focus on any agents that have a successful track record of making sure your Waltham home buying process is the most stress-free. Make sure your agent has a strong understanding of:


                    • Market Values
                    • Title Defects
                    • Contracts
                    • Negotiations 
                    • Appraisal Discrepancies
                    • Contracts
                    • Mortgage/Financing 


                    Never allow your agent to stray away from these motivations. You and your agent are partners in your search; you should always feel comfortable to speak up. The right home can come in different shapes and sizes, knowing how to ask will help you find your dream home. If you are ready to buy a home in Waltham, MA be sure to give Hans Brings a call today! 


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