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Why Most Waltham Homebuyers Are Interested in Open Floor Plans

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While not everyone loves an open floor plan, many new homebuyers love this type of layout. It allows for more natural light, home design opportunities, better entertainment spacing, etc. Below are 5 benefits of an open floor plan from a Waltham Realtor to help you decide if this is the type of layout you’re looking for in a home! It will also give insight to people looking to build new construction or are fixing up their current homes to sell. 

1. More Design & Decor Opportunities 

Open floor plans allow homeowners flexibility when it comes to designing their space. This allows them to be creative with their furniture and choose a decor that suits them and their lifestyle the best. Waltham Realtors say that without having separating walls in the way, it's much easier to reconfigure your living spaces for different purposes and gatherings you might be hosting. 

2. More Natural Lighting & Air Flow

Open floor plan homes are usually built with large windows and glass doors that invite natural lighting in and allow for more airflow. Homes with closed walls tend to be darker because not as much natural light is able to flow through. By having natural light and more airflow in your living areas you’ll have a healthier and more comfortable space to live in. 

3. Great For Home Entertaining

Do you like to entertain at your home a lot? If so, an open floor plan is definitely in your best interest when searching for your next Waltham home. An open floor plan creates a bigger space that flows together instead of having separate rooms for your gathering. Guests will be able to move around more freely and if you are cooking in the kitchen, you’ll be able to be a part of the mingling instead of being stuck in a separate room. 

4. Allows More Family - Togetherness

A home with separate living areas means a home that also separates your family. However, an open floor plan joins together the most common living areas such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. Therefore, an open floor plan will allow you to be together with your family even if you are technically in those separate areas of your home. 

As mentioned above, an open floor plan can allow you to cook dinner while your family is hanging out in the living room. This is also a benefit if you have small children so it's easier to keep a close eye on them while getting things done around the house. 

5. Improves Your Homes Energy Efficiency

An open floor plan can help your home be more energy efficient which will result in spending less money every month on energy bills! This is because large open spaces take less time and effort to cool down or heat up. Also, since you will have more natural lighting you won’t have to use as much electricity either! Waltham Realtors also suggest an open floor plan if you’re looking to save on energy bills. 

Work With a Waltham Real Estate Agent 

Whether you’re looking to buy a Waltham home or sell your current Waltham home, make sure you’re working with an experienced Waltham Realtor! Hans Brings has years of experience helping Waltham home buyers find their perfect home, and home sellers get the best price for their sale. Contact Hans today to inquire! 617-968-0022

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