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Three Best Reasons to Sell Your Home in Waltham, Massachusetts in 2023

Are you a homeowner in Waltham, Massachusetts, who is interested in the idea of selling your
property? Waltham’s real estate trends throughout 2023 make now an exceptional time to get
your house on the market and sold. Waltham’s wonderful schools, strong sense of community,
and short distance to Boston make it a highly sought after location for Massachusetts home
buyers, meaning it is a great seller’s market! Continue reading on below to learn some of the
most common reasons Waltham homeowners are beginning to sell.


1. Rising Property Values

Waltham’s median property value has seen steady increases for numerous years, and we do
not expect this increase to slow down anytime soon. The town’s proximity to Boston, great
schools, strong economy and overall beauty make it a desirable market for all types of
homeowners. This desirable market means now is a great time to sell if you are a Waltham
homeowner, as you will see a great return on your investment.



2. Strong Buyer Demand

As stated before, Waltham is highly sought after for all types of homeowners! This strong desire
has led to a bump in buyer demand in town, in turn driving up prices, creating a great market for
Waltham sellers. With seven days being the median number of days to pending, it is safe to say
that there is competition for buyers looking for their perfect Waltham property. Listing your
Waltham home can see great financial gains, oftentimes with a quick turnaround!



3. Changing Needs and Lifestyle

Of course, one of the most practical reasons to sell your home is simply if it no longer fits your
unique needs. Too small of a home can leave homeowners stressed and struggling to
comfortably go about their days. On the contrary, owning a home that is much larger than your
needs can leave homeowners paying high monthly bills despite using little of their home’s
overall square footage. Whether you’re a Waltham homeowner expecting a baby, or have kids
leaving for college there are numerous reasons why your home no longer fits your needs.
Rather than feeling stuck in a home that is not right for you, selling your Waltham home in favor
of a more suitable property is often the best approach. Selling your Waltham home means
homeowners can instead find the property that is perfect for them, while also seeing financial



Sell Your Waltham Home with Hans Brings

The current real estate market in Waltham makes it a great time to consider selling your
Waltham home! The years-long climb in property values, high demand from buyers, and overall
desirability of Waltham mean homeowners can expect high profitability on their sales.
Of course, having a trustworthy, and knowledgeable Waltham realtor like Hans Brings can help
ensure you get the most out of your sale as well! For years, Hans has helped Waltham
homeowners seamlessly sell their homes. Contact Hans Brings today to get started.


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