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Homeowner Open House Tips

Selling your Waltham, Massachusetts, home can be a stress-inducing experience. Even when
you partner with a Waltham real estate agent like Hans Brings, homeowners may still need to do
some work of their own to ensure that they are getting the best offers possible and that their
home is off the market fast! Preparing for an open house is one of the tasks that may fall on a
homeowner during the home-selling process in Waltham.

The Importance of Open Houses


An open house is the number one way for a buyer to experience and truly feel all your home
. Everything from your yard, foundation, bathroom, and more will be under a watchful eye,
and a seller who is well-prepared for their open house is far more likely to sell their home above
market value.


Ways to Prepare For Your Open House


An open house is much more than just a gathering at your home. It is your best chance to
attract potential buyers! When preparing your Waltham home for an open house, there are
numerous steps to consider to ensure it looks its best.


Deep Clean Your Home and Landscape


Step one in preparing your home for an open house should come as no surprise- deep clean
everything! A clean home is attractive and eye-catching, from your interior to the exterior and
lawn. Even the smallest amount of dirt or clutter can leave potential buyers with a bitter taste
after the showing.


Make Yourself Invisible


While much of the selling process is hands-on and requires your presence, your family, pets,
and yourself should not be present on the day of the open house. By removing any family
photos, pet supplies, children’s toys, etc., your home will be more appealing to buyers as it
creates the appearance that the home has never been lived in or damaged, and they can be
ready to move in ASAP!


Work With a Waltham Real Estate Agent You Can Trust


Having a parade of strangers entering your home and critiquing it can be a scary prospect for
some sellers. Hiring a real estate agent that you know you can trust is a great way to mitigate
any feelings of doubt
. Hans Brings, Waltham’s best realtor, will help ensure your home is secure
and taken care of during any showings while still being able to generate offers from buyers!


Spread the Word!


Your Waltham real estate agent will work dutifully to place proper signs, online listings, and more
to let buyers know of your open house, but any additional buzz can go a long way! Don’t
hesitate to let friends, colleagues, and neighbors know about your upcoming open house, as
you never know who is in the market for a new home in Waltham. Any extra visitors to your
open house can help improve the likelihood of a high offer!


Contact Hans Brings


The process of selling your Waltham, MA, home does not need to be complicated! Join the
thousands of Waltham residents who have sold their homes with Hans Brings and see how
Hans can simplify the process and remove any headaches as well. Contact Hans Brings today
to get started!


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