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5 Tips for a Winter Open House

Selling your home in the winter in Waltham, MA is no easy task. Fewer people are looking to buy and attracting those potential buyers doesn’t come without a little extra effort. Luckily, Waltham Realtors have mastered the art of a winter open house over the years. Follow these 5 tips to ensure your winter open house is successful despite the cold!


5 Winter Open House Tips


1. Protect the Floors


Winter means salt on the sidewalks and slush on shoes. Protect the carpets in your home by asking guests to leave their shoes at the door. You can also opt for providing waterproof booties that will cover their shoes, or let the guest decide between the two options.


2. Don’t Over Decorate


You may want to go all out with festive décor, but it will hurt your chances of selling the home. Keep décor simple and sleek, but still festive. This is the year to go for a more sophisticated design rather than throwing out years’ worth of family decorations.


3. Keep it Accessible


If there’s snow in the forecast on the day of your open house, plan accordingly. You’ll need to go out and ensure the driveway, sidewalk, and steps to the entrance are all clear. You should also throw salt down to prevent ice from building up.



4. Make it Inviting


No one wants to go into a home from the cold only to still be cold! Since the door will be opening and closing a lot as people arrive to view the home, you’ll want to crank the heat up a little higher than normal. Avoid making it too hot though, as some guests may prefer to leave their coat on as they tour the home.


5. Showcase Winter Features


If your home has a feature that’s especially nice in the winter, this is the time to showcase it! If there’s a fireplace make sure to have it going with a crackling fire as guests walk through the home. Heated tile floors and a backup generator are other notable winter-friendly features to mention. Guests will likely pay close attention to the windows in the home, looking for drafts and uncomfortable areas of cold. Your goal should be to make the home as winter-friendly as possible.


Utilize all of these tips to make your winter open house as successful as possible. Wintertime doesn’t mean people aren’t going to buy, it just means you have to sell your home in the right way! If you need further assistance, be sure to contact trusted Waltham Realtor Hans Brings!


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    5 Advantages of Buying a Home in the Winter

    Winter is not traditionally thought of as a Waltham home-buying season. It's cold, people don’t want to move, and the holidays keep everyone busy. Those all may seem like reasons not to buy a home during the winter, but they’re actually reasons that describe exactly why winter is the best time!


    Advantages of Buying a Home In The Winter


    1. Less Competition


    With fewer people looking to buy in the winter you’ll face less competition from other people looking to buy. This means less risk of getting into a bidding war or losing your dream home to someone with a bigger budget. You also won’t feel so pressured to make your choice to buy right away because chances are, the home will still be for sale if you need a few days to think about it.


    2. Lower Prices


    Since there are fewer people looking to buy a home, you’ll be able to enjoy lower prices from Waltham homeowners who don’t want to wait until spring for their home to sell. Everyone loves a good bargain, especially on a home you’ll live in for years to come! 


    3. Quicker Processing Times


    Lenders and Waltham Realtors are all less busy this time of year. This will allow your paperwork to process faster and things like credit approval or home inspections will get done quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t hurt that people tend to just be a little nicer around the holidays! Your customer service experience will be better overall than if you tried to purchase during peak season.


    4. Less Time Spent Negotiating


    With sellers anxious to sell, you’ll likely spend less time negotiating. The negotiations you do make will be processed faster too since fewer offers are being put in for the home.


    5. See How a Home Handles the Cold


    Cold weather can quickly reveal weak spots in a home. Instead of buying a home in the summer only to find out there are some major issues when the cold hits, buy your home when it’s already cold so you know what to expect!


    All of these advantages can add up to some serious savings for you, both in time and in money! There’s no harm in talking to a Realtor and looking at a few houses. Who knows, maybe you’ll go into the new year with a new home that you love! There’s no better type of fresh start than a new house.



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