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7 Advantages About Buying a House In The Fall

Most Realtors and home owners know that the most popular time to purchase a new home is in the spring and summer time. In recent years, more homes are being bought during the fall season. Aside from beating the heat and scheduling showings between your busy spring schedule, here are seven advantages on why you should consider a fall real estate purchase.

Less Competition

Competition for homes in Waltham, MA decline in the fall season as many people believe this to be the off-season in real estate. However, there are still homes on the market. These homes are usually re-positioned old homes that did not sell during the prime season or new homes being added. This puts you in great position to add start looking for homes to buy as you will be one of the few looking to purchase a home. A great opportunity to get a great deal!

Sellers Are Worn-Out

Everyone has a dream price for their homes, and they usually try to shoot for this as a closing price during the busy season in real estate. The truth of the matter is that, a home’s true value is much different than what the owner thought they could receive. If they failed in the prime season, then they are more likely to make a deal and lower their price during the fall. With less competition and sellers eager to make a sale, they are also willing to consider lower offers than they originally hoped. Get your check books ready to make an offer!

Sellers Are Serious

Not all fall listings are leftovers from the spring. Some people feel that the timing in the fall is perfect for them. They are looking to make the sale this season and as quick as possible, and they are willing to negotiate prices. If you see a home on the market during the fall season, keep in mind that these sellers are serious about getting their home off the market.

Tax Breaks

Paying income tax is inevitable, but you can make a dent in what is owed when you become a homeowner. Any payments that are made prior to the closing of a loan are tax-deductible, which could make a big difference in the amount you own to the government. For instance, property tax and mortgage interest are both items you can deduct.

Fall is Safer

Just like with real estate, burglaries have a prime season and it is during the months of July and August. If you are thinking of buying your home in the fall, you can rest assure there will not be any disturbances to the homes on the market. Finally, a good reason to have cold weather.

You’re the Center of Attention

When it comes to any facet of the moving or real estate industry, the busy time is in the spring and summer. While this may be a popular time to look for homes, you may experience delays in response by your Realtor or service provider. With it being the peak season they are going to be a lot busier to give you the attention you want. With fall being considered the off-season, you will have a much higher response and attention rate with your Realtor. Leading you to get in contact with sellers quickly and make the purchase.

Take Advantage of End-Of-Year Sales

After buying a home, you are going to want to add your own style as well as make improvements. If certain appliances were not part of the deal, then you will need to get items to maintain your home. If you buy your home in the fall time, then you can take advantage of all the end-of-year sales for the items you need. For example, September is a great time to buy carpet or paint, October means lawn mowers are on sale and cookware is cheaper in November.


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    9 Steps to Selling Your Home Quickly

    Whether you are buying or selling your home in Waltham, putting your home on the market can get stressful. Making sure your home is presentable always and being able to leave the home for a showing at a moment’s notice can get overwhelming. This especially goes for those with pets and owners with families. The most important thing to remember is that potential buyers will be most interested in your home in the first few weeks on the market. If you are looking to sell, and sell quickly, you will need to have a home that shows well, is marketed well, and is priced correctly. Here are nine tips you can implement to get your house off the market as fast as possible.

    Get a Storage Unit

    When it comes to clutter in the home, the first thought is to shove everything into your closets. This is a bad idea not only because you aren’t really fixing the problem, but that this act is something to avoid when you have your home on the market. Any potential buyer that takes a tour of your home during a showing will look at the storage spaces available. It will not be a good look on your home if the closets are overfilled with unused items that were pushed away for the showing. Instead, consider renting a storage unit place unwanted items during the showing period. That way you will have a nice and clean home for potential buyers to examine.

    Hire a Professional Photographer

    When it comes to making impressions both in and out of real estate, the first impression is the most important. For real estate, the photos on your listing will give off this impression for buyers looking for a home. If you have a lot of good quality photos, you are already ahead of your competition when it comes to seeking out buyers. For this, hire a professional to stage your home for the photoshoot to attract all home seekers on the market. They will highlight your home’s strengths and highlight the beauty. This “professional” can even be a friend just giving you an outside perspective along with tips to improve your homes appearance for a photo. Either way, you should consider staging your home for great photos.

    Find the Right Agent

    Like with anything in life where you need assistance, you want to make sure that you hire the right person for the job. This is especially true for selling your home in Waltham, MA as you want to have the right agent. Research the Waltham Realtors you are considering to see if they promote their properties online and or on social media, and if they have a record of accomplishment that shows you they can sell your home fast. You will also want to make sure your agent is familiar with the neighborhood the house is in and can look into your home and know exactly what will and will not work for showings.

    Promote It Yourself

    If you want to sell fast, you will have to assist in the process. Do not leave it all on your agent to market your home. Accelerate the process faster by posting about your home on social media and sending the listing page to friends and families. You never know who is looking for a home or if they are looking in your area.

    Remove Personalized Items

    It is hard to sell a home to a potential buyer if all they can see are photos of your family. By removing some personal photos and items you are allowing the buyer touring the home to visualize their family and their personal items inside the home. In addition, removing some personal items will allow them to focus on the homes highlighted features. This also goes for artwork, as artwork you have picked out over the years can distract buyers from the house itself.

    Make Small Upgrades

    When it comes to selling a home, a lot of people think they need to make huge renovations to impress buyers. However, you will get a bigger return on investment by focusing on smaller upgrades such as kitchen or bathroom enhancements. Although curtains, cabinet hardware and light fixtures are inexpensive, they will have a big impact during a showing. Think of the adage: “Less is more.”

    Let in The Light

    It is not shocking that a poorly lit home comes off as damp and depressing. This is something you do not want buyers thinking during a showing of your home in Waltham, MA. Brighten up the home by letting in the natural light and turning on the lights before you leave for the day. That way the agent and buyers can enter a home fully light and ready to be shown around. Before a showing, a good cleaning can help brighten up the home by showing cleaner areas such as baseboards, light fixtures, and windows.

    Curb Appeal

    As we mentioned before about first impressions, adding curb appeal to your home is extremely important when it comes to selling your house in Waltham, MA. If your home does not look good on the outside, then buyers will not even consider looking at interior photos. Clean up your yard by cutting the grass, trimming hedges, washing your house or driveway, or even add a fresh coat of paint. When it comes to presentation, it is beneficial to tidy up smaller exterior spaces such as cleaning the door mat, adding flowers, etc.

    Sell at Right Time

    Spring and summer are typically the best time to sell your Waltham, MA home as this is when buyers and sellers are most active. The only downside to this time of year is that there will be a lot of competition for buyers to choose from, which is why it is important to keep your home in the best condition possible. Another factor to consider is the pricing of your home and how it needs to be priced correctly. Your home is usually never the amount you dream of it to be so make sure to listen to your agent when it comes to calculating your home’s value.


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      Is a Contingency Right for You?

      When you are ready to make an offer on a new home in Waltham, a good Realtor will help you with one that lies within your budget but will still be attractive to the seller. Most buyers only consider a proposal in purely financial terms; it’s just ‘offer vs asking price’. However, there may be other factors that you should consider as you want to craft a comprehensive offer that protects all your interests beyond just the price. In real estate, these are called contingencies.

      What Is a Contingency?

      Simply put; a contingency is a requirement or condition that must be met if a sale is to successfully close. If a contingency is not satisfied, it may put the sale in jeopardy and send both the buyer and seller back to the negotiating table. Contingencies are a vehicle to protect the buyer to ensure that their interests are fully represented at closing.

      There are a variety of contingencies available to Waltham buyers. However, these two are probably the most widely used. The mortgage contingency protects you and your ability to secure financing prior to closing on a loan. With a mortgage contingency in place, if you are unable to secure a loan, the transaction would be voided and your deposit would be refunded to you. A home inspection contingency protects you in the event that your home inspection reveals that structural or mechanical exist in the home you are buying. With an inspection contingency in place, you would have the ability to again void the transaction and have your deposit returned, or attempt to negotiate the repair or a reimbursement towards the defects that were found. The buyer may also ask that this contingency extends to features outside the dwelling such as swimming pools, septic systems, pests etc.

      When determining if one or more contingencies may be right for your particular situation, your Waltham Realtor will be your best resource. They can advise you on which contingencies to include and will ensure that the proper details are included in your real estate contract.

      Should I Bother Looking At Homes That Have A Contingency Offer?

      While it may be closer to being sold, there is a chance the contingency may not be met, and the home may return to the market. It is best to let your Realtor know that you are interested, so that they may jump on it if the sale does fall through.

      If you have additional questions about how contingencies work – and which contingencies best protect you as a buyer – speak to your Waltham Realtor. They have the experience and expertise to help you put together an offer that protects your interests and will appeal to the seller.


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