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9 Steps to Selling Your Home Quickly

Whether you are buying or selling your home in Waltham, putting your home on the market can get stressful. Making sure your home is presentable always and being able to leave the home for a showing at a moment’s notice can get overwhelming. This especially goes for those with pets and owners with families. The most important thing to remember is that potential buyers will be most interested in your home in the first few weeks on the market. If you are looking to sell, and sell quickly, you will need to have a home that shows well, is marketed well, and is priced correctly. Here are nine tips you can implement to get your house off the market as fast as possible.

Get a Storage Unit

When it comes to clutter in the home, the first thought is to shove everything into your closets. This is a bad idea not only because you aren’t really fixing the problem, but that this act is something to avoid when you have your home on the market. Any potential buyer that takes a tour of your home during a showing will look at the storage spaces available. It will not be a good look on your home if the closets are overfilled with unused items that were pushed away for the showing. Instead, consider renting a storage unit place unwanted items during the showing period. That way you will have a nice and clean home for potential buyers to examine.

Hire a Professional Photographer

When it comes to making impressions both in and out of real estate, the first impression is the most important. For real estate, the photos on your listing will give off this impression for buyers looking for a home. If you have a lot of good quality photos, you are already ahead of your competition when it comes to seeking out buyers. For this, hire a professional to stage your home for the photoshoot to attract all home seekers on the market. They will highlight your home’s strengths and highlight the beauty. This “professional” can even be a friend just giving you an outside perspective along with tips to improve your homes appearance for a photo. Either way, you should consider staging your home for great photos.

Find the Right Agent

Like with anything in life where you need assistance, you want to make sure that you hire the right person for the job. This is especially true for selling your home in Waltham, MA as you want to have the right agent. Research the Waltham Realtors you are considering to see if they promote their properties online and or on social media, and if they have a record of accomplishment that shows you they can sell your home fast. You will also want to make sure your agent is familiar with the neighborhood the house is in and can look into your home and know exactly what will and will not work for showings.

Promote It Yourself

If you want to sell fast, you will have to assist in the process. Do not leave it all on your agent to market your home. Accelerate the process faster by posting about your home on social media and sending the listing page to friends and families. You never know who is looking for a home or if they are looking in your area.

Remove Personalized Items

It is hard to sell a home to a potential buyer if all they can see are photos of your family. By removing some personal photos and items you are allowing the buyer touring the home to visualize their family and their personal items inside the home. In addition, removing some personal items will allow them to focus on the homes highlighted features. This also goes for artwork, as artwork you have picked out over the years can distract buyers from the house itself.

Make Small Upgrades

When it comes to selling a home, a lot of people think they need to make huge renovations to impress buyers. However, you will get a bigger return on investment by focusing on smaller upgrades such as kitchen or bathroom enhancements. Although curtains, cabinet hardware and light fixtures are inexpensive, they will have a big impact during a showing. Think of the adage: “Less is more.”

Let in The Light

It is not shocking that a poorly lit home comes off as damp and depressing. This is something you do not want buyers thinking during a showing of your home in Waltham, MA. Brighten up the home by letting in the natural light and turning on the lights before you leave for the day. That way the agent and buyers can enter a home fully light and ready to be shown around. Before a showing, a good cleaning can help brighten up the home by showing cleaner areas such as baseboards, light fixtures, and windows.

Curb Appeal

As we mentioned before about first impressions, adding curb appeal to your home is extremely important when it comes to selling your house in Waltham, MA. If your home does not look good on the outside, then buyers will not even consider looking at interior photos. Clean up your yard by cutting the grass, trimming hedges, washing your house or driveway, or even add a fresh coat of paint. When it comes to presentation, it is beneficial to tidy up smaller exterior spaces such as cleaning the door mat, adding flowers, etc.

Sell at Right Time

Spring and summer are typically the best time to sell your Waltham, MA home as this is when buyers and sellers are most active. The only downside to this time of year is that there will be a lot of competition for buyers to choose from, which is why it is important to keep your home in the best condition possible. Another factor to consider is the pricing of your home and how it needs to be priced correctly. Your home is usually never the amount you dream of it to be so make sure to listen to your agent when it comes to calculating your home’s value.

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