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Interested in Buying a House with a Pool? Here's What You Need to Know


A house with a pool is a very attractive asset for some Waltham home buyers. Having a pool offers entertainment, swimming, in-water exercise options right at home, and is a great thing to have during the summer months when you want to cool down and relax. However, it’s important to keep in mind the upkeep and maintenance having a pool requires. Here are a few things Waltham Realtors suggest to keep in mind before purchasing a home with a pool. 


Maintaining a well-kept and clean pool requires ongoing costs and definitely a good amount of work. You’ll need to make sure to regularly clean the pool as well as treat it with chemicals to make sure bacteria and algae don’t take over the pool. You’ll also need to regularly replace the pool filter and skim the water to remove debris that gets into the water such as leaves, twigs, and insects. If you're interested in a heated pool, keep in mind that could greatly increase your utility bills.

If your pool is uninsured and something breaks such as the pump, the lining, etc. it could result in unexpected costs that could end up being hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. It has been reported that homeowners with pools spend an average of $80-$150 a month. Waltham Real Estate Agents encourage you to consider these monthly costs before closing on a home with a pool. 

Safety and Regulatory Compliance 

It is crucial before buying a Waltham home with a pool to make sure it meets federal, state, and local regulations for safety requirements. Families with small children must always use supervision and also consider other safety measures around your pool. It has been found that drowning is the number one cause of unintentional deaths for children between the ages of 1-4. Consider installing alarms or have your pool in a fenced-in area to assure your children stay safe. 

Insurance Costs

Homeowner’s insurance often covers a pool under the “other structures” section of your policy. However, keep in mind that the homeowner would potentially be held liable for injuries that happen due to the pool. Waltham Realtors will assist you in making sure you’re aware of any pool safety requirements imposed by your insurance. 

Resale Information

People may think that the money spent on installing/maintaining a pool would be a good investment for when it’s time to resell the home. However, that is not entirely true. There is a chance your pool doesn’t have a significant impact on the resale value. This is especially true in New England since the pool is only usable for a couple of months of the year. There is also a chance it takes longer to sell your home because a pool might be a deal-breaker to some buyers. Waltham Real Estate Agents suggest viewing the pool as a lifestyle investment rather than a financial one. 

Contact a Waltham Realtor

Interested in buying a home in Waltham with a pool but not entirely sure if it’s the right move for you? Contact a Waltham Realtor! A Waltham Real Estate Agent will talk you through the pros and cons to assist in your decision. Waltham Realtors are extremely personable and always work their hardest to help you find your dream home. Call today at 617-968-0022 or fill out a contact form


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    4 Ways to Make Your Home Offer Stand Out


    It’s common to be in competition with many other buyers when trying to buy your dream home. The last thing you want is to lose your dream home because someone else’s offer was better than yours. Here are 5 ways suggested by a Waltham Real Estate Agent to make your offer stand out so you can get the home you’ve always dreamed of. 


    1. Include A Pre-Approval 

    It’s a good idea to get pre-approved before you even sign an offer says a Waltham Realtor. This is because it shows the seller how serious you are about the home. It also eases the seller’s mind that you aren’t going to back out of the offer if you come to find out your credit isn’t as good as you might have thought it was. Make sure to include the pre-approval letter from the bank with your signed offer. 


    2. Make a Decent Serious Deposit

    If you believe the house you’re looking at is your absolute dream home, don’t play around when it comes to the amount you offer for a deposit. Earnest money shows the seller once again how serious you are about getting this home since you are ready to give up that much money if you were to back out of your offer. There is usually a particular amount offered for homes in the area, so to look really good Waltham Realtors recommend going above and beyond that amount. 


    3. Make Your First Offer Your Best Offer

    When you’re competing with multiple other offers, don’t waste time and rely on negotiation to get the deal you want. Base your first offer on solid research of surrounding comparables and offer what you really would be able to pay. If you don’t, your offer may be easily overlooked. Waltham Realtors suggest even possibly offering over list price if it is the right home for you.


    4. Get Personal and include a letter to the sellers with your offer

    Don’t be shy to let the sellers know why you want the house so badly. Maybe you’ve dreamed of raising a family in that neighborhood, or you have close family that lives nearby. Whatever the reason is, let them know. However, make your letter to the sellers short and simple and don’t sound too desperate. 


    Contact A Waltham Realtor 

    Having the right realtor is a very important part in figuring out the best way to close on your dream home. A Waltham Real Estate Agent will walk you through every step of the way and help you create an offer that is hard to refuse. Contact Hans Brings today for all your Waltham Real Estate needs



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