5 Ways to Sell Your Waltham Home as Quickly as Possible


As most people know, the home selling process can be long and tiring. If you’re looking to sell your Waltham home but want to try to make the process as quick as possible, we have some tips for you! Here’s some insight on how to prepare your home, score the most money, and close the sale on your Waltham home ASAP. 

1. Sell at the right time

If you’re not sure when the right time to put your home on the market is, spring is a good time because there are quite a few buyers looking now. “Real estate can be seasonal,” says a Waltham Realtor. If you’re looking to sell your home fast, Waltham Real Estate Agents say that when homes are in high demand is the best time. By putting your home on the market during the busiest real estate months, it’s likely that you’ll have many interested buyers which would certainly speed up the process as you’ll have many offers to choose from. 

2. Price your home right 

Waltham Realtors say that it’s extremely important to price your home correctly right from the beginning. This will help your home sell faster and also help you get more money for your home! If you were to price your home incorrectly right when you list it, your home would probably stay on the market for a lot longer than you would like. Buyers are more likely to get into a bidding war if your home is priced correctly and new to the market. 


3. Hope for a cash offer 

If you were to receive a cash offer on your home, you would be able to avoid getting the banks involved. This would avoid a ton of paperwork and save a lot of time during the selling process. Accepting a cash offer could help you close in weeks or even days! Waltham Real Estate Agents say this is the best way to sell your home as fast as possible. 


4. Use incentives to sweeten the deal

Leaving a nice piece of furniture or flat-screen TV behind? Willing to pay a portion of the buyer’s closing costs? Giving buyers a sweet deal will help your home stand out and attract more buyers. Certain items in your home might not be of use to you anymore but if they’re in good shape and you want to leave them behind, they might be something a potential buyer is interested in. Talk with your Waltham Realtor to see what’s legally allowed in the market. 

5. Choose the right realtor 

Choosing the right Waltham Realtor is also a big factor when it comes to selling your home fast. You want to have an experienced professional by your side to help make the process easier. Hans Brings is one of the best Waltham Real Estate Agents and can assist you in selling your home as quickly as possible while also getting a fantastic price. Inquire today by giving Hans a call at 617-968-0022 or by filling out a contact form!



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    What is an HOA & HOA Fee?




    An HOA, also known as Homeowners Association is a community that provides rules for maintaining common spaces and properties. Waltham Realtors state that HOA’s are usually present in condos but can also be present in some single-family properties. Along with following these rules, home and condo owners in these properties have to pay a monthly fee which goes towards taking care of the area and buildings. HOA’s have legal power over properties, so if a homeowner does not pay the HOA fees, the HOA can place a lien on the property.

    What is an HOA Fee?

    As mentioned above, an HOA fee is what property owners pay each month for the amenities and upkeep of their living community. HOA fees can vary, however, they usually depend on how many and what kind of amenities are available within the complex.

    Does An HOA Have Power Over Your Property?

    Every HOA is different. Some homeowner’s associations can be strict and give out certain rules. These rules can include what colors you’re allowed to paint your home, how tall your fences can be, or if pets are allowed. They can also determine whether or not you’re allowed to rent your property. However, some homeowner associations are more relaxed and are only focused on keeping up with the properties so that the property values can stay up.

    Advantages & Disadvantages of HOA’s

    Waltham Real Estate Agents say there are both advantages and disadvantages when buying a property with a homeowners association. Homeowners association fees can be great to help maintain your property and the look of your community but they also might make you pay for maintenance that you don’t see necessary. Let’s dive into a little more detail on the advantages and disadvantages.

    Advantages of HOA’s

    HOA rules can avoid conflicts with neighbors. If everyone has the same rules for their property, there shouldn’t be any issues. Having rules can keep things consistent and give everyone amazing access to amenities such as pools, gardens, recreational centers, etc. HOA fees also usually pay for snow removal, trash removal, outdoor landscaping, some utilities, and more. Not having to worry about these things makes the HOA fee feel very worth it says Waltham Realtors.

    Disadvantages of HOA’s

    Of course, all advantages come with some disadvantages. A few of the disadvantages of having an HOA is that you might need approval to make changes to your home. Homeowner associations have the authority to deny certain improvements and additions to your home. Also, if owners in your complex are not paying their HOA fees it could be difficult to sell your property. Buying your own home usually means you have free range to do anything you want, but in some HOA’s you might not have that same freedom.

    Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent

    If you’re wondering if buying a home within a homeowners association is right for you, contact a Waltham Realtor. Your Waltham Realtor will discuss the conditions with you and see if they are a fit for what you’re looking for. For some people, buying a home or condo within an HOA is ideal but for others, it’s not. You can rely on a Waltham Real Estate Agent to help you find the perfect home and community for you! Contact Hans Brings today at 617-968-0022 or fill out a contact form!


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      Selling Your Waltham Home? Prepare for a Smooth Sale by Avoiding These Mistakes



      Everyone always talks about the complicated and stressful process of buying a home for the first time, however, selling a home for the first time isn’t too different. It is still time-consuming, challenging, and a little bit of a stressful process. It’s sometimes likely that sellers can make mistakes that get the process off track and cause it to be prolonged. Here are some of the most common mistakes sellers often make and how you can avoid them to encourage a smooth sale on your Waltham real estate


      1. Underestimating the costs of selling a home

      Sellers often don’t realize that selling your home doesn’t just mean money in your pocket. When selling your home, you need to realize there will be expenses for you as well. There will be closing costs, agent commissions, home inspection repairs, staging costs, moving costs, etc. These costs can greatly add up and overwhelm you if you’re not prepared for them. Make sure you’re aware and prepared! Your Waltham Real Estate Agent will be able to outline these costs for you so that you have an idea of what they will be. 


      1. Not hiring a real estate agent

      Some sellers believe that not hiring a realtor will help them save money. However, this is entirely false. While you will have to pay your Waltham Real Estate Agent, they are essentially going to assist you on getting the highest amount for your property. Without them, you might not know how to negotiate and get the amount your home deserves. Also, when problems come up during transactions a professional Waltham Realtor will be able to easily assist you. Your real estate agent’s knowledge and expertise are key to a successful and less stressful home sale. 


      1. Pricing your home incorrectly 

      Pricing your home incorrectly can be something that throws off the whole selling process. While we understand that everyone wants to get the most out of their home, pricing too high could turn off buyers who are serious about your Waltham home. By turning off serious buyers, the process will prolong and you might find your home on the market for a lot longer than you anticipated. 

      The best way to price your home correctly is to hire a Waltham Real Estate Agent. A Waltham Realtor will be able to easily compare your home to other similar homes on the market. By pricing your home correctly the first time, you can get serious buyers off the bat, potentially get multiple offers, and then drive up the price from there. 


      1. Neglecting important repairs

      While it may cost you more money than you would like to make repairs, making these repairs will increase your chances of a quick sale. Many homebuyers don’t want to make the small but important repairs when they first move into a home. Not having important repairs done could turn potential buyers away from your home. 

      Some of these repairs could include painting, replacing light bulbs & loose locks, replacing doorknobs, fixing plumbing issues, etc. Small repairs like these can go a long way. 


      Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent 

      While there will be challenges throughout your home selling process, having a Waltham Real Estate Agent there to assist will make all the difference. One of the most important things when selling a home is being prepared for what is to come. Your Waltham Realtor will make sure there aren’t any huge surprises and will help you every step of the way. Inquire with Hans Brings today if you’re looking for assistance in buying or selling your Waltham home. 


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        What Does Contingent Mean in Real Estate?


        During your home buying or selling process, you’ve most likely heard or will hear the term “contingent.” A Waltham Realtor explains that in real estate terms, contingent is the status you’ll see on a listing where the seller has accepted a buyer’s offer. However, this accepted offer doesn’t necessarily mean it is sold yet. Offers that include contingencies have requirements that need to be met in order for the sale to officially close. If the contingencies cannot be met then the buyer can back out of their offer. 

        Contingencies usually include a list of factors that need to be examined. When contracts are written during the home purchasing process, they often include all possible contingencies that may arise. Here are some examples of contingencies that need to be met in order to officially sell or purchase your Waltham Real Estate

        Home Inspection

        When purchasing Waltham Real Estate you’ll definitely need to get a home inspection done. A home inspection will check things like the plumbing, electrical amenities, the roof, and the home’s structural integrity. Home inspections are so important because if the home has a lot of issues that you were unaware of, an inspection will let you know. The last thing you want is to purchase a home and then find out after the fact that there is a lot of costly work that needs to be done. 


        Most buyers will need to obtain a loan in order to buy a home.  During the financing process, the buyer will have to provide documentation to the lender to verify income and down payments, have their credit reviewed, and appraisal performed.   Once financing is obtained, they can proceed with their Waltham Real Estate purchase. 

        Seller Repairs

        During the home inspection, you may find issues with the home that you as a buyer, don’t want to be responsible for. You can sometimes request that the seller perform repairs or credit you for these repairs through your Waltham Real Estate Agent

        A Final Walkthrough

        After all the inspections and repairs have been done, it’s important to do one more walkthrough of the home before officially closing. A final walkthrough will let you see all the repairs and changes that have been made to make sure you accept them. 

        Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent 

        Waltham Realtors will also suggest leaving some room in your budget for possible contingencies that arrive in the future. There are so many layers to the process of buying or selling Waltham Real Estate. This is why it’s ideal to have a Waltham Realtor to assist you every step of the way. Contact Hans Brings for all your buying and selling needs in Waltham.


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          What Are The Most Popular Features Home Buyers Look For?


          When people are ready to sell their home, they don’t always love the idea of making renovations or upgrades. This is because since they won’t be living there much longer, they don’t really want to spend money on things that aren’t going to increase their home value by a lot. This is why Waltham Real Estate Agents suggest making small upgrades and renovations over time. If you’re not quite ready to sell your Waltham home but you know you will be in the next few years, start making these upgrades now. This will allow you to be able to enjoy these upgrades while you still live in your home and they will also help catch the attention of potential buyers once you are ready to sell. 

          Keep in mind these popular features that buyers look for so that you can be ahead of the game and prepared for when it’s time for you to sell your Waltham Real Estate


          Hardwood Floors

          Most homeowners these days prefer hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is long-lasting, easy to clean and maintain, and also gives any space a cleaner and more organized look. So when it comes time for you to sell your Waltham Real Estate, switching to hardwood flooring (if you don’t have it already) will greatly benefit you. Waltham Realtors are always speaking to buyers about what they’re looking for and hardwood flooring is definitely something that is always brought up. 

          Open Floor Plans 

          Open floor plans are very popular these days as they come with a lot of benefits. They allow for an easier entertainment layout, increased natural light, and for parents with children, it’s easier for them to keep an eye on the kids while being able to get things done around the house. If your Waltham Real Estate doesn’t already have an open floor plan, it may take some extra work to make it happen, but if it’s something you’re interested in doing it’s guaranteed to stand out to buyers. 

          Stainless-Steel Appliances & Granite Counter Tops

          Renovating a kitchen is something new homeowners really don’t want to worry about. Waltham Realtors say that buyers tend to make higher offers on homes that have stainless steel appliances and granite countertops since they won’t have to upgrade those things themselves. 

          Energy Efficient Windows and Appliances

          Energy-efficient appliances and windows are things that all home buyers look for. Everyone always tries to cut costs in utility bills and so when a buyer knows that a home is energy efficient, it makes them more interested in that Waltham Real Estate

          Curb Appeal

          Waltham Realtors claim that curb appeal often makes or breaks a buyer’s interest in a home. If someone doesn’t like the outside of a home, it’s not likely that they’ll even want to take a look at the inside. Also, no one wants to purchase a home that looks like it’s not taken care of. By having great curb appeal on your Waltham Real Estate, it’ll be a lot easier to attract buyers. 


          Contact A Waltham Real Estate Agent 

          In conclusion, new homeowners don’t want to have to make all these upgrades and renovations right when they move so it’s likely that people will look for homes where these upgrades are already made. To make your selling process easier, try to have most of these upgrades and renovations done. While some of these features won’t increase your home’s value by a whole lot, it will definitely be a quicker and easier process to sell your Waltham home. If you’re looking to buy or sell your Waltham Real Estatecontact Hans Brings today! Hans Brings will assist you in the buying or selling process every step of the way.


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            Finding the Right Waltham Home for You - 4 Questions to Ask Yourself


            New home questions


            Buying a home is a huge decision! Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll probably make in your lifetime. When you think you’ve found the home for you and you’re ready to make an offer, how do you know it’s definitely the right home? At the end of the day, you don’t want to think you found the right home, and then it ends up not meeting all your needs. Here are 4 main questions Waltham Realtors suggest you ask yourself before officially purchasing a home. 


            1. Does the house meet your requirements?

            When looking for a home, most people know what they do and don’t want. Waltham Real Estate Agents suggest making a list of all your must-haves in a home. Keep that list on you when searching so that you can check off your boxes as you tour different homes. When you think you have found the perfect home, go through the list one last time to make sure all the boxes are checked. When it comes to buying a home, you don’t want to settle. So making sure it has every single thing you’re looking for is very important. 


            2. Does it have potential?

            Even if you have found a home that checks off all your boxes, it’s likely that there will still be some elements that you need to compromise. So ask yourself, is there potential to fix these compromises sooner or later? 

            An example of this would be if anything in the home needed to be redone or reinstalled such as the bathrooms, the floors, the ceilings, etc. Make sure to keep these fixes in mind and figure out how much work may have to be put into these projects. Then, ask yourself if all that work is realistic for you. 


            3. Do you like the area?

            Liking the town and neighborhood your new home is in is extremely important since that is likely going to be the place you live for several years.

            Before making an offer on a home, do a lot of research on the area. Make sure it is convenient and offers everything you are looking for in a community. 

            Waltham Real Estate Agents recommend taking a drive and exploring the area before you make an offer. When driving around, look out for the essentials such as the closest grocery store, bank, schools (if you have children), etc. You should also look around for some entertainment spots such as local restaurants, bars, shopping centers, bowling alleys, and more. As mentioned before, if you have kids, making sure there are good schools in the area is a must. 


            4. Does it fit your future? 

            Whether you’re buying a home to be in forever or just for the near future, it is quite an investment. Keep in mind how convenient the home will be for you in the future and if it aligns with your future plans. Make sure you can picture yourself in the home for at least 5 years. Waltham Realtors always remind you to factor in future plans such as marriage or babies when purchasing a home. The last thing you want is rushing to buy a home and then realizing after that it doesn’t have everything that you and your family will need. 


            Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent

            Buying a new home is never an easy task. That is why Waltham Realtors are here to assist you and walk you through the whole process. We’ll bring up questions and concerns you might not have thought about. Our goal is to assist you with finding the perfect property so we too want to make sure your future home suits all of your needs. Contact Hans Brings, your local Waltham Real Estate Agent today by calling 617-968-0022 or by filling out a contact form


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                Preparing Your Waltham Home for A Winter Sale 


                Some people think selling in the winter isn’t ideal, however, winter buyers are usually the most serious buyers. Selling your home in the winter and around the holidays comes with many benefits that are only beneficial in the winter months. Waltham Realtors have mentioned that during the winter months, there are usually fewer homes on the market which means your home will get more attention from buyers. 

                Since winter buyers are sometimes the most serious ones, it’s important to be on top of your selling game! Here are some great tips to prepare your home for a winter sale. 

                Boost the Curb Appeal

                During the winter months, people tend to get lazy with the exterior of their homes. However, your curb appeal is just as important in the winter as it is during the other seasons. When buyers are looking at your home, you want them to love every inch of the home, even the exterior. If it snows, make sure to shovel your driveway and walkways and apply a generous amount of rock salt. You definitely don’t want anyone falling and getting hurt during an open house. 

                Waltham Real Estate Agents also recommend clearing snow off of your patios, decks, landscaping, etc. so that buyers can see how beautiful the yard is and what they will be enjoying in the warmer months. 

                Turn Up the Heat

                No one wants to walk into an open house and be freezing. If a potential buyer walks into a cold house, they might not be able to focus on the home because of how cold they are. Waltham Realtors suggest boosting the heat so that potential buyers can comfortably walk through your home and enjoy observing it to its fullest. 

                Declutter the Entry Ways

                During the colder months, it’s natural for you and your family to leave big coats, boots, bags, and other similar items at your door. But when having an open house, make sure to put all of those belongings away. Putting away your winter gear will keep your home’s entryways and hallways clean and clear. Waltham Realtors say that the less of your belongings the potential buyers see, the easier they can picture their own belongings in those places. 

                Add Seasonal Decor

                While it’s suggested to declutter and clean your home, you don’t want it to look bare and boring. So Waltham Real Estate Agents suggest decorating your home in a warm and inviting way. They also suggest depersonalizing your home by taking down family photos. Decorating and depersonalizing your home will help potential buyers see more clearly if they can picture themselves living in that home. Lastly, everyone loves a nice smelling home. Consider lighting a candle or spraying a warm scent throughout your home. 

                Plan to Take Photos of Your Home Before the Snow

                When posting photos of your home on your real estate listing, you want to make sure you have photos from before the snow arrives. While people who visit your home might be able to see more details through the snow, potential buyers browsing online won’t. Showcasing photos of all the details of your home online will help people feel more attracted to your home. If you post photos of your home with snow all around it, it will not give your landscape the credit it deserves. 

                If you didn’t plan ahead and must take your photos after the snow has arrived, just remember to clean the exterior as well as you can. As mentioned above, make sure to clear all driveways, walkways, patios, decks, and any other structural architecture outside of your home. 

                Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent

                If you’re interested in selling your Waltham home this winter, contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent. Waltham Realtors have years of experience and will be able to walk you through every step of the process to successfully help you sell your home. Call today at 617-968-00222 or fill out a contact form!


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                  How Many Houses Should I Look at Before I Make an Offer? 


                  The process of buying a home can be very overwhelming. This is because buying a home is a huge decision! This will be the place you and your family will be living for the next several years. Some people get super excited and want to jump on the first property they see, and some tend to hold off and wait for the perfect home while options continue to dwindle down. 

                  While there are no official rules as to when you can put an offer down on a home, it’s important to make sure you know all your options. Based on your home wants and needs, your Waltham Real Estate Agent will be able to help you determine how many homes to look at before you should make an offer. Choosing the right Waltham Realtor is crucial and the key to finding the perfect home for you and your family. 

                  Buyers Who Only See a Few Homes

                  There are some situations when someone puts an offer down on the first home they see. Sometimes it’s just luck, but in most of these cases, the buyer usually knows exactly what they are looking for. The buyers who are confident in making an offer on the first home they see have likely already thought about what they need in a home, what they would like in a home, and what they do not want in a home. Once you have thought about these factors it’s easier to narrow down your search. 

                  Once you have sat down with your Waltham Realtor to discuss your wants and needs in a home, your real estate agent will be able to gather homes that fit your criteria and determine just about how many homes should be seen before you make a decision. 

                  Buyers Who See Many Homes

                  Since we’re in the age of technology, a lot of buyers browse tons of houses online before they visit an open house or schedule a private showing. With all the options available these days, it sometimes makes it harder to narrow down your search. You might find yourself looking at house after house and not being able to come to a decision. 

                  If this is the case, sit down again with your Waltham Real Estate Agent and review your list of exactly what you need and want in a home. This may lead to realizing your budget is off for what you’re looking for or that you simply just need to wait until the right house comes on the market. 

                  While it can get frustrating to keep looking, sometimes you just need to take a break from the search. Take a step back, take some time to regenerate your excitement and open-mindedness, and then get back into it. 

                  There’s No Right or Wrong Answer

                  Some buyers get lucky and find their dream home right away, while some buyers take more time. At the end of the day, it all depends on your wants and needs. If you haven’t found your dream home and don’t want to settle for less, then don’t! The process of buying a home looks different for everyone, so don’t be discouraged! Working with a Waltham Real Estate Agent is the best way to go, so remember that you’re always in good hands with your Waltham Realtor.

                  Contact A Waltham Real Estate Agent 

                  If you’re looking to get in contact with a Waltham Real Estate Agent, look no further! Hans Brings is an experienced Waltham Realtor that will assist you in finding the perfect home. Contact Hans today by calling 617-968-0022 or by filling out a contact form.


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                      5 Tips to Spruce Up Your New “Old' Home


                      You’ve just signed the closing papers with your Waltham Real Estate Agent on your new home. You walk into your new home, everything is still in their boxes and ready to find their place. The excitement and overwhelming feelings are starting to settle in. Are you looking at the empty home realizing there are more imperfections than you thought? Are there chips or dents on the walls? Stains on the floor? Broken knobs on doors, cabinets, or drawers? Old ceiling lighting? 

                      Don’t worry. This is a common thing when purchasing an older Waltham home. Even if only one person lived there before you, it’s often rare to move into a pristine property if it’s not brand new. Here are some tips from a Waltham Realtor for sprucing up your new “old” home to make it feel brand new to you. 

                      1. Paint

                      Simply adding a new, fresh coat of paint to the inside of your home can bring a whole new light to your home. Repaint the ceilings, walls, doors, etc. Choosing a bright white or off white color is your best bet to lighten and freshen up the rooms in your home. You can also touch up your home’s cabinets, door frames, and window frames with a fresh coat of paint. 

                      Another trick is to paint the insides of your closets with bright white-colored paint. This will make them seem larger and gives your clothes and belongings a bright, clean space to live. 

                      Waltham Realtors recommend painting before everything is moved into your home so that you have an open space to paint and your belongings won’t get ruined. Visit your local hardware store as they will likely have great recommendations on colors and finishes if you’re not sure exactly what color route to go. 

                      2. Floors 

                      Fixing the floors is something to take care of before moving in, if possible. Get the hardwood floors with dents and scratches refurbished first. Having shiny and clean floors will make the room seem newer, fresher, and brighter.

                      For the rooms with carpet, if the carpet is old and worn out, consider ripping out the carpet and adding hardwood floors. As mentioned above, hardwood floors make a home look newer and fresher. If the carpeting is relatively new and you are happy with it, get it steam cleaned. You can do it yourself or hire professionals. Steam cleaning your carpets will make them look and smell brand new. 

                      3. Lighting and Ceiling Fans

                      Look up at all the lighting and ceiling fans in your home. Do they look old and seem like they could use some fixing up? Waltham Realtors suggest replacing them with newer, more stylish options. This doesn’t have to be done as soon as you move into your home but is a great way to spruce up your home to make it look and feel newer. 

                      4. Knobs

                      Knobs on your doors and cabinets are small things, yet can make your home look much older. Fixing these knobs is an easy and inexpensive fix. You can either repaint these knobs to give them a new look or replace them altogether. 

                      Waltham Real Estate Agents say that the small action of replacing or repainting your knobs can dramatically improve the look of your bathroom, kitchen, or furniture. 

                      5. Windows

                      Your home’s windows can dramatically change the look of your home. By installing new windows in your home you can make your home look and feel so much newer and up to date. If the windows are somewhat new and don’t need to be replaced, consider simply cleaning them and replacing the window coverings. Purchasing new blinds and curtains can also dramatically change the look and feel of your windows. 


                      When purchasing a Waltham home, your Waltham Real Estate Agent will assist you every step of the way. Since every home can’t be new and perfect, we’ll give you insight on what fixes are easy and possible and what fixes you might want to stay away from. We’ll never steer you in a bad direction! Contact a Waltham Realtor today to get started on your journey of finding the perfect home for you!


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                        Attract Buyers with Energy Efficient Upgrades


                        Going green and investing in environmentally-friendly products is not only great for the health of the environment but it can also have an impact on the value of your home. Waltham Real Estate Agents have found that homebuyers of all ages are looking for eco-friendly upgrades when searching for a home. There are many easy eco-friendly upgrades that will help sell your home. Here are a few suggested by a Waltham Realtor


                        Smart Thermostats

                        Something as simple as upgrading your thermostat can make your home feel newer, smarter, and more tech-savvy. Smart thermostats interact directly with your home systems. Once the smart thermostat is installed and it is in use for about a week, the thermostat will pick up the patterns of the homeowners and be able to adapt to their behaviors. This will help minimize energy consumption in the home. Waltham Realtors claim that people will spend three to five percent more for a home that includes smart features.


                        New Windows

                        A lot of older homes have old windows that are poorly insulated. By simply upgrading your windows you will be able to save more energy and maintain a more consistent and comfortable temperature in your home. It was found that homes with energy-efficient windows save up to 12 percent on their annual energy bill. Waltham Real Estate Agents say this simple upgrade will make your home highly marketable to potential buyers. 


                        Upgraded Insulation

                        Old or ineffective insulation can definitely lead to higher energy bills. This is because the cold or heated air may be flowing in and out of your attic. Waltham Realtors say that investing in a new and proper rated insulation system is always very attractive to buyers. A new and improved insulation system will reduce the need for extra heating and air conditioning which will obviously lower overall energy costs. 


                        Tankless Water Heater

                        Tankless water heaters are attractive when buying a home because they only heat water when needed, unlike other water heaters that use unnecessary energy to store hot water. Most models of tankless water heaters last about 10 years so investing in one right before you put your house on the market can really attract buyers. Waltham Realtors claim that tankless water heaters can also help homeowners save up to $100 a year. 


                        Solar Panels

                        Waltham Real Estate Agents say the biggest eco-friendly upgrade you can make for your home is to invest in solar panels. Studies have found that each watt of solar adds about $3 to a home’s value. This could bump up your home value by $15,000! 


                        Contact a Waltham Realtor

                        Whether you want to make small simple upgrades to your home or fully dive in with solar panels, a few eco-friendly upgrades will definitely appeal to homebuyers that are looking to save on future energy costs. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Waltham, MA reach out to a Waltham Real Estate Agent today! Waltham Realtors have years of experience assisting buyers and sellers in getting the best deals. Contact Waltham Realtor, Hans Brings today by filling out a contact form or giving him a call at 617-968-0022.


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