What to Look For During a Final Walk-through

Before closing on your house in Waltham, it's important to have everything prepared for the day of your final walk-through. Even if you trust the person selling the home you should always be thorough in your examination. Here is a list of some items to bring to help you on your big day:

  • Camera to take video or images of any issues
  • Copy of the purchase agreement
  • Any written information regarding agreed-upon repairs
  • A phone charger to test electrical outlets

These items can help a lot when it comes to remembering agreements, repairs, and discovering issues you did not previously know of.


Check What Items Need to Be Moved in or Out

When walking through the Waltham home you are closing on, it's important to make sure all of the current homeowner's items are in order. Whether it is items the homeowner left accidentally or items listed in your agreement. You should make a list of items that are currently still in the home. This way you can inform the homeowner selling his Waltham home if they need to come back and grab more items or if they accidentally took an item that was agreed upon to stay in the home.

Inspect the Home for Agreed Repairs

All homes even in Waltham, MA can be in need of repairs. When doing your final walk-through it is important to have a list of any agreed-upon repairs. If the repairs have not been completed, then this is the time to bring the attention to the current homeowner before the sale of his Waltham house is finalized. It is also important to create a current list of newfound areas that need to be repaired that you may not have originally seen. From there you can discuss the best course of action with your Waltham, MA home realtor. This way all concerns can be addressed before the home sale is complete.


Inspect the Security of the Home

Your new home you are buying should feel safe as soon as you walk into it. By checking the locks, doors, and windows on the Waltham property you plan to purchase. You can save yourself a ton of time, stress, and worrying by inspecting the overall security of the home. If windows or doors are not opening and closing properly then that's a problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Especially if the locks are also not properly working on the windows and doors. This can be dangerous and therefore the current homeowner should help completely fix the problem.


Test Your Electrical Systems and Plumbing Fixtures

Electrical systems and plumbing fixtures can turn into a headache if not properly installed or running. That's why it is essential to test out everything during your final walk-through. Turn on faucets, showers, and bathtubs to determine if the plumbing is properly functioning. Then use a phone charger or appliances left in the home to test electrical outlets that may need work done to them. These are serious complications that should always be addressed before the sale of a home in Waltham.


Inspect the Home for Mold

Mold is very dangerous for you and your family, therefore a home should always be cleared of it before completing a sale. Check around common areas to see if there are any leaks that can or have promoted the growth of mold. Areas such as toilets, bathtubs, under sinks, and near faucets can promote mold growth because of the moisture they produce. If you do find mold then ask a professional Waltham Realtor like Hans Brings for the best advice.


Get the Proper Home Guidance in Waltham, Ma

Purchasing a home can be difficult without having the proper guidance. Thankfully putting your trust in a Waltham, MA real estate agent like Hans Brings can make life much easier. Hans Brings has worked to sell thousands of homes in the Waltham area whilst making the process as least complicated as possible. So if you are in the market to buy a home in Waltham and want someone you can trust contact Hans Brings today!


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    Homeowner Open House Tips

    Selling your Waltham, Massachusetts, home can be a stress-inducing experience. Even when
    you partner with a Waltham real estate agent like Hans Brings, homeowners may still need to do
    some work of their own to ensure that they are getting the best offers possible and that their
    home is off the market fast! Preparing for an open house is one of the tasks that may fall on a
    homeowner during the home-selling process in Waltham.

    The Importance of Open Houses


    An open house is the number one way for a buyer to experience and truly feel all your home
    . Everything from your yard, foundation, bathroom, and more will be under a watchful eye,
    and a seller who is well-prepared for their open house is far more likely to sell their home above
    market value.


    Ways to Prepare For Your Open House


    An open house is much more than just a gathering at your home. It is your best chance to
    attract potential buyers! When preparing your Waltham home for an open house, there are
    numerous steps to consider to ensure it looks its best.


    Deep Clean Your Home and Landscape


    Step one in preparing your home for an open house should come as no surprise- deep clean
    everything! A clean home is attractive and eye-catching, from your interior to the exterior and
    lawn. Even the smallest amount of dirt or clutter can leave potential buyers with a bitter taste
    after the showing.


    Make Yourself Invisible


    While much of the selling process is hands-on and requires your presence, your family, pets,
    and yourself should not be present on the day of the open house. By removing any family
    photos, pet supplies, children’s toys, etc., your home will be more appealing to buyers as it
    creates the appearance that the home has never been lived in or damaged, and they can be
    ready to move in ASAP!


    Work With a Waltham Real Estate Agent You Can Trust


    Having a parade of strangers entering your home and critiquing it can be a scary prospect for
    some sellers. Hiring a real estate agent that you know you can trust is a great way to mitigate
    any feelings of doubt
    . Hans Brings, Waltham’s best realtor, will help ensure your home is secure
    and taken care of during any showings while still being able to generate offers from buyers!


    Spread the Word!


    Your Waltham real estate agent will work dutifully to place proper signs, online listings, and more
    to let buyers know of your open house, but any additional buzz can go a long way! Don’t
    hesitate to let friends, colleagues, and neighbors know about your upcoming open house, as
    you never know who is in the market for a new home in Waltham. Any extra visitors to your
    open house can help improve the likelihood of a high offer!


    Contact Hans Brings


    The process of selling your Waltham, MA, home does not need to be complicated! Join the
    thousands of Waltham residents who have sold their homes with Hans Brings and see how
    Hans can simplify the process and remove any headaches as well. Contact Hans Brings today
    to get started!



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      What Makes a Home's Location "Good?"

      For overall quality of life, having a home in a well-known location like Waltham, MA, is essential, which matters a lot. This defines your living standards and preferences as well.

      Most people prefer to have homes where every facility related to their lives is available. This approach aids them in leading a happy and easy life.

      This guide will help you consider those factors that make a home' location good for living. These several key elements are as follows.

      Convenience and Accessibility

      Before looking for a home, searching for a location where all facilities are available is crucial. A prime location is better because schools, groceries, and healthcare facilities are easily accessible.

      Especially well-established roads and highways make traveling from one place to another more accessible. All these factors make you feel satisfied and relaxed.

      Security and Safety

      Life's security and safety is the top priority of every human being. Without this, you cannot live your life effectively and efficiently.

      You can feel secure and enjoy a sense of peace in a good location. Low crime rates, well-lit streets, and a well-kept neighborhood enhance a sense of safety.

      Green Spaces Nearby

      Access to green spaces like parks and nature trials allows you to relax and fosters a sense of peace.

      These parks and green areas suit healthy activities like jogging, walking, yoga, etc. A good location offers such kind of areas for its residents.

      Services and Infrastructure

      An essential component of an attractive site is a good infrastructure, which includes dependable utilities, effective waste management, and high-speed internet connectivity. Access to necessary services should be simple for residents to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

      Development and Growth

      The likelihood of growth and development can significantly impact how desirable a place is. Long-term value can be seen in areas where the transit system, commercial districts, and infrastructure are expected to improve.

      Less Environmental Hazards

      In general, finding a place without major environmental threats like landslide dangers, flood risks, or industrial pollutants is preferable. The security and welfare of the locals guarantee that they will always strive at their best to ensure relevant safety.

      Stunning Appeal

      A neighborhood's appeal is influenced by how it looks generally. Various factors, including clean surroundings, well-kept roadways, landscaping, and diverse building styles, control an appealing living environment.

      Resale Value

      For many homebuyers, investment potential is a factor. Regarding potential resale value, a location is frequently regarded as "good" if it has a proven track record of property value growth and steady demand.

      Purchase a Waltham, MA, Home With Hans Brings

      A combination of personal preferences, necessities, and characteristics that enhance a high quality of life ultimately define a home's "good" location. A successful site offers comfort, safety, accessibility to necessary services, and the chance for a happy and satisfying living, even though individual priorities may vary.

      Waltham’s beauty, safety, and high property values make it a highly desirable town for buyers year after year. Waltham is, without a doubt, a “good” location, but this can make navigating the real estate market tricky! Contact Hans Brings to purchase your dream home in Waltham.


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        Tips on Getting the Best Waltham Real Estate Deals

        Strategic planning, in-depth research, and skillful negotiating are necessary for securing the best real estate transactions. Navigating the best real estate deal is challenging and exciting, but you can accomplish your goal with the right approach.

        The suggestions in this guide will enable you to make knowledgeable selections, unearth untapped prospects, and eventually secure advantageous real estate agreements that provide great value when purchasing your new Waltham, MA, home. They range from strategic research and negotiation abilities to collaborating with skilled professionals like Hans Brings.

        Define your Goals and Criteria

        Before making any real estate deal, this is crucial that your goals and criteria be clear. This will help you highlight your preferences for the type of property you want.

        Factors may include budget, desired location, and other amenities you prioritize. You may make more informed selections and reduce your possibilities by having clearly defined criteria. 

        Market Research

        Researching the market in Waltham before getting into any kind of property deal is necessary. This will aid you in understanding the different prices of properties in other areas. 

        Examine recent transactions, property valuations, market trends, and inventory levels of your choice. With this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to spot good offers and negotiate successfully.

        Consult Knowledgeable Agent

        Consulting a serious, skilled, and professional agent like Hans Brings is your best bet when buying a home in Waltham. Hans Brings will sincerely guide you about different properties according to your preferences and budget.

        Check the track record of the agent you are going to hire for the guiding task. This will help you get your desired property without breaking the bank.

        Timing Flexibility

        Waltham’s real estate market can cycle, and timing can affect the available deals. Consider purchasing during off-peak times when there may be less competition, and sellers may be more receptive to offers.

        Obtain Pre-Approval for Financing

        Getting a mortgage pre-approval displays your commitment as a buyer. It gives you a clear picture of your spending power. Sellers are frequently more willing to bargain with ready-made purchasers.

        Negotiate Wisely

        Don't rush while buying property. Instead, it is essential to negotiate wisely. Effective negotiation can make a remarkable difference in your dealings.

        Be prepared to make realistic offers based on your analysis of recent sales in the area, your understanding of the property's value, and your research. 

        Purchase Your Waltham Home with Hans Brings

        It takes market expertise, negotiation prowess, and a clear understanding of your objectives to land the best real estate deals. Being proactive, patient, and well-prepared will put you in a position to identify and seize opportunities that support your goals and provide outstanding value.

        Even with great planning, working with an established Waltham real estate agent is the best way to secure the best deal possible on your next home. View our listings, and contact Hans Brings to start purchasing a Waltham home!


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          Tips for Buying Your First Waltham Home

          Buying your first home is a great moment. You're new to home buying, so the whole process
          can feel both exciting and unnerving, maybe even a little stressful. But don't worry; in this
          article, you will find out the dos and don’ts of home shopping in Waltham, MA. (You can call
          it home buying 101!)

          1. Check Your Pockets (Or Bank Accounts)

          First things first, figure out what you can realistically afford. When shopping for homes in
          Waltham, there's so much to see. But you shouldn't have to go broke to go home. Simply
          add together your income and expenses to create a sustainable budget. It's better to go in
          with a prepared budget; it'll help ground your fantasies in reality. Going house hunting
          without a budget could be quite dangerous, financially speaking.

          2. Get Pre-Approved for A Mortgage

          Once you have an idea of your price range on your new Waltham home, get pre-approved
          for a mortgage. A pre-approved mortgage gives you an idea of what you can afford, shows
          sellers like Hans Brings that you're a serious buyer, and give you an edge over competing
          buyers. While getting your pre-approval, make sure to compare rates from lenders to find the
          best one for you. Cheaper rates mean fewer expenses!

          3. Choose A Good Real Estate Agent, Like Hans Brings

          The real estate agent you choose will either make your search easy or stress you out. Get a
          real estate agent with expertise in buying and selling properties in Waltham and the
          surrounding neighborhoods you want to reside in for the smoothest experience. Make sure
          the agent is friendly, helpful, and trustworthy.

          4. Determine The Perfect Location

          This one's a no-brainer. The location of your house is something to consider seriously. When
          picking your first home, consider its proximity to your work, school, and amenities. Make
          sure the location has everything you need. It's even better to get a feel of the neighborhood
          before making an offer.

          5. Inspect The Property

          It's always better to check out the house you want to buy to catch any potential issues with
          the home that could become costly surprises later on. Get all that info before you decide to
          take it. Our rule is “Check it out before you go all out”.

          6. Don't Rush the Process

          Buying a home is not as simple as it may sound. It requires careful thought and should not
          be rushed. Check out as many options as you cash till you come across the one that checks
          all your boxes. Don't rush, trust your gut, and don't settle.

          Purchase Your First Waltham Home with Hans Brings

          Again, buying your first home in Waltham is a big deal! Getting the process right is important,
          so let's review it one last time. First, you must find a place that fits your needs and budget.
          Work with professionals who will make your search easier and guide you through the
          process. But most importantly, have fun with the search!
          We hope these tips help make the process a little less overwhelming. Good luck, and
          remember to contact Hans Brings to get started purchasing your first Waltham home.


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            Why Should I Move to Waltham from Boston?

            Boston is a highly desirable city for those interested in urban living. However, many former
            Boston residents begin to feel burnt out on life in the city and look to purchase a home in one of
            the beautiful suburbs of Boston like Waltham. This is thanks to Waltham’s close-knit community,
            the richness of activities, and the easy commute to Boston for work and leisure. If you are
            interested in settling down in the suburbs of Boston, consider purchasing a home in Waltham
            with Hans Brings, the best real estate agent in Waltham!

            Top-Rated Schools

            If you have children or are planning to have children, finding a town that boasts an excellent
            school system is very important. Luckily, Waltham has numerous properties on the real estate
            market that are within the town’s exceptional public school system, as well as close to numerous
            private school options as well. Where Boston public schools may fall short, Waltham
            homeowners experience some of the state’s top education.


            Easy City Commutes

            Even if you’re ready to ditch city life, chances are you will either still be employed by a company
            based in Boston, or visit periodically for a night out! Waltham’s close proximity to Boston makes
            it a popular town for home buyers who will still need to commute to their office daily, or simply
            don’t want to be too far removed from Boston’s excitement. A 30-minute drive or 25-minute train
            ride from Waltham leaves you in the heart of downtown Boston. The comfort of suburban living
            with access to the city makes Waltham a great option for those looking to purchase a home
            outside Boston.


            Stunning Nature

            Waltham houses numerous playgrounds, public parks, ponds, ice skating rinks, and more. The
            beauty and variety leave Waltham home buyers with plenty of recreation options right at their
            Destinations in Waltham including Hardy Pond, and Prospect Hill Park quickly become favorites
            for those looking to purchase a Waltham home.


            Purchase a Waltham Home with Hans Brings, Waltham’s Best Real Estate Agent

            With Waltham being such a popular destination for home buyers, it can be tricky finding the right
            home that fits your wants and needs. Rather than struggling to find your dream home in
            Waltham, work with Hans Brings, the best real estate agent in Waltham! With over 30 years of
            real estate experience, Hans Brings has cemented himself as a Waltham real estate expert with
            in-depth knowledge of the local market, and the results to show for it!
            If you are looking to buy or sell your Waltham, MA, home contact Hans Brings today or view our
            active listings.



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              Should I Rent or Buy a Home in Waltham?

              Purchasing a home is one of the most important financial decisions a person can make.
              However, the price tags, market terminology, mortgage rates, and more can leave potential
              buyers scratching their heads wondering if it is wiser for them to just continue renting instead. If
              you currently rent a home in Waltham or a surrounding area and are wondering if it is a better
              choice to purchase a home of your own, the answer is likely yes. This is especially the case
              when working with a Waltham realtor like Hans Brings that can help streamline the home buying
              process, getting you the best deal on your dream home in Waltham.

              The list of benefits that comes with owning a home is nearly endless. Families that own rather
              than rent report on average having children with higher education, increased annual income,
              and overall higher satisfaction than renters. This is simply scraping the surface of some of the
              social and psychological bonuses of home ownership, the financial incentives, perhaps, are the
              greatest reason you should consider purchasing a home in Waltham with Hans Brings.

              Stability in Housing Expenses

              If you’ve ever rented in the past you’ve likely received a notice from your landlord that if you
              decide to re-sign for another year, they will be increasing your monthly rent, often by a hefty
              sum! Instead of facing rent increases with vague explanations, owning a home means your
              scheduled mortgage payment will remain virtually unchanged until your mortgage payment is
              fully completed. Even if you see a hike in taxes, the mortgage increase will be slight.
              The period of inflation Waltham is facing means that renters are being put at a disadvantage,
              and paying more, while Waltham homeowners are seeing stability and saving money.

              Tax Benefits

              Homeownership also comes with some serious tax benefits. Those who purchase a home in
              Waltham with Hans Brings can take advantage of their new asset by deducting interest paid on
              their mortgage, as well as property tax from their federal income taxes. With this being the case
              purchasing a Waltham home can deliver significant savings when tax season comes!

              Your Own Equity

              Rather than passing off thousands of dollars to a landlord each month, owning a home in
              Waltham allows homeowners to gain one of the most valuable assets possible. As your
              mortgage is paid off and eventually, you pay off the principal, you are essentially creating a
              long-term savings account in the event that you finally decide to sell your Waltham home. Once
              your principal is paid and your home is sold, the profits go straight to you, rather than to a
              landlord or leasing company!

              Purchase a Home with Waltham’s Top Agent, Hans Brings

              If you are interested in making the switch from renting to owning your own home in Waltham,
              contact Hans Brings and see for yourself the freedom and financial benefits that come with
              home ownership. No matter your needs or budget, Hans Brings can help you purchase the
              home of your dreams!



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                Three Best Reasons to Sell Your Home in Waltham, Massachusetts in 2023

                Are you a homeowner in Waltham, Massachusetts, who is interested in the idea of selling your
                property? Waltham’s real estate trends throughout 2023 make now an exceptional time to get
                your house on the market and sold. Waltham’s wonderful schools, strong sense of community,
                and short distance to Boston make it a highly sought after location for Massachusetts home
                buyers, meaning it is a great seller’s market! Continue reading on below to learn some of the
                most common reasons Waltham homeowners are beginning to sell.


                1. Rising Property Values

                Waltham’s median property value has seen steady increases for numerous years, and we do
                not expect this increase to slow down anytime soon. The town’s proximity to Boston, great
                schools, strong economy and overall beauty make it a desirable market for all types of
                homeowners. This desirable market means now is a great time to sell if you are a Waltham
                homeowner, as you will see a great return on your investment.



                2. Strong Buyer Demand

                As stated before, Waltham is highly sought after for all types of homeowners! This strong desire
                has led to a bump in buyer demand in town, in turn driving up prices, creating a great market for
                Waltham sellers. With seven days being the median number of days to pending, it is safe to say
                that there is competition for buyers looking for their perfect Waltham property. Listing your
                Waltham home can see great financial gains, oftentimes with a quick turnaround!



                3. Changing Needs and Lifestyle

                Of course, one of the most practical reasons to sell your home is simply if it no longer fits your
                unique needs. Too small of a home can leave homeowners stressed and struggling to
                comfortably go about their days. On the contrary, owning a home that is much larger than your
                needs can leave homeowners paying high monthly bills despite using little of their home’s
                overall square footage. Whether you’re a Waltham homeowner expecting a baby, or have kids
                leaving for college there are numerous reasons why your home no longer fits your needs.
                Rather than feeling stuck in a home that is not right for you, selling your Waltham home in favor
                of a more suitable property is often the best approach. Selling your Waltham home means
                homeowners can instead find the property that is perfect for them, while also seeing financial



                Sell Your Waltham Home with Hans Brings

                The current real estate market in Waltham makes it a great time to consider selling your
                Waltham home! The years-long climb in property values, high demand from buyers, and overall
                desirability of Waltham mean homeowners can expect high profitability on their sales.
                Of course, having a trustworthy, and knowledgeable Waltham realtor like Hans Brings can help
                ensure you get the most out of your sale as well! For years, Hans has helped Waltham
                homeowners seamlessly sell their homes. Contact Hans Brings today to get started.



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                  What Makes A Good Real Estate Agent?

                  Whether you’re an experienced or a first-time buyer or a seller, buying or selling a home may be a
                  difficult and even stressful experience. The good news is that you are not alone in this.
                  Real estate agents can be a great addition to your property-related needs as they bring a lot to the table.
                  The right professionals can help you with everything from property hunting to contract signing.
                  You want to work with a professional who will advocate for you, sell your property for an ideal price, and
                  assist you in finding the appropriate homes at the best price. But what qualities should a real estate
                  salesperson have?

                  A great real estate agent is approachable, knowledgeable, dependable, and possesses the necessary
                  tools and resources.

                  What Makes A Good Real Estate Agent?

                  Below are some of the main qualities that every good real estate agent should have:


                  1. Trustworthiness

                  Trustworthiness is critical when choosing a real estate agent or other service provider. You’re trusting this
                  person with one of your most important financial decisions—and having someone dependable matters.
                  A trustworthy real estate agent will not pressure you into deciding or investing in a real estate property
                  that is not in your best interests. Instead, they will be upfront and honest with you about the
                  transaction’s positive and bad aspects. They will also be straightforward and honest about their prices
                  and commissions, which will help to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.



                  2. Capabilities in Communication

                  An agent that doesn’t communicate properly will be a problem for the property buyers and sellers. You
                  need a real estate agent who will keep you updated on your purchase or sale status because the real
                  estate market is so competitive. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time on opportunities that are unlikely
                  to succeed.



                  3. Client-Motivated

                  The agent benefits when the consumer succeeds in real estate. It’s why selecting an agent who
                  prioritizes their vendors is a must. The client’s demands should always come first for a professional
                  agent. The realtor must ensure the customer feels supported and satisfied because buying and selling a
                  home can be difficult.



                  4. Attention to Details

                  Meticulous attention to detail is crucial for real estate agents. A good real estate agent pays close
                  attention to the particular requirements of each of their clients. Look for a realtor that is well-organized,
                  follows up with leads, communicates clearly, and pays attention to the client’s demands.




                  Trust Hans Brings to Help List or Purchase Your Waltham Home

                  The right real estate professional provides property owners with a great advantage over the competition.
                  Whether you are buying or selling a home in Waltham, Hans Brings has the knowledge and experience to
                  make the process as seamless as possible, landing buyers in the home they’ve dreamed of, and sellers
                  with more money than they imagined in their pockets. Contact our team and view our active listings


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                    Why You Should Schedule an Inspection Before Buying a Waltham Home

                    Why You Should Schedule an Inspection Before Buying a Waltham Home

                    When you are ready to purchase a home, you have the right to complete many different types of inspections of the potential home before officially purchasing.  A home inspection is actually one of the most common contract contingencies for home buyers.  Whether you have purchased five homes in your life or it is going to be your first one, a home inspection is always highly recommended. 


                    There are many reasons that home inspection contingencies are one of the most commonly seen contingencies in purchase and sale contracts in real estate.  Here are many of the reasons why you should schedule a home inspection before purchasing a Waltham home:

                    Peace of Mind

                    Your home is one of the biggest if not the biggest investments you will make in your life.  The costs of purchasing a home are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.  One of the most important reasons to have a home inspection when purchasing a home is peace of mind.

                      The primary purpose of a home inspection is to make sure that the home is safe and solid.  By waiving a home inspection you are creating unnecessary anxiety and stress for yourself.  A good idea, for your next home inspection, is to take notes while the walkthrough is performed and to keep your Waltham realtor in the loop for any necessary advice moving forward. 

                    Uncover Safety Issues

                    When it comes to home inspections it is very common for home inspectors to find something wrong with every house.  Some issues may obviously be more serious for safety concerns than others.  Some of the more common issues found on inspections are improper electrical wiring, worn roofing, and plumbing deficiencies.  The main purpose of a home inspection is not to pick every piece of the home apart but to ensure it is a safe and livable place for you and your family. 

                    Pest & Incest Problems

                    Pests and insect infections can end up destroying a home.  Depending on the location, the likelihood of having a pest or insect problem will vary.  There are many different types of pest inspections that can cause damage to the structure of your home, such as termites.  The good news is that some home inspections do include pest and insect inspections.  Be sure to ask your Waltham real estate agent if they can recommend a good inspector for your home and pest inspections.

                    Structural Issues

                    One of the biggest concerns that are often brought up during a house inspection is the idea of structural issues.  The structure of your home is the most important aspect when it comes to keeping you and your home safe.  Structural issues can end up costing you thousands of dollars if discovered, with a home inspection you may be lucky enough to avoid all of that.  When choosing your home inspector it is important to know that some of them carry professional engineering degrees to help spot such inconsistencies. 

                    Price Negotiation

                    First and foremost, the purpose of a home inspection contingency is not to get a better price on a home because of minor issues found during a home inspection.  However, major issues are a different story and may be appropriate to renegotiate.  Your Waltham real estate agent will be able to help you navigate the original contract and make the necessary changes needed. 

                    Contact Hans Today!

                    When the time is right during the buying process and you are ready for a home inspection, it is vital to not take it lightly.  Once you are this far along in the process you can still utilize the full capability of your Waltham realtor.  Hans is here to walk you through each step of the process till the end.  Contact Hans directly today by calling him at 781-891-9993 or by filling out a contact form on the website!


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