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How to Know You're Ready to Stop Renting and Ready to Buy a House

Renting offers a lot of flexibility - you can move mostly whenever you want, and you don’t have to carry around a mortgage payment. However, many people who rent look forward to eventually buying a home. Do you think you are ready to settle down and purchase a home? Here are a few reasons why you might be ready to become a homeowner. If you find that some or all of these reasons resonate with you, it is probably time to start talking to a Waltham Real Estate Agent so that you can start looking for your dream Waltham home! 


1. Your rent keeps increasing

In many areas of the country, rent continues to rise every year. It can be extremely frustrating to have your rent increase each year because it’s not guaranteed that your pay increases as well, leading you to not be able to accurately plan your finances and save as much money. Waltham Realtors suggest if you’re tired of your rent constantly increasing it might be time for you to start searching for a home. 

2. Interest rates are incredibly attractive

One reason many people decide to stop renting and to buy a home is when money is cheap. When interest rates and mortgages are in your price range, you sometimes cannot give up the opportunity you have right in front of you! Waltham Realtors know first-hand that interest rates don’t stay low forever, so if they’re low and it makes sense for you then it might be time to buy that Waltham home you have been dying for!  

3. You manage debt well

How you manage your debt is especially important when it comes time to buy a home. Lenders take a close look at the amount of debt you have and how you manage it. Waltham Real Estate Agents recommend paying down your credit cards before you start the process of searching for a home. You don’t have to pay them off fully but consider paying them down enough so that you can appeal to lenders. 

4. You just got married 

One of the most common reasons people go from renting to buying is when a significant life change happens, like getting married. When two people settle down together, they are usually ready to take the next step and purchase a home. 

5. You need room to grow a family

Having more room and storage space is a huge reason for purchasing a home. If people do not purchase a home when they get married, it’s usually once they start to have children and grow a family. Purchasing a home for your family can offer many benefits. You’ll have more rooms and storage as well as a backyard for your kids to play in. Waltham, MA has some beautiful homes with all the right amenities for young families and Waltham Realtors are here to help you find the perfect home! 


Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent 

As mentioned above, Waltham is a great place to buy your first home. Waltham, MA offers great neighborhoods, convenient commuter access, tasty restaurants, nearby attractions, and more. If you’re ready to make the move from renting to buying in Waltham, MA contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent. They will be sure to walk you through every step of the process so that you’re comfortable every step of the way.


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    6 Of The Best Home Staging Tips

    Home staging is important when it comes to selling your home. You want your home to look its best for the potential buyers so that people will be interested and you’ll receive more offers. If you don’t know exactly what home staging is, it’s a way of decorating your home to highlight it’s most impressive features and assets in order to help buyers envision that as their home. Waltham Realtors encourage sellers to put some time and effort into this as it’s known to be effective when selling a home. When a home is staged before a showing, it helps buyers feel more comfortable and be able to picture their belongings in there. Here are 6 tips to follow when staging a home to help your home sell faster and for more money. 


    1. Stage Where it Counts

    It’s not necessary to stage all the rooms in your home. You want to focus on staging the rooms that have the biggest influence on buyers’ decisions says a Waltham Real Estate Agent. The rooms you should focus on staging are the living rooms, kitchen, and master bedroom. These rooms have a huge influence on if a person is going to buy your house or not. Don’t waste time and energy staging less influential rooms such as bathrooms and other bedrooms. 


    2. De-personalize the space

    The main goal of home staging is to help potential buyers picture themselves living in your home. In order to do this, you’ll want to somewhat de-personalize the space. Of course, you want space to still have style but Waltham Realtors suggest avoiding personal touches so that people have an easier time envisioning the space as their own.  That said, leaving out some family photos can be good to make a home feel more welcoming.


    3. Get rid of clutter

    By getting rid of clutter you make your home look bigger and much tidier. Waltham Realtors also suggest to de-clutter your closets as well. When buyers are touring your home they are going to look in closets to see how much closet space there is. By having neat, organized, and put together closets it will show the buyer all the storage room they will have. The less clutter in your home the bigger it will look and the more appealing it will be to buyers. 


    4.Clean, clean, clean!

    Cleaning your home top to bottom is extremely important! You want every inch of your home to shine. Nothing is more appealing to buyers than a clean home. A clean home will suggest to the buyers that you took great care of the property. 


    5. Light up your home

    No one loves a dark home or darkroom. Brighten up your home by letting as much light shine through as possible, open all of the blinds and shades! Waltham Realtors suggest that adding more light to rooms also helps the rooms seem bigger. Before a showing, you should also turn all the lights in your house on including lamps and closet lights. 


    6. Rearrange the furniture 

    Rearrange the furniture in your home to make as much open, walkable space as possible. This helps buyers both navigate the space and better visualize their own furniture in the home. If you have extra furniture that may be damaged or too unique and personalized, consider moving it to storage for the time being. 


    Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent

    Staging a home does not require a ton of money but it does require smart decisions. A Waltham Realtor will be able to help you stage your home and make changes that will entice buyers and add value to your home. Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent today if you’re looking to sell your Waltham home and need professional help in doing so! 


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