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How To Prepare For A Home Inspection

While many home sellers are preparing for their move, they often overlook the home inspection process. It’s not uncommon for a home buyer to undergo an inspection, helping them to gage a better understanding of any issues they may be facing down the road.

Home sellers should remedy any issues the property is facing such as dirty gutters, failing mortar, dirty cooling filters, etc. I have provided a list of simple tasks for home sellers looking to thoroughly prepare for their home’s inspection.

Checking the Exterior of the Home

  • Mulch should be at least six inches from the clearance
  • Downspouts & sump pumps must be set away from the home
  • Roots, trees, & bushes should not be near the windows, doors or chimney
  • Repair damaged siding & trim
  • Fix caulk surrounding doors & windows
  • Exterior doors & door knobs should be working properly

Checking the Roof

  • Remove debris from the roof with broom (use pressure water if necessary)
  • Repair the roof if damaged & avoid caulking
  • Repair rust or sagging from gutters; clean out gutters

Checking the Garage

  • Make sure garage door is fully functional
  • Garage door should reverse against pressure
  • If you have a self-closing door to the interior, the door should close and seal by itself

Checking the Kitchen & Bathrooms

  • Repair leaks under the sinks
  • Check for any damage to the floor surrounding toilets and tubs
  • Fixtures and appliances should be functioning correctly

Checking the Plumbing

  • Fix leaks or damage to the water heater
  • Plumbing leaks in the crawlspace should be fixed
  • The water heater pilot light should be on

If you are ready to sell your Waltham house or property in the surrounding towns, give me a call at 617.968.0022. I have made myself available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to assist home sellers with their real estate needs.

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