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Should You Rent or Buy a Home In Waltham?

One of the most asked questions today is whether it is better to buy or rent a home. At the end of the day, the answer is based on your needs and what best fits your current position. However, this article will go in-depth on what to take into consideration when deciding to rent or buy in Waltham, MA.


How long do you plan to stay

A huge question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you plan to stay long-term in your new property. Waltham, MA, is a beautiful area with gorgeous properties for residents to choose from. However, some individuals may not be looking to stay in their new home for many years. One of the best pieces of advice when deciding between renting and buying is to look at your future. If you can see yourself staying in the Waltham, MA area for more than 5 years then it may be more worth it to purchase a house. Renting would suit you better if you believe you’d only stay in the area for around 2 or so years.


Waltham Renting Responsibilities

It's important to take into account the differences in responsibilities when renting or buying a home. When you purchase a home, you then become liable for its maintenance costs and property taxes. If anything were to go wrong or need repair in the Waltham, MA, home then it is your responsibility to fix it. But, when you rent a property most of the worrying and responsibilities are already taken care of. You instead place most responsibility on your landlords, especially if utilities are already included in the rent. This can make renting seem like the more viable option if you don't have time to take on more responsibility.


Waltham Property Investment 

It may cost more to buy and own a Waltham, MA, home rather than renting one. However, you can view the home as an investment opportunity for your future self. With Waltham, MA, being such a great place to live and start a family it's no wonder its homes continue to increase in price. Most likely your home value will increase, therefore creating a better investment. On the other hand, renting in Waltham, MA, is not considered an investment. You do not own the home and instead, you take on less responsibility and gain no investment.


Get a Waltham, MA, Real Estate Agent

One of the best people to ask about renting or buying a property is a real estate agent. They can help guide you to what option is best suited for you and your financial situation. If you need help finding a property to rent or buy in Waltham, MA, then contact Hans Brings today! We have serviced the residents of Waltham, MA, for years providing them with potential homes and advice.


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The Benefits of Working with a Waltham, MA, Realtor

If you’re currently looking to buy or rent a property in Waltham, MA then a realtor is just what you need. You can get all your questions answered whilst viewing some of the best properties Massachusetts has to offer. Your realtor will make the process simpler for you so that you can move into your new home as quickly as possible. Listed below are important benefits you gain when you decide to partner with a Waltham, MA, Realtor.


Professional Advice and Strategies

It’s hard to know exactly what to do and what steps to follow when looking for a home. If you’re a first-time home buyer then everything is even more confusing. Rather than guessing about your next course of action, you should consider hiring a real estate agent. Having a knowledgeable Waltham, Realtor helping you throughout the process will save you countless headaches. Everything will feel more simplified and you’ll already have a set plan that your realtor created. That way you can get rid of all the guessing work that may occur when looking for a Waltham, MA, home.


Variety of Property Selections

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect home for you. If you work all day then it can feel nearly impossible to find enough time to view homes in your style and price range. That's where a Realtor comes in handy. A quality Waltham, MA, realtor will be able to find you homes that match your needs the best. Rather than spending hours searching you can receive a strong list of potential housing options. Therefore, you can continue working and not have to worry about finding your next dream home, your realtor will take care of it for you!



When buying a new Waltham, MA, home there are a lot of deadlines and punctuality involved in the process. Being forgetful can cost you your dream home. This is why having a Waltham, MA, realtor around to remind you of any upcoming dates is nearly essential. It gives you the added relief that you are not forgetting any important events or dates. Your realtor will be on top of everything so that they can remind you ahead of time.


Contact a Waltham, MA, Realtor Today!

All the listed traits above belong to the best Realtors in Waltham. A professional realtor will help find your exact taste and make adjustments according to your needs. For the best Waltham, MA realtor contact Hans Brings today! He’s helped numerous residents find their dream homes in the Waltham, MA, area!


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5 Strategies to Create a Bidding War on your Property







Having a bidding war on your home is something that makes home sellers ecstatic. Having a bidding war on your home comes with many benefits when it comes to selling, the obvious reason being getting more money for your property. Other benefits include having more leverage with terms of the sale like dictating deposit amounts, dates, etc. Here are 5 strategies a Waltham Realtor suggests to create a bidding war on your property.


Price it right

Pricing your home at the right amount or even a little less is more likely to bring in a lot of buyers. If people know they are not the only ones interested in your home, they will automatically become competitive and most likely raise their offer to beat out others. Everyone wants what other people want, so it’s only natural for people’s competitive side to come out. Pricing your property right means pricing it in accordance to what similar homes have recently sold for in the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. It is not recommended to price your home higher just because of one feature that you believe is good enough to do so. Some people may not agree, and you could suffer in selling your home because of it.


List in the winter

It is possible to create a bidding war on your property at any time of the year, but Waltham Real Estate agents suggest you can add even more to your chance if you list in the winter. In the winter and early spring, inventory is lower than in the summer and fall. Because of this, when buyers have less to choose from in the winter and early spring, they tend to bid more money on properties that they like knowing that others are also interested in those properties. Bidding wars slowdown in the summer because there are more properties up for sale.


Market more than others

There is more to marketing your home than just putting it on MLS. Top real estate agents have special agreements with the top websites like Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, etc. They make sure their listings come up at the top of these websites when people are searching. Although most agents have access to these websites, they don’t always take advantage of them. Taking advantage of these websites is crucial if you want to market your property better than others.


High-quality photos and videos

In addition to marketing your property on these websites, Waltham real estate top sellers recommend to post high-quality photos and maybe even videos to social media. Don’t just post these on your personal page and leave it for just your followers. You want to boost your posts and target them to the right audience so that you put the listing in front of people who are actually looking and are more likely to buy.

Hire an experienced Waltham real estate agent


Hire experience.

An experienced real estate agent will know exactly how to negotiate and find the best buyer that will pay the highest price possible. This is very important when selling a property because you need an expert to guide and help you through the selling process to make sure you get the best outcome possible. Having an experienced Waltham Realtor will keep you on the right track.


If you are looking to buy or sell a house in or around Waltham, MA be sure to contact Hans Brings!


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