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Advantages of Hiring a Local Real Estate Agent

(As Featured on Waltham Patch)

If you are buying or selling a home in a specific area, choosing to work with a local real estate agent can pay off big time. Local agents can help you secure a much better deal and can make your entire real estate transaction move more quickly. More specifically, working with an agent who is familiar with the local area can provide you with these three advantages:

Knowledge of the Area
Local agents will know the most about the area that you are planning to buy or sell in. With a local agent, you shouldn't have to wait for them to look up every single thing about the area. They should know their area inside and out, which can make everything move more quickly. A local agent will know the best neighborhoods, schools, and amenities close by if you are buying. They will also know the average market price and trends of the area if you are selling. A local agent will always have valuable information at their fingertips for their clients.

More Availability
If you are using a local agent to help sell your home, they will be able to physically meet up with you more often. This will also make it easier for your agent to assist you in presenting your home for sale. If you are buying, a local agent will be able to schedule showings for you and get you in to see homes more quickly. Meeting up with an agent rather than just exchanging phone calls and emails can make it easier to communicate what you need and can help avoid confusion.

Following Up
Local agents may be more likely to keep in touch with you after your transaction is complete. If you need anything more from the agent, they will be close by to assist you. Local agents may also provide closing gifts, or show some sort of client appreciation because they really care about the specific area that they are servicing. With a local agent, you won't have to worry about them vanishing the second that everything is finalized.

Great Network 
Local Agents know the other agents in town that they may feel more comfortable working with if you have an offer on their listing. Local agents also know great local contractors and other good contacts that could help you with your home during and after the sales process.

 Buying or selling a home is much more than just a real estate transaction. Before you choose who you want to represent you, make sure that you are considering all of your options. Look up local real estate agents that specialize in the area that you want to buy or sell in. A local agent may be your best bet when it comes to your home buying or selling experience.

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    1. Baltimore House Buyers on

      Great and valuable information.This post is must read for homeowners, who wants to sell their home quickly at best price. Thanks for sharing the post!!
      • Jade Brunet on

        I am glad to know that local real estate agents are likely to keep in touch with you after your transaction is complete. It would be nice to know that they are there to assist you if you need any additional help. It would be good to speak with past clients of the realtor to hear about their experiences with the professional.
        • Sariah Meagle on

          Soon, I will buy my first house, and I think a real estate agent who has knowledge of the area like you say is a great idea to know if the new home will be a good fit with me. I do think that having a great network as you mentioned will help me broaden my options in choosing the best location for me to live in. When I finally get a house, I like to be sure that everything goes as planned so a person who is guaranteed to follow me up as you mentioned could serve as a reason why I should be secure with my purchase.
          • Chris Arnold on

            Local estate agents know the property well as the other estate agents according to my experience as a client. To make a good property deal in Mayfield, one can hire local estate agents like Chris Arnold Real Estate Mayfield.
            • Levi Armstrong on

              Hans, it's great that you said I should hire a local real estate lawyer because they know the area better and could easily help you find a great neighborhood fit for your family. My husband and I plan on moving to another city by September since he just accepted a job offer there. We need to find a new home for our family soon, so I'll follow your advice and start looking for a local real estate agent. Thanks.