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Get Your Home Market Ready with these Easy Tips

(As Featured on the Waltham Patch)

There are a few helpful tips that you can do that will put your house at the top of every buyer's list. A little preparation coupled with a great broker who knows the market will ensure your house is sold in record time. 

Here are a few tips to make your house irresistible to potential buyers: 
Curb appeal - First impressions mean a lot! When the buyer pulls up to the house, you want your yard to be tidy and sharp. This means no weeds, the lawn is mowed and trimmed and there are no toys or other clutter. A well maintained yard shows pride of ownership and that the house will follow suit. 

Garages/carports – make sure these are clean, tidy and well organized. If you can park your cars somewhere else that would be ideal. This allows the buyers to visualize the garage as if it were their own. 
Pets – While pretty much everybody loves pets, remember you are showing the house not the dog! Keep your pets away, so the focus is on the house. Also, some people may be nervous around animals. 

Bright and Cheery! Make sure your home is well-lit. Open all curtains and blinds to take advantage of all natural light. Dark and dreary is the enemy. A well-lit house is inviting and happy. 

Closets! – Make sure your closets are clean and organized. This is a good opportunity to get rid of stuff you no longer use. Keeping your closets lean and clean emphasizes potential storage space for the buyer. 

Upgrade in moderation – Upgrades are nice, but too many may give the impression you may be trying to hide something. The money you spend on upgrades may not necessarily reflect in the selling price either. 

However, if you do any upgrades, the kitchen is king! The kitchen is the heart of every home and can be the one room that will make or break a sale. It is so important that your kitchen is clean, functional and inviting. 

Last, but not least – Family photos are fine as they can make a home feel more welcoming and inviting, but you don't want to have too many either. Less is Best. It is important to keep things neutral, so they feel like it is their house. 

Ask your Real Estate professional how these and other ideas can get your house ready to list! 

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