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How To Sell Your Waltham Home When You Have Pets

While there’s no better feeling than coming home to your furry friend’s tail wagging or having your precious kitten nuzzle up to you, pets can be a setback for home buyers in Waltham. It’s critical to remove any trace of your pets from the home especially if you have an open house coming up. The focus should be on the beautiful interior and exterior of your home, not the constant barking from the dog or strands of cat hair covering the rug.

Make Sure You Have Insurance

Even if you have a well-trained pet, you should play it safe by making sure you have insurance. If you do decide to keep your pet around and it accidentally bites someone, you could get in some serious trouble. Look at your homeowner’s insurance to see if it covers these types of occurrences.

Clean Up Your Yard

Your yard should be as well-maintained as possible so make sure to clean up after your pet. Potential home buyers in Waltham will be attracted to a bright green yard, not one that has yellow stains in some areas.

Remove Any Odor

It can be difficult to notice any smell from your pet lurking in the home but those walking in will notice a different scent. Moving the litter box is important but you need to do a deep cleaning of the rugs and hardwood. Use a bacteria-eating pet odor to permanently remove signs of your pet. 

Vacuum The Pet Hair

Pet hair should be completely removed from the home as potential home buyers in Waltham may have pet allergies. 

Hide Pet Toys & Accessories

Since you don’t want Waltham home buyers to know you have pets, it’s important to store away all the pet beds, leashes, toys, etc.

Have Someone Take Care Of The Pet

If you have a friend or relative nearby, see if they can take care of your pet. If you have a dog and no one to take care of it, put it in a crate in a specific area of the house. If your dog is constantly barking, you’ll want to bring it to a doggy daycare so your home is pet-free.

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