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Tips For First-Time Home Sellers

Even though selling a home is a much different process than buying a home, both can be tricky and overwhelming for residents doing so for the first time. Not fully understanding the process, sellers could end up selling their home to unqualified buyers not willing to pay the best price. I provided some tips for first-time sellers that will make the selling process stress-free.

Need The Right Agent

Choosing the right agent makes a Difference.  Please make sure that your agent has a great reputation and is very knowledgeable of your local market.  Your listing agent's name recognition in your area is also very important as it will help you get more exposure for your home and therefore get a better price for it. This agent needs to know the market inside and out to help you sell at the proper value of your home.

Ready To Sell

Before embarking on the selling journey, you need to be ready to sell your home. Many first-time sellers think they are ready to sell their home when they are still attached. Some signs of being too attached is setting an unrealistic price tag for their home. Making the first impression is the most important factor in life and with selling a house. Make sure to have good quality pictures that show the house is in good condition.  

If you resist your agents price range for your home, then the number of days on the market (DOM) can increase which could be detrimental in the long run. As buyers looking for homes on the market will question why the house has not been bought yet. To avoid this, make sure you talk with your agent on the best price as well as getting a good portfolio of quality pictures on the listing site.

Agents Over Brokerage

When selling a house, it is always good to go with a well-known brokerage as it can increase your probability of selling your home. No matter what brokerage you decide to go with, the agent you choose is the person you will be in contact with throughout the selling process. Make sure you choose an agent that you trust completely and have a good repertoire with. That way you know they will do a good job no matter what brokerage they are affiliated with. Buyers will recognize the brokerage on your listed house, but it is the agent who will sell the home to those buyers. 

If You Get An Offer, Move Swiftly

Once you get an offer that meets you and your agent’s specifications, the window to closing the deal starts to close.  Many people do not realize the time it takes to list, sell and close a home, as different markets are quicker than others. Makes sure you know everything in your market so you can plan properly before you put a listing for your home. Your agent will inform you if the market you are listing in is fast moving or not. This should give you enough time to plan properly so you are not left selling a home without a place to go.

I recommend to plan everything in advance to contacting a great local agent. That way you have a place in mind to go for once the house is sold, you know how fast the market moves and that you are completely ready to sell. 

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