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Tips on How to Downsize Your Home

Whether you’re looking to downsize your home because the kids have grown up and moved out or you’re a renter with a two-bedroom ready to transition into a studio, downsizing takes some serious planning. You must consider where you are going to move, what to do with your valuables, the benefits of downsizing, etc.

Make Note of Items You Can Do Without

When you make a list of items you can’t live without, it’ll be much easier to see what should be thrown out.

Start Discarding Items Three Months Prior to Moving

Take a little bit of time out of each day to go through your coat closet, filing cabinet, kitchen drawers, or bureau to remove any unwanted items. Paper surprisingly is a real time-killer so through it one box at a time.

Label Your Bins & Boxes

Keep between one-third to one-half of your belongings and label your bins and boxes with “to keep,” “to sell,” and “to be donated.”

Prearrange Your Furniture

Sketch in a furniture layout prior to your move. If you have to cram side tables, armoires and chairs into your new place, this can become very problematic.

So, What are the Benefits of Downsizing My Home?

Below are several benefits for those considering downsizing their home.

  •  You won’t need to clean a big house anymore
  • Less cooling & heating required which means less expensive utility bills
  • Less yardwork
  • You might not have a mortgage on your new home if you have money left over from the sale of your home
  • Expendable income which means more money for daily purchases and traveling

Both selling and buying a home can be overwhelming but when you hire an experience real estate agent, you’ll be relieved to find out how simple it can be! Once you move into your new home and find that cleaning and doing housework is much easier, you’ll be thrilled that you downsized. If you need assistance buying or selling a home in Waltham or the surrounding towns, call me at 617.968.0022.

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