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Five Mistakes to Avoid for First Time Home Buyers Part 1

If you’re a first-time home buyer, buying a house can be an overwhelming process. With an agent by your side, you will have amazing knowledge of the community and real estate market to help guide you to your dream home. Realtors can help immensely when you are buying a house in Waltham, MA as there are many amazing homes to choose from. Below are five common first-time home buyer mistakes to try to avoid when looking for a home to buy in Waltham, MA.

  1. Getting Emotionally Attached – Getting emotionally attached to one house is not best practice when house hunting. This is because there will be more aggressive buyers, and there are a lot of houses to choose from. If your first choice doesn’t work out, it is always good to have a few houses you are optimistic about.
  2. Finding The Home Yourself – Relying solely on your own research when buying a home in Waltham, MA is another mistake to avoid. Think of it like you are giving yourself a self-diagnosis, you aren’t the expert so you could be looking at houses that may look good online but not in person. An established real estate agent can help find you the best homes in Waltham, MA as well as finding homes that may not be on the market. The agent can also tell you anything and everything about the home in question to make your search easier.
  3. Go Directly To The Listing Agent – If you are thinking of going to a listing agent when you buy a house in Waltham, MA you may want to consider otherwise. This is because they represent the seller and not you. Knowing this, the agent may not always look for what fits your needs because they are focusing on making the sale for the seller.
  4. Assuming You Have No Rules To Follow – One of the benefits of owning your home is the feeling of freedom, freedom from getting out of someone else’s roof and having a place of your own. However, some homes do have deed restrictions that come with conditions you need to abide by. Make sure to check with your agent to see if the home in question has any deed restrictions. If so, get a copy and read them to see if there are any pet restrictions, if the neighbors are paying assessments and more.
  5. Not Saving Enough – Finally closing on a house but not having enough money saved up is a horrible a feeling. Make sure to save up more than just the down payment. Realtors advise having about two to three months’ worth of mortgage payments saved up in addition to your down payment. In addition to house payments, you want to make sure you save up enough money for appliances, tools, and other necessities you will need after buying your new home in Waltham, MA.


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