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Selling Your House? Stand out from the Crowd!

It's no secret that it's a seller's market these days. Housing inventory is low, and buyers are hungry. But how do you stand out from the house for sale down the street? Here are a few tips to help position you to sell quickly and get the price you want. It's no secret that it all starts with the right Realtor®. Choosing a Waltham Realtor® who has a proven track record of success and understand Waltham intimately is a must. They will be your expert guide from start to finish and will have the resources to deliver the best results.

Bringing out the best in your home! We all know that Waltham is a great place to live, so it is important that we really highlight the best features your home has to offer. Whether it's a gourmet kitchen, detailed woodwork or a huge yard, make sure you let buyers know what makes your home special.

Make sure you have a current market evaluation from your Waltham Realtor that accurately reflects the latest 'comps' (what houses like yours in your neighborhood are selling for.) Pricing your home correctly can affect the length of time your home stays on the market and become stale, or even worse, leave money on the table and not get what it's worth. Your Realtor can help make sure your appraisal is current and valid.

You may want to consider staging. What is staging, you ask. Staging allows your home to look its best in the buyer's eye. They will arrange your furniture, add or remove décor and create a welcoming environment where potential buyers can picture themselves living there. Ask your Realtor® about staging. He will be able to recommend a great staging service or assist you in staging with items in your own home. Staging can be a real difference maker.

You never know when you will strike gold. Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to showings and open house. It is vital that you work hand in hand with your Realtor to ensure your home can be ready to show at a moment's notice.

Keep all important paperwork together. Make sure you have all warranties and owner's manual for appliances, climate control systems and any other major systems that are part of the home. This shows potential buyers that you are organized and have taken good care of the home.

Be ready to move fast on offers. Your Realtor® will be instrumental in advising you on what a reasonable offer is. Even though it is a hot market, don't delude yourself into a price that just isn't feasible. You should try to respond to all offers within 12 hours.

Getting your home sold quickly for a great price can go smoothly if you follow these steps and work with a great Waltham Realtor®.

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