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6 Reasons to Sell in the Winter

Looking to sell your home in Waltham, MA and get away from the cold of Massachusetts? While the most popular times for the real estate market typically are spring and summer, winter can be a great time to sell your home. With the help of a trusted Waltham Realtor, like Hans Brings, you can sell your Waltham home in no time his winter. Here are six great reasons why winter might be the best time to sell your home.

  1. Low Inventory Equals Less Competition

Winter months equal lower inventory and fewer people selling homes. Low inventory means that you’ll have less competition and you’ll probably be able to sell your home for a higher price. A good real estate agent will be able to find the people who are buying homes this time of year and get you top dollar for your home.

  1. Show your Home’s Winter-Hardiness

Winter can be brutal. The cold, the snow, the long nights. A Waltham realtor knows that the best time to show home is in the winter. This allows plenty of opportunities to show off how well the home does in the cold winter months.

  1. New Parents Need a larger Living Space

August and September are the most common months for new babies to be born. These new parents will quickly learn that their little apartment is no longer large enough to support their growing family. These parents will be buying homes quickly over the winter months.

  1. The More Serious Buyers Come Out in the Winter

Summer tends to bring out a lot of window shoppers. People will take a tour of a lot of homes with the thought that they may someday buy a home in Waltham, MA. However, the people that are looking at homes in the dead of winter are serious buyers that are ready to make a purchase. If they weren’t ready, they wouldn’t be braving the elements and the harsh winter to look at homes. They’d simply wait until summer and join all the other window shoppers.

  1. People Have Money to Burn

Yearend bonuses and payouts typically come right at the end of the year. Which means people will have money to burn and ready to put a down payment on the house of their dreams. The Waltham real estate market will be ripe for people who are willing to brave the elements and sell their home in the winter.

  1. Job Relocation

January and February are the two months which see the largest amount of corporate relocation. These people are switching careers and will need to find homes quickly, so they don’t have time to wait until the weather breaks. List your home in the winter to capture these people who are ready to buy homes and sell your home quickly and for more money.

If you are interested in selling your Waltham home this winter and need some assistance, please contact Waltham Realtor Hans Brings for more information!

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