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6 Tips For Selling Your Home During the Rainy Season

Don’t let the rain ruin your parade or in this case, your open house. We can’t control the market or the weather, but we can certainly make the best of it and still allow for a successful sale. Here are some great real estate tips on selling a home even in the gloomy season.

1.    Shed Some Light

Have you ever walked into a room after a somewhat gloomy day and immediately appreciated the ambiance? A well-lit room gives happy, warm vibes that could make us want to turn on some music or take out a book and snuggle up on the couch.  While showing your home a Waltham Realtor should allow the sun to beam through the windows or make sure the lighting is good in general as people will react with an uplifting mood. You’re more ought to sell your home if the potential buyer is feeling in good spirits.

2.    A Nice Welcome Mat

Let’s just put it this way if you don’t have a mat for your potential buyers, it’s not going to reflect a warm welcoming experience like you want to project. You’ll also want to keep the floor clean from the rainy weather!

3.    A Place to Store their Rain Gear

The real estate market can be competitive so every little extra detail can count towards making the right impression. Potential buyers will appreciate a place for them to put their wet rain gear. It’s not only a nice thing to do for your potential buyers, but it also saves you from cleaning up water in the walkway.

4.     I’m Here for the Food

Most likely people will be there to find their forever home-but snacks do help. Try to keep the snacks allergy-friendly and provide some refreshments like water or juice. It will be well worth the investment if people know ahead of time that there will be something to eat!

5.     Candles are a Nice Touch

Filling the room with the smell of warm sugar cookies without having to bake them is the definition of winning. Go ahead and light up those candles you’ve had in storage since Christmas, your visitors will appreciate it.

6.     Clean Those Gorgeous Gutters

Make sure the gutters on the home are working properly and are clean. Nice gutters are a home show the potential buyers that the house was taken care of. Additionally, make sure there are no leaks in the roof.


If you are looking to buy or sell a home in or around Waltham, MA then contact Realtor Hans Brings.

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