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Tips for Prepping Your House for a Summer Sale 


With the current COVID-19 circumstances, many buyers and sellers had put their processes on pause. Because of this, the summer market is predicted to be filled with buyers and sellers who are ready to strike! Waltham Realtors believe that this summer will be a great time for you to buy or sell. If you are looking to sell your home this summer, here are some tips to help prep your home to be as attractive as possible to buyers. 


Clean Up the Outside of Your Home

A buyer’s first impression of a home is of course what it looks like on the outside. It is important to give buyers a great first impression so that they begin on a positive note. To help the outside of your home shine, it is a good idea to pressure wash the house and fully clean the gutters. 

Waltham Realtors also suggest fixing up your landscaping. When a home’s landscaping is well done, it shows that the owners take good care of everything on their property. Having the exterior of your home looking clean, put together, and beautiful will give buyers an amazing first impression and get them one step closer to signing! 


Depersonalize Your Home

Everyone of course has different tastes in style and home decor. Waltham Real Estate Agents have pointed out that if someone visits your home and your home decor is a completely different style from theirs, they may not be able to fully picture themselves living there. By depersonalizing your home you can give buyers a better idea of if they could really see themselves making this place their new home.


Make the Front Door Inviting

This could be as easy as putting a fresh coat of paint on your door or replacing a faded house number to one that stands out. While it may seem like a small thing, having an inviting front door can help to continue a good first impression of your home. Waltham Realtors encourage people to prepare the outside of their home the best they can because if someone doesn’t walk into your home being positive, hopeful, and excited about what they already see, it is likely the possibility of a deal is already off the table in their mind.  


Contact a Waltham Realtor 

Waltham Real Estate Agents are here to help you with all your home selling needs. They will walk you through all the steps needed to ensure your home is ready and in great condition for viewing. If you have any questions or would like to reach out to a Waltham Realtor to assist in your home buying or selling process, contact Hans Brings!

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