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5 Tips to Spruce Up Your New “Old' Home


You’ve just signed the closing papers with your Waltham Real Estate Agent on your new home. You walk into your new home, everything is still in their boxes and ready to find their place. The excitement and overwhelming feelings are starting to settle in. Are you looking at the empty home realizing there are more imperfections than you thought? Are there chips or dents on the walls? Stains on the floor? Broken knobs on doors, cabinets, or drawers? Old ceiling lighting? 

Don’t worry. This is a common thing when purchasing an older Waltham home. Even if only one person lived there before you, it’s often rare to move into a pristine property if it’s not brand new. Here are some tips from a Waltham Realtor for sprucing up your new “old” home to make it feel brand new to you. 

1. Paint

Simply adding a new, fresh coat of paint to the inside of your home can bring a whole new light to your home. Repaint the ceilings, walls, doors, etc. Choosing a bright white or off white color is your best bet to lighten and freshen up the rooms in your home. You can also touch up your home’s cabinets, door frames, and window frames with a fresh coat of paint. 

Another trick is to paint the insides of your closets with bright white-colored paint. This will make them seem larger and gives your clothes and belongings a bright, clean space to live. 

Waltham Realtors recommend painting before everything is moved into your home so that you have an open space to paint and your belongings won’t get ruined. Visit your local hardware store as they will likely have great recommendations on colors and finishes if you’re not sure exactly what color route to go. 

2. Floors 

Fixing the floors is something to take care of before moving in, if possible. Get the hardwood floors with dents and scratches refurbished first. Having shiny and clean floors will make the room seem newer, fresher, and brighter.

For the rooms with carpet, if the carpet is old and worn out, consider ripping out the carpet and adding hardwood floors. As mentioned above, hardwood floors make a home look newer and fresher. If the carpeting is relatively new and you are happy with it, get it steam cleaned. You can do it yourself or hire professionals. Steam cleaning your carpets will make them look and smell brand new. 

3. Lighting and Ceiling Fans

Look up at all the lighting and ceiling fans in your home. Do they look old and seem like they could use some fixing up? Waltham Realtors suggest replacing them with newer, more stylish options. This doesn’t have to be done as soon as you move into your home but is a great way to spruce up your home to make it look and feel newer. 

4. Knobs

Knobs on your doors and cabinets are small things, yet can make your home look much older. Fixing these knobs is an easy and inexpensive fix. You can either repaint these knobs to give them a new look or replace them altogether. 

Waltham Real Estate Agents say that the small action of replacing or repainting your knobs can dramatically improve the look of your bathroom, kitchen, or furniture. 

5. Windows

Your home’s windows can dramatically change the look of your home. By installing new windows in your home you can make your home look and feel so much newer and up to date. If the windows are somewhat new and don’t need to be replaced, consider simply cleaning them and replacing the window coverings. Purchasing new blinds and curtains can also dramatically change the look and feel of your windows. 


When purchasing a Waltham home, your Waltham Real Estate Agent will assist you every step of the way. Since every home can’t be new and perfect, we’ll give you insight on what fixes are easy and possible and what fixes you might want to stay away from. We’ll never steer you in a bad direction! Contact a Waltham Realtor today to get started on your journey of finding the perfect home for you!

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