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Preparing Your Waltham Home for A Winter Sale 


Some people think selling in the winter isn’t ideal, however, winter buyers are usually the most serious buyers. Selling your home in the winter and around the holidays comes with many benefits that are only beneficial in the winter months. Waltham Realtors have mentioned that during the winter months, there are usually fewer homes on the market which means your home will get more attention from buyers. 

Since winter buyers are sometimes the most serious ones, it’s important to be on top of your selling game! Here are some great tips to prepare your home for a winter sale. 

Boost the Curb Appeal

During the winter months, people tend to get lazy with the exterior of their homes. However, your curb appeal is just as important in the winter as it is during the other seasons. When buyers are looking at your home, you want them to love every inch of the home, even the exterior. If it snows, make sure to shovel your driveway and walkways and apply a generous amount of rock salt. You definitely don’t want anyone falling and getting hurt during an open house. 

Waltham Real Estate Agents also recommend clearing snow off of your patios, decks, landscaping, etc. so that buyers can see how beautiful the yard is and what they will be enjoying in the warmer months. 

Turn Up the Heat

No one wants to walk into an open house and be freezing. If a potential buyer walks into a cold house, they might not be able to focus on the home because of how cold they are. Waltham Realtors suggest boosting the heat so that potential buyers can comfortably walk through your home and enjoy observing it to its fullest. 

Declutter the Entry Ways

During the colder months, it’s natural for you and your family to leave big coats, boots, bags, and other similar items at your door. But when having an open house, make sure to put all of those belongings away. Putting away your winter gear will keep your home’s entryways and hallways clean and clear. Waltham Realtors say that the less of your belongings the potential buyers see, the easier they can picture their own belongings in those places. 

Add Seasonal Decor

While it’s suggested to declutter and clean your home, you don’t want it to look bare and boring. So Waltham Real Estate Agents suggest decorating your home in a warm and inviting way. They also suggest depersonalizing your home by taking down family photos. Decorating and depersonalizing your home will help potential buyers see more clearly if they can picture themselves living in that home. Lastly, everyone loves a nice smelling home. Consider lighting a candle or spraying a warm scent throughout your home. 

Plan to Take Photos of Your Home Before the Snow

When posting photos of your home on your real estate listing, you want to make sure you have photos from before the snow arrives. While people who visit your home might be able to see more details through the snow, potential buyers browsing online won’t. Showcasing photos of all the details of your home online will help people feel more attracted to your home. If you post photos of your home with snow all around it, it will not give your landscape the credit it deserves. 

If you didn’t plan ahead and must take your photos after the snow has arrived, just remember to clean the exterior as well as you can. As mentioned above, make sure to clear all driveways, walkways, patios, decks, and any other structural architecture outside of your home. 

Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent

If you’re interested in selling your Waltham home this winter, contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent. Waltham Realtors have years of experience and will be able to walk you through every step of the process to successfully help you sell your home. Call today at 617-968-00222 or fill out a contact form!

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