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5 Ways to Sell Your Waltham Home as Quickly as Possible


As most people know, the home selling process can be long and tiring. If you’re looking to sell your Waltham home but want to try to make the process as quick as possible, we have some tips for you! Here’s some insight on how to prepare your home, score the most money, and close the sale on your Waltham home ASAP. 

1. Sell at the right time

If you’re not sure when the right time to put your home on the market is, spring is a good time because there are quite a few buyers looking now. “Real estate can be seasonal,” says a Waltham Realtor. If you’re looking to sell your home fast, Waltham Real Estate Agents say that when homes are in high demand is the best time. By putting your home on the market during the busiest real estate months, it’s likely that you’ll have many interested buyers which would certainly speed up the process as you’ll have many offers to choose from. 

2. Price your home right 

Waltham Realtors say that it’s extremely important to price your home correctly right from the beginning. This will help your home sell faster and also help you get more money for your home! If you were to price your home incorrectly right when you list it, your home would probably stay on the market for a lot longer than you would like. Buyers are more likely to get into a bidding war if your home is priced correctly and new to the market. 


3. Hope for a cash offer 

If you were to receive a cash offer on your home, you would be able to avoid getting the banks involved. This would avoid a ton of paperwork and save a lot of time during the selling process. Accepting a cash offer could help you close in weeks or even days! Waltham Real Estate Agents say this is the best way to sell your home as fast as possible. 


4. Use incentives to sweeten the deal

Leaving a nice piece of furniture or flat-screen TV behind? Willing to pay a portion of the buyer’s closing costs? Giving buyers a sweet deal will help your home stand out and attract more buyers. Certain items in your home might not be of use to you anymore but if they’re in good shape and you want to leave them behind, they might be something a potential buyer is interested in. Talk with your Waltham Realtor to see what’s legally allowed in the market. 

5. Choose the right realtor 

Choosing the right Waltham Realtor is also a big factor when it comes to selling your home fast. You want to have an experienced professional by your side to help make the process easier. Hans Brings is one of the best Waltham Real Estate Agents and can assist you in selling your home as quickly as possible while also getting a fantastic price. Inquire today by giving Hans a call at 617-968-0022 or by filling out a contact form!


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