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Why Fall 2021 Is A Great Time to Sell Your Waltham Home

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Trying to decide if the fall is a good time to sell your Waltham home? A Waltham Realtor is here to say, YES! There might not be a better time to list your home on the market than right now. Buyer demands are still high because of low-interest rates as well as changing trends due to the pandemic. We’re still in the sellers’ market, however, it won’t last forever. Here are some reasons why it's best to put your home up for sale sooner rather than later. 


Less Competition & Will Sell Quickly

The sellers’ market that we’re in is slowly beginning to cool off. Therefore, Waltham Realtors say that now is the best time to sell your home if you’re looking to do so. There is currently less competition out there which means your home is likely to sell quickly since a lot of buyers are desperate. With the shortage of homes for sale, it’ll be easy to get attention from many different buyers. 


Buyers Are Willing to Compete for Your Home

Since there are fewer homes on the market than buyers looking, buyers are willing to compete with one another. It has been found that Waltham home sellers are seeing an average of 4 offers, and Waltham Realtors say they have been very competitive. Buyers in this market know that they are likely going to be in a bidding war and they’re coming prepared with their best offers. 


Autumn Ambiance Is an Advantage 

The beautiful fall atmosphere can greatly enhance your home’s curb appeal making it even more attractive to buyers, says a Waltham Real Estate Agent. Maintaining the exterior of your home is always important while selling, however, it’s especially important as the seasons' change. Make sure all the leaves are raked and the gutters are clean, the remaining fall foliage will add a warm and welcoming feel to potential buyers. 


Contact a Waltham Realtor 

If you’re looking to sell your Waltham home, don’t delay any longer! With the housing inventory still on the lower end, now is the time to sell. Let a Waltham Real Estate Agent help you with the selling process. Waltham Realtors always work hard to get the best price for your home and you won’t be disappointed with the results. Contact Hans Brings today by calling 617-968-0022


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