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Are Open Houses Worth It?


Over the past decade or so, Waltham Real Estate has certainly evolved. The plethora of online listings have changed the game. People are now used to browsing on their computers or phones from the comfort of their homes. This would make most people assume that open houses are no longer useful, but are they? 

While having great photos and an online presence for your home is important, there are still some advantages to hosting an open house. In this article, we’ll discuss open houses and why they still work! 


Who Typically Attends an Open House?

The answer might seem obvious, “people who want to buy your house.” However, some people who attend a Waltham open house might not actually be in the market for a new home says Waltham Realtors. They could just be doing some initial research or there might even be some nosey people who just go to see what the inside of your home looks like. 

But this doesn’t mean an open house is pointless. Instead, you’ll just have to prepare your expectations. Put your focus on preparing and promoting your open house for those who are actually interested in buying a home like yours.


Will An Open House Sell My Home?

In most cases, an open house itself won’t necessarily sell your Waltham home. Since there will be many people walking around, buyers won’t feel ready to make an offer right then and there. 


Why Open Houses Are Worth It

While you might not get any offers on your home during an open house, they do serve a couple of important purposes: 


The biggest thing an open house can bring to your Waltham home is people! It’s important to get people in there to simply look at your home. If buyers are visiting multiple open houses in a day they will remember their favorites and then schedule a showing through their Waltham Realtor. The more potential buyers you get to walk through your open house the bigger the chance more people end up putting an offer on your home. It’s all about getting people in there to look! 


 More Relaxing for Potential Buyers

Some buyers looking around at Waltham Real Estate can hit several open houses in one day. If they were to schedule formal showings for each individual house it would take up so much time and be extremely stressful. With an open house, potential buyers are also more willing to take a look at houses that aren’t at the top of their list. This could bring even more traffic to your open house. 


Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent 

If you’re looking to sell your Waltham home, it’s important to have an awesome Waltham Realtor by your side to help you through the whole process! Hans Brings is one of the best Waltham Real Estate Agents! Don’t hesitate to call today to get started on your Waltham home buying or home selling needs. 617-968-0022


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