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Final Walkthrough: What to Look For Before You Close On Your Home

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The point of a final walk-through before you close on your home is to make sure that the property is in the same condition it was in when you agreed to the purchase. Final walk-throughs are not required, however, Waltham Realtors always suggest having one in case any issues have come up since the last time you looked at the home. In this article, we’ll give you tips and a checklist for you to follow during your final walk-through, so you don’t miss a thing! 


When Does a Final Walkthrough Take Place?

The final walk-through is typically completed the day before or morning of the closing date. During the walkthrough, the buyer and their Waltham Real Estate Agent will go through the property. You’ll make sure there is no new damage, that all the home’s appliances and systems that were included in the sale are still working properly, and that the home is vacant and in broom clean condition. 


Why Does a Final Walkthrough Matter?

Having a final walkthrough is important because this is a huge purchase you’re about to make! You’re about to be legally and financially responsible for the Waltham property, so it is crucial to make sure it is up to standard and in the condition you agreed on before the official closing. If one were to skip a final walkthrough there’s a chance you could be left with a financial burden if the seller didn’t take care of repairs that they said they would. 


Final Walkthrough Checklist 

When you’re excited about your new home it can be easy to overlook certain things during your walkthrough. While your Waltham Realtor will know everything to check, it’s important for you to have some knowledge as well! Here are some checklists that will be helpful to have with you during your final walkthrough. 


Outside The Home Checklist:

  • Make sure the garage door properly opens and closes and that the remotes are working. 
  • Check for obvious signs of pests. 
  • Check for damage to the yard, mailbox, and other outside appliances. 
  • Make sure yard items that were sold with the house are there and haven’t been taken or damaged. This could include fire pits, sheds, landscaping, etc. 


Inside The Home Checklist: 

  • Make sure light fixtures and outlets are accounted for and working properly. 
  • Test the faucets and check for any leaks. Test the hot water and make sure all drains are clean and draining water. 
  • Keep a lookout for mold or water damage. 
  • Check all the appliances. Text the stove, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. Make sure the fridge and freezer are cold. 
  • Test that all the doors and windows open, close, and lock properly. 
  • Flush the toilets. 
  • Observe all the walls and floors to ensure there is no damage. 
  • Test the garbage disposal.
  • Test the thermostat and check on HVAC units. 
  • Make sure all the seller’s belongings are gone and moved out of the home. 


Contact A Waltham Real Estate Agent 

As mentioned above, your Waltham Realtor will know exactly what to check during your final walkthrough to ensure that the home is in the best condition for you to move in. Having a Waltham Real Estate Agent is crucial during this process so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance! If you’re looking for a Waltham Realtor to help you get started with the home buying or selling process, contact Hans Brings today!

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