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Benefits of Selling Your Waltham Home During the Holiday Season


Some people don’t think the holiday season is a great time to sell a home, however, there are actually a handful of benefits that come with selling your home during this time. By selling your home during the cold, holiday months you might actually get more opportunities than you would selling during other times of the year. 

Here are 4 benefits of selling your Waltham home during the holiday season! 

1. Less Competition

Waltham Realtors say that most people put their homes on the market during the spring and summer months. This is because the weather is nice, the days are longer, and people usually want to move during this time. So, if you choose to put your home on the market during the winter months instead, there is far less competition between you and other sellers. This gives your home the opportunity to be a big fish in a small pond, which will get your home more attention. 

2. Motivated Buyers & Faster Sales

Due to low inventory, Waltham Realtors say that buyers are usually extra motivated during the winter months. The low inventory urges them to act fast on homes they love and move quickly through the process. This definitely works to the sellers’ advantage because you won’t have a list of potential buyers who are taking their sweet time making a decision. Also, since the housing industry is slower during the holiday season, loan officers are usually quicker to approve buyers. 

3. Lower Interest Rates

Interest rates usually peak during the summertime, says a Waltham Real Estate  Agent. This means that interest rates are usually at their lowest during the winter months. This is a great incentive for buyers to house hunt during these months because lower interest rates = lower mortgage payments. 


4. More Time For House Hunting

While the holiday season is often busy and hectic, a lot of people have breaks from work and school. This gives buyers more time to house hunt and view your home beyond “usual” viewing times. Instead of waiting for the weekends or after work to show your home, you can set up showings during the week! 


Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent

If you’re ready to sell your Waltham Real Estate and don’t want to wait any longer, don’t! The holiday season is still a great time to sell your home and Waltham Realtor, Hans Brings, is ready to help. Hans Brings has years of experience assisting sellers in getting the best price possible on their homes. For more information, give Hans a call at 617-968-0022

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