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Should I Be Present During Showings at My Home?


Showing your home to potential buyers is an essential part of the home selling process. While you might want to stay home and observe the showings, leaving while potential buyers are there is usually the best idea. Since finding the perfect buyers for any home can be a difficult task, you don’t want to risk negatively impacting the sale. 

With that being said, keep reading to learn all the positive benefits that come with staying out of your home during a showing! 


Allows the Potential Buyers to Talk Freely About Your Home

Potential buyers often feel more comfortable openly discussing your home if you are not there. They will be able to easily ask your Waltham Real Estate Agent all the questions they have and be able to honestly explain how they feel about the home. Whether they fall in love with your home or not, the comfort they’ll feel from a more private showing will enhance their experience. Sometimes, this could even result in them placing an offer right away! 


Avoids You Possibly Saying Too Much

Most homeowners usually feel very prideful about their homes, as they should! You might think it’s best for you to be at an open house or showing because you know how to talk about your home the best. However, it’s possible to sometimes say too much. Leaving all the talking to your Waltham Realtor is the best way to make sure your potential buyers feel heard and understood. 

If you do plan on being home during a showing, try to be discrete, and like mentioned above, let your Waltham Realtor do all the talking. If potential buyers ask you directly a specific question about living there, that’s when it’s usually OK to give your perspective. 


Boosts Your Chance of Selling Your Home

By not being present while potential buyers visit your home, you can increase the chances of them wanting to make an offer. Again, the privacy they have makes it more likely for them to ask questions, negotiate terms, and talk about other scenarios with your Waltham Real Estate Agent

Since Waltham Realtors have a lot of experience, they say that potential buyers often feel uncomfortable and aren’t completely authentic with their opinions when touring the home if the seller is present. 

Allows You To Be Stress-Free

If you are present during a showing or an open house it might cause you to feel stressed! You’ll start wondering what everyone is thinking and if they like your home. You might also start second-guessing how you set up the home. By staying away from your home during these times you can avoid unnecessary stress and overthinking. 


Contact a Waltham Real Estate Agent

By working with a Waltham Realtor, you won’t have to worry about being at your home during showings because you’ll feel confident that they have everything under control! Waltham Realtor, Hans Brings, has years of experience and knows how to sell homes while also getting you the best price possible. Hans is committed to his clients. Give Hans a call today to discuss any of your Waltham home selling needs. 617-968-0022

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