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A Waltham Condo or Townhouse: Which Is Best for You?

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When it comes to buying a home, one of the first and most important factors to think about is what type of home you want. While single-family homes tend to be the most popular, they’re not always for everyone. Single-family homes tend to be more expensive and also require a little more time and effort to keep up with landscaping and outdoor maintenance. 

So, if a single-family home isn’t what you’re looking for, you’re probably considering buying either a condo or a townhouse. Waltham Real Estate Agents say that these are both great options if you’re looking to own your home but also looking to save some money and time. 

Condos and townhouses have a handful of similarities but also some differences. In this article, we’ll go through these similarities and differences so you can make the best decision on what Waltham home is best for you and your family!


The Basics: Condo vs. Townhouse

A condo is usually looked at as an apartment in that it's a single unit located within a building of other units. When the owner lives in the unit it's often referred to as a condo, but if you’re renting the unit from a landlord it's usually referred to as an apartment.

A townhouse is a middle ground between a condo and a single-family home. In a townhouse, one or more of the walls are shared with another townhouse that is attached adjacently. This setup gives townhouses a little more privacy than condos. 

At the end of the day, Waltham Realtors say that the biggest differences between these two types of homes are the ownership fees, the maintenance levels, and the space associated with each.


Similarities Between Condos & Townhouses

Affordability - Condos and townhouses tend to be much more affordable than single-family homes. Because of this, buyers who choose a condo or townhouse are likely to get more square footage for their money. 

HOA Fees - Owning a condo or a townhouse comes with a monthly HOA fee. HOA fees cover the costs of shared amenities and outdoor maintenance. 

Less Maintenance - Condos and townhouses usually have very minimal yard space. This means less maintenance on your end. If there is some maintenance that needs to be done the HOA usually takes care of it, hence the HOA fees. 

Less Privacy - Another similarity between these two home types is that they often give you less privacy than a single-family home. This is because you’re sharing a building or a wall with others, so your neighbors are a lot closer. Townhouses tend to have a little more privacy than condos says a Waltham Realtor


Differences Between Condos and Townhouses

Their Layouts - As mentioned above, condos are basically apartments, which means they likely only have one story. So, condo owners usually have either upstairs or downstairs neighbors. On the contrary, townhouses have multiple stories with their neighbors to the left or right of them, not below or above. 

Types of Amenities - Both condos and townhouses pay HOA fees for use of the featured amenities, but the types of amenities within each could look different. Condo amenities are what you’ll find in most apartment complexes which can include a gym, a social area with games, a rooftop, etc. Townhouses don’t usually include these same amenities since they are not within a building. 

Interior Space - While both condos and townhouses are smaller in property sizes, the interior space within them is pretty different. Since condos have only one story, their square footage tends to be less than townhouses. If interior space is a big factor of yours, you’ll definitely get more within a townhouse. 

Connect With A Waltham Realtor

No matter what type of home you choose, both are great options! If you’re looking for more information on available Waltham condos or townhouses, contact a Waltham Real Estate AgentWaltham Realtor, Hans Brings, has years of experience and knowledge that can help you find the perfect home for you and your family. Call today! 617-968-0022

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