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Should I Rent or Buy a Home in Waltham?

Purchasing a home is one of the most important financial decisions a person can make.
However, the price tags, market terminology, mortgage rates, and more can leave potential
buyers scratching their heads wondering if it is wiser for them to just continue renting instead. If
you currently rent a home in Waltham or a surrounding area and are wondering if it is a better
choice to purchase a home of your own, the answer is likely yes. This is especially the case
when working with a Waltham realtor like Hans Brings that can help streamline the home buying
process, getting you the best deal on your dream home in Waltham.

The list of benefits that comes with owning a home is nearly endless. Families that own rather
than rent report on average having children with higher education, increased annual income,
and overall higher satisfaction than renters. This is simply scraping the surface of some of the
social and psychological bonuses of home ownership, the financial incentives, perhaps, are the
greatest reason you should consider purchasing a home in Waltham with Hans Brings.

Stability in Housing Expenses

If you’ve ever rented in the past you’ve likely received a notice from your landlord that if you
decide to re-sign for another year, they will be increasing your monthly rent, often by a hefty
sum! Instead of facing rent increases with vague explanations, owning a home means your
scheduled mortgage payment will remain virtually unchanged until your mortgage payment is
fully completed. Even if you see a hike in taxes, the mortgage increase will be slight.
The period of inflation Waltham is facing means that renters are being put at a disadvantage,
and paying more, while Waltham homeowners are seeing stability and saving money.

Tax Benefits

Homeownership also comes with some serious tax benefits. Those who purchase a home in
Waltham with Hans Brings can take advantage of their new asset by deducting interest paid on
their mortgage, as well as property tax from their federal income taxes. With this being the case
purchasing a Waltham home can deliver significant savings when tax season comes!

Your Own Equity

Rather than passing off thousands of dollars to a landlord each month, owning a home in
Waltham allows homeowners to gain one of the most valuable assets possible. As your
mortgage is paid off and eventually, you pay off the principal, you are essentially creating a
long-term savings account in the event that you finally decide to sell your Waltham home. Once
your principal is paid and your home is sold, the profits go straight to you, rather than to a
landlord or leasing company!

Purchase a Home with Waltham’s Top Agent, Hans Brings

If you are interested in making the switch from renting to owning your own home in Waltham,
contact Hans Brings and see for yourself the freedom and financial benefits that come with
home ownership. No matter your needs or budget, Hans Brings can help you purchase the
home of your dreams!


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