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What to Look For During a Final Walk-through

Before closing on your house in Waltham, it's important to have everything prepared for the day of your final walk-through. Even if you trust the person selling the home you should always be thorough in your examination. Here is a list of some items to bring to help you on your big day:

  • Camera to take video or images of any issues
  • Copy of the purchase agreement
  • Any written information regarding agreed-upon repairs
  • A phone charger to test electrical outlets

These items can help a lot when it comes to remembering agreements, repairs, and discovering issues you did not previously know of.


Check What Items Need to Be Moved in or Out

When walking through the Waltham home you are closing on, it's important to make sure all of the current homeowner's items are in order. Whether it is items the homeowner left accidentally or items listed in your agreement. You should make a list of items that are currently still in the home. This way you can inform the homeowner selling his Waltham home if they need to come back and grab more items or if they accidentally took an item that was agreed upon to stay in the home.

Inspect the Home for Agreed Repairs

All homes even in Waltham, MA can be in need of repairs. When doing your final walk-through it is important to have a list of any agreed-upon repairs. If the repairs have not been completed, then this is the time to bring the attention to the current homeowner before the sale of his Waltham house is finalized. It is also important to create a current list of newfound areas that need to be repaired that you may not have originally seen. From there you can discuss the best course of action with your Waltham, MA home realtor. This way all concerns can be addressed before the home sale is complete.


Inspect the Security of the Home

Your new home you are buying should feel safe as soon as you walk into it. By checking the locks, doors, and windows on the Waltham property you plan to purchase. You can save yourself a ton of time, stress, and worrying by inspecting the overall security of the home. If windows or doors are not opening and closing properly then that's a problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Especially if the locks are also not properly working on the windows and doors. This can be dangerous and therefore the current homeowner should help completely fix the problem.


Test Your Electrical Systems and Plumbing Fixtures

Electrical systems and plumbing fixtures can turn into a headache if not properly installed or running. That's why it is essential to test out everything during your final walk-through. Turn on faucets, showers, and bathtubs to determine if the plumbing is properly functioning. Then use a phone charger or appliances left in the home to test electrical outlets that may need work done to them. These are serious complications that should always be addressed before the sale of a home in Waltham.


Inspect the Home for Mold

Mold is very dangerous for you and your family, therefore a home should always be cleared of it before completing a sale. Check around common areas to see if there are any leaks that can or have promoted the growth of mold. Areas such as toilets, bathtubs, under sinks, and near faucets can promote mold growth because of the moisture they produce. If you do find mold then ask a professional Waltham Realtor like Hans Brings for the best advice.


Get the Proper Home Guidance in Waltham, Ma

Purchasing a home can be difficult without having the proper guidance. Thankfully putting your trust in a Waltham, MA real estate agent like Hans Brings can make life much easier. Hans Brings has worked to sell thousands of homes in the Waltham area whilst making the process as least complicated as possible. So if you are in the market to buy a home in Waltham and want someone you can trust contact Hans Brings today!

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