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How to Value Your Waltham, Ma, Home

If you’re in the process of selling your Waltham, MA, home then it's important to know what dictates your home's value. Multiple factors are taken into consideration when you get your home appraised. Therefore understanding these factors and how to boost them can help with raising the value of your home. This article will discuss in-depth what appraisers take into account when valuing your home. In hopes to help you get as much money as you can on your large investment.


The Size of Your Waltham, Ma, Home

When valuing your Waltham, MA, home the first thing to consider is the size of the home. The larger your home is then the more it is instantly worth. More specifically the size of livable space your home has to offer buyers matters the most. For example, if your home is 2,500 square feet but you have a 400 square foot garage, then your home only has 2,100 livable square feet. Having a lot of space regardless if it's livable space is always a plus. However, buyers specifically take into account the space they can currently move into and utilize. This is also the reason that homes with more bedrooms and bathrooms are higher in value. Therefore, the size of your Waltham, home matters but, your livable space can give your home value a boost.


What’s the Condition of Your Waltham, Home?

Houses in Waltham, MA have typically been around for decades. Meaning that its age can begin to catch up with it. This is why keeping up with maintenance and repairs for your home is so important. You want your Waltham, home to be in top condition when getting it appraised. Buyers and appraisers place the condition of homes in high regard and rightfully so. If your home is in poor condition and needs serious repairs then the price deduction will be reflected in your home valuation. It’s highly recommended to keep up with your home throughout the years to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Before, getting an appraisal do a look around your home and decide whether or not it requires repairs.  


The Location of Your Home

Being in Waltham, MA, your home location is already considered to be ideal for most Massachusetts residents. However, it’s good to recognize the neighborhood your home is located in and its convenience. If your home is in a better neighborhood than most with easy public transportation and necessities then this will help your appraisal. Your Waltham, MA, home will be deemed higher in value because it has aspects buyers are looking for that other homes may not offer. Such as being closer to local schools, shopping centers, and transportation. There's more to take into account from location than just the town you reside in. If you look deeper you can find aspects that either harm or enhance your Waltham, home's value. 


Upgrades to Your Waltham, Ma, Home

If you remodeled your home or enhanced it in any way then this can be a big help when appraising your home. Especially sought after areas such as a kitchen or bathroom. It's said that remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the value of your home. These rooms are necessary for every home and are used daily. Therefore, buyers and appraisers like to see them in top condition. Other upgrades such as roofing, siding, fresh paint, and more can also help increase your Waltham, property value.

If you aren’t sure what aspects of your home are great and which need improving then contact a trusted realtor today. Hans Brings is Waltham, MA, most trusted! Hans Brings will make sure your home is in top condition and help guide you through the process of selling your home. Contact Hans Brings today for more information!

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